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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Half Full Or Half Empty

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The sweet spot of manifestation lies within the space of detachment from that which you are trying to manifest. While this seems like a conundrum to the mind, the higher self knows intuitively the truth of this wisdom, for it understands that to receive you must let go of the expectations associated with the intended result. Your power as a creator is found in acceptance of all things which detaches you from all possible outcomes. Personal empowerment is power with, not power over. Your evolution as a species has been purposefully slowed down to facilitate a more balanced use of technology and spirituality into your social structure. Knowledge is an intellectual process that has segregated you as a race. Wisdom on the other hand is an understanding that results from the accumulation of all experience which unifies you as a collective. The great misconception of your reality is that the glass can only be either half full or half empty. The truth is that the glass is just an illusion; it only exists within your mind to give you a frame of reference with which to experience the creative process within. This allows you to be more inclusive in your assessment of physical reality. The more open you can be to your experience, the more expansive the images reflected back to you will be. As a human being you can only perceive a small fraction of all that is at any given moment. Thus, to judge that image as complete is myopic to say the least. That is why acceptance of everything in your perceived reality is always the best practice. Life is the physical experience of energy in motion, for nothing ever stays the same; change is a universal constant. Always remember that all truths are valid. To try to ascertain the reason behind the choices that others make in their lives is futile because you are not privy to their soul blueprint. While you pray in supplication to those above and beyond you for answers about truth and purpose, we on the other side of the veil learn from each of you, for you are the masters teaching us about truth and purpose. You have simply forgotten that you are God. Your presence in the moment keeps you at peace and free from the judgments of the mind. Accept all that is, love yourself fully and completely just as you are, and trust that everything is always working out for you. Follow your joy to the best of your ability for as long as you can without any expectation as to the outcome, and you will be following the design of your soul to the tee. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, April 16, 2021

The Wellspring Of Experience

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Acceptance is forgiveness without the connotation of wrongdoing. When you accept your reality in its entirety you no longer argue with what is; you surrender to it. There is nothing that you could possibly do that would ever be construed as wrong in the eyes of God. Accepting what is does not mean you will get more of it. It simply means that you are viewing your reality with the unconditional love of Divine Eyes. In doing this you will embrace the uncertainty and the unknown in your life. You are perfect and your journey here is perfect as well. You are magnificent creators exploring unlimitedness through the human perception of limitation. While your 3rd dimensional paradigm of thought saw vulnerability as a weakness, your 5th dimensional reality sees it as part of your experience of the unknown through which growth and expansion occur. The illusory boundaries that your mind has placed on things have limited your experience of a heart-based consciousness. Yet the heart is awakening to its true position within your world as the foundation of your existence and the wellspring from which all experience flows. Your fears are gifts that are showing you your continued attachment to old paradigms of thought and behavior. The direction of your new reality lies in controlling your vibration. When you gain control of your vibrational output, you change your relationship with your ego so it becomes your ally instead of your nemesis. Surrendering to what is bridges the gap between the mind and the heart. You are the essence of Source Energy expressing in physical form to experience the best, the brightest, and the highest version of you possible in every moment with love, as love, and through love. Accept all aspects of your humanness with humility, compassion, and gratitude and you will be the fullest expression of love incarnate upon the Earth plane. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Getting Rid Of The Darkness

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The way to have more light in your world is not to get rid of the darkness, but to radiate your inner light so strongly that it illuminates what darkness there is. Send light to those areas that need it most instead of looking for someone to blame for the darkness. Rounding up the perpetrators is never the answer. In trying to rid your world of what you do not want, you keep it active in your reality by your attention to it. Being a strong resonator of the light is often all it takes to bring others of a lesser vibration up to a higher level of conscious awareness. You must be willing to energetically take each other's hand as opposed to shunning those with whom you disagree. All are imbued with the same Divine Light that neither judges nor condemns. The totality of this simple yet profound spiritual wisdom is what is being recalled lifetime after lifetime. To the extent that you are willing to remember this universal truth will determine your ability to express love and acceptance for yourself and for all others in your life. Yet because you have free will to do as you wish, you will never be punished for the choices or decisions you make in any incarnation. Unconditional love and compassion are the coherence of God. When you align with this Divine Frequency in physical form and then share that energy with all others, you become lit up or enlightened. The Earth plane is the playground of the Divine with each and every human being entertaining notions of limitation to help them remember their true unlimited nature. It is your perceptions of unworthiness and lack of self-love that prevent you from not only being able to feel God's love, but to share it with others. You are all each other's teachers as well as catalysts for expansion. There is nothing that happens to anyone or anything anywhere throughout creation that is not agreed upon ahead of time by all involved parties. All energy serves the soul in some way or it would not be there. The essence of Divine Love is present in all beings whether it is recognizable to the human part of you or not. In learning to honor each other's space, you radiate the highest possible version of your own beingness. As you evolve spiritually you become sensitive to the challenges of life making it seem like there are more of them, but there are not. You are simply getting closer to the realization that there are an infinite number of perspectives to the One Consciousness, and that because you are an aspect of that consciousness, you house the totality of it within you. Thus, creation expands through your own unique perspective. It could not happen without you; you are that important to the process. Despite anything you think, do, or say to the contrary, you are evolving and expanding in every moment into a greater understanding of your true Divine nature. This is the timeline you have all chosen to participate in. Nothing can, or will stop its progression. You can ignore it, but it is still there working behind the scenes to assist you in remembering the more loving, accepting, and allowing aspects of your inner light. You cannot help but be who you really are; one with God, and one with all that is. While you are always in control of your individual destiny by the choices and decisions you make, the underlying direction of your life is irrefutable; you will all eventually awaken to the Divine Essence of love and light within. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Waiting For Godot

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Although it may seem like you are far away from your abilities as a 5th dimensional being, you are really a lot closer than you think. Those of you who are awake and aware of your higher nature have paved the way for the assimilation of your spiritual gifts and talents to come to you. The inner work you have been doing is paying off. Those of us in the higher realms can see the timeline potentials ahead of you and know that what you have been training for is finally within reach. Most people wait for the big things to occur in life. But life is an ongoing movement of many little things strung together into a scenario of an even larger experience. The mind looks for the big things to occur because it thinks that those are the only things that are significant and hold any value in life. Truth be told, all things are weighted equally to the soul; the gentle breeze is just as significant and valued as the gusting hurricane. The mind will try to convince you that there is only ever one choice or one decision worth making in any situation or circumstance, and that there is only ever one side or one idea worth believing in. This is a pervasive and persuasive attempt of the mind to get you to buy into the notion that you are a limited being and that separation is real. But you cannot be so easily sold a bill of goods. Life is not black and white; the greys are always present to add depth and texture to everything you behold. The disservice that the mind is doing you is two-fold. First, it takes you out of present moment consciousness, and second, it bases your happiness upon something external to you that is yet to happen. Your happiness in life is life itself, regardless of how your mind interprets it. The present moment is the only real thing in all of creation, for it is the platform upon which creation occurs throughout all dimensions and realms of existence. The future does not exist until it is created in the present moment. Waiting upon the future is like waiting for Godot; it is simply wasted creative energy. The cancel culture captivating your world at this time is a perfect example of waiting for something better to occur. Your unconditional acceptance of what is right in front of you bypasses any need for forgiveness. Remember that you are not here to fix what your mind perceives as broken; your only purpose here is to accept all of life just as it is without the need, desire, or compulsion to change any of it. You will only recreate more dysfunction by applying dysfunction to a situation. To create future harmony you must apply harmony to what is happening right now. What others do or say is not your concern. Your concern is to maintain the highest possible vibrational resonance for you; not for anyone else. You are only responsible for you. But that responsibility is inclusive of everything in your life. You cannot pick and choose what you want to own, for it is all your creation. What your human mind has a hard time understanding is that you serve the all best when you allow the all to be just as it is presenting to you. This is the second coming of Christ; Divine Consciousness welling up within you opening your heart to everyone and everything without judgment. When you are imbued with the Holy Spirit, you do not question anything in your life. You simply exist as the highest version of you; the God within. All aspects of your humanness work in conjunction with that Divine Resonance to emanate unconditional love, compassion, and total acceptance for all that is. You are free from the distractions of the mind, for the mind now works with the heart to fulfill the will of God; the physical embodiment of perfect love. This is within your reach in this lifetime. Allow it to come to you by surrendering to what is. Your training is complete; there is nothing more for you to learn. It is just a matter of being that higher vibration in this little moment, and in all little moments to come. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Light Of Truth

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

God's laws are immutable and are always based upon love, freedom, and self-expression. You are dying in every moment of your life to your limited self, and being reborn again into a more expanded version of the God within. Feeling negative emotions are an opportunity for you to release your past. When you release judgment of self and others, you allow the higher self to show you the best possible outcome to any situation or circumstance you may be facing. You are not separate from the solutions to your problems because everything comes from within your own mind. You are always going to see your vibrations being reflected back to you through your outer reality. This is how life works. The collective merely represents a compilation of all individual thoughts and beliefs. While you cannot change the collective, you can change your contribution to it. In keeping your vibration high, you alter your own individual timeline of experience. Your positivity and optimism affects everything around you, for the rising tide elevates all boats in unison. Have compassion for yourself and others as you journey into the realm of the unknown God and you will be living in a world of your own conscious choosing. Miracles can only be seen in the light of truth; the knowingness that you are God, creator of your reality. Life is a spiritual experience. How can it be anything but? You come from spirit into the forgetfulness of physical form and function to have a set of experiences that are designed to expand you by awakening your awareness of self. The turmoil you are experiencing in your world today is a result of the shift in consciousness taking place throughout your galaxy. This giant leap forward in your spiritual evolution is being sponsored not only by the higher self of all oversouls combined, but by all higher frequency beings throughout the universe as well. This is no easy task as you also have a foot in the lower vibrational energies of the 3rd dimension that continue to support your separation experience. The higher dimensional energies however, are helping you to be more centered in your beingness and more at peace with your surroundings despite the ongoing turmoil of your outer reality. Going within to find inner guidance is difficult for most humans because they do not trust themselves based upon their past history. But the history the mind remembers is not what really happened, for the mind clouds all experience with judgment. There is wisdom in all things, including what the mind perceives as less than desirable. Realization is simply seeing all experiences as perfection, while existing in a state of relaxed awareness of your true Divine Essence. Let this become the foundation of your new expression. This is not an empty state of being, but a living, breathing mosaic of vibrant energies swirling in and out of each now moment of perpetual isness. No perceptions, no judgments, no interpretations or rationalizations are needed; just pure allowance of presence. You are the "I Am" presence; the God within existing in and as all forms to recognize the beauty in all things. You have risen from the grave of limited thought to find the light of truth behind all dysfunction. In your ability to offer love instead of judgment, you create miracles in your life for all to emulate in their own. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Acknowledging Your Greatness

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Your brain has recorded all the information you have ever experienced as a human being. Because you are of the one mind of God Consciousness, you also have access to everything else within creation whether you have experienced it personally or not. But to bring that information forward you must acknowledge your greatness as God Creator holding all the forms of consciousness together. All of this is you. When you argue with what is before you, you are disagreeing with what you have already created. It is your creation and no one else's. In your acceptance of it, you allow yourself to move forward on your journey of discovering more about yourself; more of the God you are. While you cannot change what has already happened, you can alter your perception of it so as to make it easier to move beyond. What is happening now is important for you to work through or you would not be experiencing it. Love, allowance, and acceptance are the key ingredients in the recipe of life. Look to the unconditional love within for your salvation, for it loves all things with equanimity just as they are. Your perceptions, judgments, and attacks upon yourself or others do not love; they further separate you from your greatness. You can accelerate any change in your life by acknowledging your greatness as God Creator. If anyone tells you otherwise it is simply their belief; it does not have to be yours. You are here to remember you are God, and that you are wonderful and perfect just as you are. Any belief or beliefs you have or encounter from another that limit or restrict you in any way are not in alignment with the God of your being, and will not add to your feeling of greatness. Your mind and body are not working against you; they are your best friends. They are simply giving you feedback on where your beliefs are at the moment. Use this information to expand your thoughts and beliefs into further unlimitedness. Fear will always have an expiration date because it is part of the illusion of limited reality. Love on the other hand is eternal because it is the very essence of who you are as a piece of God Consciousness. Your soul desires for you to experience the fullness of your being. This however, can only come from the heart and not the mind, for the mind does not trust what it cannot cognize through logic and reason. Let your heart guide you to the wisdom of the higher self. Accept where you are, accept all your creations, and accept that you are able to alter the direction of your life because you are God. Start to consciously create the life you want and leave behind the life that no longer serves you. You have chosen to forget to allow yourself to remember your greatness. It is an exquisite journey, is it not? You are free to say and feel anything you wish, even if it appears to limit you; it does not and cannot. But you can at any time remember that you are God, and that happiness and joy are a natural part of your Divine Essence. You can bring that unconditionally loving part of you into every experience you have by consciously choosing to acknowledge your greatness. These are the thing you have forgotten, the remembering of which will set you free. Celebrate the life you have created and you will be in service to humanity by expressing your greatness so that others may feel empowered to do the same as well. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Simulation Stimulation

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The question often arises on Earth, "Am I living in a simulation?" If you feel like this is a simulation you automatically become a victim, giving away your power to others who are in control of that artificial world. But if you feel like you are here willingly and on purpose to create your reality as you see fit, then you become empowered as God Creator. While neither one is right or wrong, one will bring you closer to the sovereignty of your beingness. Victimhood is a common path taken by many upon the Earth plane because it gives those who choose it a contextual field within which to grow and expand by leaps and bounds. The more unlimited you feel, the more room there is for unlimitedness to express into. You are creating your world in every moment by the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, and the beliefs you hold to be true. You are here by choice because you wanted to see how far you could go away from, and then come back to the source of your being. If you are in a simulation, it is of your own making. You are creating the illusion and playing in it at the same time. It is easy to look outside yourself for answers, but we in spirit can assure you that it is all coming from inside of you. Your salvation lies within your own consciousness. In releasing your attachments to judgment and separation you find your way home to the inner God. You are not going into the basement of your consciousness alone, for the Christ Conscience is always with you guiding you towards the light and love of salvation. Some of you are uncomfortable with being sensitive to what you feel, but you must become aware of your feelings before you can accept them as part of who and what you are as a divine being pretending to be human. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, March 26, 2021


This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Peace lies behind every grievance you will ever have in life. Your grievances with others causes you suffering because they interfere with the perfect functioning of your mind, body, and spirit going against the innate frequency of love that you were designed to operate best at. When you give up your grievances you realize that it was not even about another, but simply your judgments that have caused all your suffering. The mind will create problems outside of you that guarantee they will never be fixed by you. But in truth, all problems that present to you through your outer world are projections from within your own mind. Because all problems lie inside of you, so too are the solutions found within you as well. There is nothing that cannot be resolved in your outer reality with a change of heart; that is, using the heart instead of the mind to alter your perception of the situation or circumstance you are facing. If you do not know that it is an "inside job", and that just by being quiet and going within you will find guidance to resolve any problem, then you will never truly know inner peace of mind because you will be always chasing idols outside of you that never really get to the heart of the matter. Problems and solutions have very different energy signatures. Problems are of a lower vibration, whereas solutions are of a higher vibration. Because most people linger around the frequency of a problem, they have difficulty finding the solution that is instantly present whenever a problem arises. The mind creates resistance to the problem mainly through fear which keeps the solution invisible. But if you can distract yourself long enough from your thoughts you will have a much easier time raising your vibration to the frequency where solutions naturally exist. Fear can protect you, but it can also limit your soul's growth and expansion. Although there are never any mistakes made in life, there are easier routes to take you where your soul wishes to go. The mind however, is not privy to the soul's intentions because its vibrational resonance exists at a different, and oftentimes much lower frequency. Living from the heart connects you with the soul because they energetically align at a higher vibration. When you assist others you are actually recognizing your connection to them. You have incarnated upon the Earth plane at this time to feel this interconnectedness not only with all things, but with the source of All That Is as well. All distortions and misperceptions arise from separation from love; separation from your inner source of infinite and eternal connectedness to all that is. The hostilities of your world are but areas of denial of your own self-love, self-worth, and value as a human being. You must strive to always feel good about where you are at any given moment in your life, for you are continually evolving and expanding into higher and higher realms of existence. Where you currently are is the result of wisdom gained from all your experiences not only in this lifetime, but in all other lifetimes combined. Thus, you are more aware of your divine nature now than you have ever been before. From a human perspective this means that you must be able to forgive yourself for everything because it has all added to your spiritual progression as a soul. Yet from a divine perspective there is no need for forgiveness, for all things are perfect in their design and orchestration. Your forgiveness of self does however make it easier for you to forgive others for their perceived shortcomings. All of your incarnations have added to a level of compassion within you for all aspects of your multidimensional self, which is what is allowing you to become your higher self in this lifetime. The path that serves you best in any timeline of existence is always the one that is accepting of who you are, and who you have been. Your growth lies in your ability to express your unconditional loving nature as often as you can, and you can only do this when you first acknowledge that you are God. This is a master class in self-realization you are all enrolled in. It is important to periodically step back and comprehend the magnitude of what you have taken on here in physical form. Not only are you standing firm against the perpetual tide of lower vibrational energies that seem to inundate you, but you are doing so amidst a busy life with many moving parts. Well done for making it this far. Fear not My Beloved, for you will all matriculate on schedule. Rest assured in the knowingness that everything has already happened; you are merely seeing how it all worked out. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Feeling On Purpose

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The ultimate goal of life is to see everything and everyone as equal and to treat them as such. This is the universal law of oneness that precedes and supersedes all other laws of creation because it is the fullest expression of unconditional love; that which is God Consciousness. You get there by feeling on purpose, which means that of all the emotions you could possibly choose to experience from as a human being, you consciously choose the ones that are synonymous with unconditional love and compassion. This takes practice however, because the ego has played such a large role in your life up until now. You have entered into a new timeline upon the Earth plane where you are beginning to realize that you are more than just a physical body and that you are in control of your life by the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold to be true. You have been taught to believe you are powerless to create what you want in life, and that you must rely on others for your survival. But you are God Creator, and as such you are fully capable of creating anything you can imagine within your mind. Because of your programming, the mind will try to convince you that this is a lie. But this is where your choice of feelings comes into play more than ever before. You have the ability to feel good or bad at any given moment in your life by what you focus your attention upon, and what you focus your attention upon is that which creates your future experience. Feeling on purpose thus becomes an important goal in life, for it is part of the process of manifesting what you next wish to experience. Unconditional love is the highest emotion available to you as a human being and encompasses compassion, acceptance, allowance, forgiveness, passion, joy, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness, and peace. Anytime you feel any of these emotions you are aligning with the God of your being, adding tremendous power to the creative impulses within you. Happiness, passion, and joy do more than make you feel good inside; they elevate the consciousness of the planet thereby neutralizing lower vibrational energies that tear at the very fabric of collective expansion. Your physical reality is a mirror that reflects back to you whatever you are vibrationally putting out. It is neither right nor wrong, good nor bad; it simply is what it is. Through your emotional output you get to choose the vibrational resonance that will come back to you as a physical experience. Nothing needs to be fixed in your life or in your world; it all just needs to be accepted and allowed exactly the way it is. Then simply choose the emotion or emotions that best represent the manifestation you next wish to experience, making that the predominance of your vibrational offering. Keeping things simple and sacred eliminates the need to have to defend your point of view in any interaction or encounter with others. Reflection is a compassionate response to what will be, whereas attraction is a judgmental reaction to what has already been. The shadows of your life are places where the Divine Radiance of who you are as perfect love has not yet been able to reach. You do not need to focus upon these areas of darkness; you need only focus upon the love of who you inherently are. Nothing that anyone believes should ever get in the way of opening your heart to them. The strength of your species lies in your collective ability to accept your diversity with open arms. You are human to be love; to choose to be the physical expression of Source Energy. This is the true second coming of the Christ Consciousness. The savior of your world lies within the heart of each and every one of you. Fear, hatred, and judgment will diminish on your planet when you treat each other as equals, allowing and accepting all beliefs as sacred expressions of Divine Love. Ascension is about rising above dissension, not being sucked down into it. Debating who is right and who is wrong will never get you where you want to go as a race of Divine beings. Striving to be better comes from the ego. You are God; you are already perfect just the way you are. Your only spiritual purpose in life is to love yourself and others unconditionally, which means accepting everyone exactly as they are; no fixing, changing, or altering anyone or anything is ever necessary. You are whole and complete the moment you see yourself as such. Perfection is neither required, nor necessary in your world. What is asked of you is the sincerity of an open heart. You have called God by many names in your life, but not until this moment have you recognized your own precious being as that reflection. How can you not love yourself for who you are? The time of great awakening is at hand upon the Earth. You have all chosen to be here to assist humanity in realizing that you are more than just physical bodies. You are God as is everyone else on your planet, and you are all equal and equally loved aspects of Divine Consciousness creating your individual reality as well as the shared reality of your collective. You are intention-based beings using the vibration of thought to experience joy in and as your life. As you begin to acknowledge the oneness of all that is, you will have access to more of your multidimensional experience through your heart center. Whatever is being shown to you is important or you would not be seeing it. Be open to whatever you are experiencing as your chosen reality, for you are God Creator. Allow it all to be just as it is and you will transform yourself and your world into heights of light and love greater than anything you have ever experienced. Surrender to the will of God, for it is your happiness and joy you are surrendering to. When choosing your next path to take, anything that leads you towards fear and further separation from all that is is leading you away from the things you truly desire to experience in life. Love, health, happiness, peace, and creativity are the feelings you purposely want to express as a Divine Creator. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Things Are Always Working Out

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The present moment physically represents what you have vibrationally created in your past with your thoughts, and will remain the same if you continue thinking that way. Yet you are never really trapped by your past. The easiest way to rise above it is to allow everything to be as it is while you remain focused upon what you desire to create in your life. It is only when you begin to doubt the process of creation itself that you feel frustrated, hopeless, and disempowered. Empowerment on the other hand, gives you nothing but excitement and enthusiasm for what you wish to manifest as your future experience. Can you see that there are two “you’s” operating in the same body? One is on the battleground fully immersed in the war, while the other is above it witnessing what is taking place with love and compassion. One will uplift you, while the other will keep you small and powerless to create the life you want. Look to see where you are negatively reacting to any situation or circumstance in your life and you will uncover limiting beliefs that are putting resistance in the way of what you wish to create. While these distractions of the human psyche may always be present because they are part of the ego, they will only limit you if you give them your attention and focus. Stay tuned to your expanded God-self that can create anything it desires and trust that it is all going to work out for you. Your desires are always being channeled to you through your higher self, which wants you to succeed above all else. The future is always becoming what you wish to experience in life because you are always evolving and expanding. But the more you doubt yourself and your creative abilities, the longer it takes to get to you. The more that you believe that you are the creator of your reality the faster it moves to you. Thus it benefits you greatly to believe you can create anything you desire. Stay focused on your goals, trust that everything is always working out for you, and allow all that is in your reality to be as it is without needing to change any of it. This will keep your vibration high, allowing your desires to come to you with ease. Yet knowing that you are God Creator is only part of the equation of manifestation. The other part is learning how to channel your creative energies without being distracted by your lower vibrational thoughts. Simply allow them to be and return your focus onto your heart's desire. Life is an amazing journey when you live from your heart and not from your mind. Fall in love with your life and watch your desires become your chosen reality. You can have anything you want as long as you stay focused and present on the creation of it. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Pursuit Of Spiritual Mastery

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Living a life in pursuit of spiritual mastery is not the ultimate path of every soul; it is simply just one of an infinite number of soul expressions available to you as a Divine Creator. Spiritual mastery is however, a path of detaching from the addictions of the material world. As a human being you cannot separate yourself totally from material wants, needs, and desires. But as you change your priorities in life towards higher perspectives, you do become less enamored by the idols of the material world. While you are the one that creates all the temptations in your life, you must understand that constantly soothing yourself with those temptations will not benefit your spiritual growth and evolution. All materialism when viewed from the perspective of God Consciousness is in fact an extension of the love of self. Nothing external is ever seen as greater than that which animates the physical being. All things are equal and equally loved extensions of God; aspects of self. The connectedness of All That Is is universal. This is what the soul hungers for regardless of whatever other agendas or expressions are being pursued at any given moment. The thirst for connection with others is hardwired into the DNA of humanity because it matches the unconditional love inherent to all sentient beings. Applying the brakes and the gas at the same time in your life is a metaphor for the continual game of tug-a-war being played out in every human mind because of separation. The ego is very cautious of the unknown and will constantly say "no" to anything unfamiliar to it. The heart on the other hand, says "yes" to everything familiar and unfamiliar because it intuitively knows that you are always safe, for the soul is eternal. It also understands that this is how expansion occurs so it does not shy away from any experience. Your higher self is always communicating with you, and will bring to your conscious awareness a plethora of different aspects of your multidimensional self to awaken you to the infinite depth and breadth of who you are as God Creator. You always have an open invitation to explore more of yourself. What you will ultimately find there is a sense of inner peace and tranquility that embraces all parts of your beingness in wholeness and completion. This is who and what you are as God. Yet your human mind is quite adept at conjuring up resistance to block this natural state of being. Thus the soul's journey into physical form is to eliminate as much resistance as possible during any human incarnation. If and when this occurs, your role is to then share your heightened vibration with the world in which you live. This can be done in many different ways as every being has their own unique gifts of creative expression to assist humanity in its collective pursuit of spiritual mastery. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, March 12, 2021

The Form And The Formless

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

It is the nature of life to express the formlessness of the soul within the form of physical reality. Any physical manifestation is a form, or identity of the mind in which it was created. Formlessness however, is the Divine Essence of who you are as a non-physical beingness, and as such it will always desire to manifest as your expanded self. It takes on whatever form the mind has created to bring clarity of purpose to your experience. Death is a moment by moment process of shedding the old in favor of the new; of releasing karmic patterns that no longer serve the highest interest of the soul, replacing them with more expanded ideas, concepts, and beliefs that allow the mind to relax for just a little while until it gains a better footing with these new understandings. The potential of aging is wisdom; a greater resonance or alignment with the higher self. You do not need any more time to surrender to formlessness; it has been queued for quite a while already within your consciousness. No more knowledge is necessary. In fact, the less knowledge you have the better off you will be. With surrender comes the wisdom to carry you to your next destination. You do not need a stronger identity; you need only recognize all identities as the formless self. Form and formlessness merge into a unified field of conscious awareness when you express more from the heart and less from the mind, which means more allowing of all that is and less over-identification with any one aspect of the all that is. In other words, you become the God-self as opposed to the ego-self derived from, and contained within the limited human mind. This lets you feel your connectedness to everyone and everything around you, for you are all part of the One Consciousness. Right now within physical reality, you need the "other" to have and an individuated experience, which creates a sense of self. But as you begin to merge with your higher self, you will feel less of a need to separate yourself from others, and more of a desire to unite with the collective consciousness of the planet. This unification however, does not negate the individual self; it augments it, strengthening your innate ability to feel and express unconditional love and compassion for all others. Self-empowerment is not power over others; it is the power to assist others in empowering themselves to create anything they desire in life, for they too are God Creator. Thus, the essence of all spiritual teachings is to first become aware that you are God, and then work at becoming the highest version of that Divine Resonance while still maintaining a singular identity. And what is that Divine Resonance? While the answer is different for every person expressing upon the planet, it is based on an appreciation for all of life. Are there any problems within the present moment? There are none because all is perfect right here and right now. Any complaints you have are coming from the mind caught up in the conflicts of the past. In Divine Resonance you are also less reactive to the external triggers that used to bother you; you are simply more allowing and accepting of all aspects of yourself and others. The burdens of your physical identity become less and less as the peace and joy of your higher self starts to permeate more of your waking consciousness. The contrast between feeling good through loving allowance for all things and feeling bad through the ego’s endless tirade of grievances becomes so great that you surrender more and more to the power of love in your life. Eventually, your life becomes a continual reaffirmation of remembering the God within as who you truly are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Quantum Leap

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Any time you feel fear, anger, worry, or frustration of any kind you are listening to the ego and not the heart. The heart has no fear; it knows only love. Nothing is ever wrong from the heart's perspective. All is perfect, and joyful, and loving. Without exception, the higher realms of consciousness will always feel better to you. You have a choice in every moment as to what to focus your attention upon. You can either choose higher or lower vibrational thoughts. The higher ones make you feel good, while the lower ones make you feel bad. Which ones sound better to you? Thoughts of the mind can keep you attached and addicted to pain and suffering. If this is all you feel you deserve in life, then it will be easier for you to stay grounded in those lower vibrational energy patterns. But when you fully grasp that you are worthy of everything you could possibly imagine in life and more just by your very existence, and that you yourself are fully capable of creating those things for yourself because you are God Creator, then you will expand your perspective to allow those things to be reflected back to you through your outer world. This is the nature of the reality you are all immersed in. Learning to navigate it to your advantage is paramount to your evolutionary cycle upon the Earth plane. You are not only connected to the most powerful force within all of creation, you are it as God Creator. If you feel bad, you are giving your power away. Look to see where you are identifying with the mind instead of the heart. Love, freedom, joy, gratitude, peace, appreciation, passion; these are the only things worth your attention because these are the only things aligned with the higher self, the God of your being. Turn off your mind by feeling the higher vibrations of the heart. You cannot battle with the mind; the ego will always win because it is a master of manipulation, deception, and spin. Nothing is ever wrong, you are alive and well in this moment, and you are fully capable of making the highest choices and decisions possible for yourself, which will positively impact your creations from this moment on. The quantum leap you are being asked to make at this time is to go beyond the mind; to go beyond what you thought was possible for you. This quantum leap is an innate trusting in your ability to not just provide for yourself, but to give to yourself everything you have ever, and will ever desire in life. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Giving To Yourself

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Open your eyes and see the infinite abundance that is already here in your life. Your world does not lack anything. Your media will tell you that you need something outside of you to make you happy. But you have everything you need to be happy already inside you because you are God Creator, and you can create the physical manifestation of anything you desire simply by your focused attention upon it. You are creating a journey to fulfill your time upon the planet. The life you want is you deciding that you can give it to yourself. Anything less than that is you deciding you are not worth what you really want. You must come to understand that you are giving everything to yourself because you are God Creator. Are you giving yourself what your heart desires? If not, why? What belief is standing between you and what you deserve to have as an experience? It is not about anyone else's opinion; it is only about your own. It is all about how you see yourself, not how the world judges you. You do not have to limit your happiness. Your innate value supersedes any desire or want in life, for the material world is but a reflection of your love of self. Remember that everything comes through you because you are the one creating it. Create a state of gratitude in your life for everything you receive. Relax into the peace of your own awareness, the knowingness that you are God, and the realization that you are worthy of everything simply by your existence. Feel this as your loving embrace of life, the life you have created for yourself, and the life you will continue to create for yourself. You are consciousness holding this dream of a lifetime together. Feel yourself in this expanded state. You are so loved that you are given everything you ask for; everything you allow yourself to receive without question. You are infinite power because you are the infinite God. You are restricted only by your own self-imposed limitations of thought. Trust yourself; trust that you can give yourself whatever you desire because you are the perfect love of God. You create all that you perceive. You are in a relationship with God; a relationship with yourself. You have given yourself this remarkable journey to expand your consciousness into greater and greater amounts of self-love. You have been given the support and the guidance to succeed at anything you do. You have been given everything; more than you could understand, and more than you could possibly imagine. Shine with your heart and give yourself the freedom to be exactly who you are being in every moment. Everything you see and everything you experience in life is God, which means that everything is perfect regardless of what your mind tells you. Judgment is a conditioned response of the mind. Yet the heart knows only love, for it is unconditionally loving, allowing, and accepting of all things. This is the space of peace and bliss because it is free from the confusion of the conditioned mind. Each life within the multidimensional self brings you closer and closer to the realization that you are God Consciousness. The ugliest part of you is just as innocently formed through human perception as is the most cherished part of you. Both are loved equally for being perfect aspects of God. You are human to bring the ostracized physical, mental, and emotional aspects of you under the umbrella of Divine Love where they can be made to feel whole and complete just as they are. This process is called integration, and it is a necessary step in reaching a new level of awareness that can then be used to continue your expansion further. Your prayers of supplication are momentary lapses in consciousness that abnegate your power as the creator of your reality. Rise and walk with the God of your being towards perfect love for all things within the human condition. This is the only way you will get to where you want to go. Remember dear ones that you are creating everything in your experience, even the darkest nights of the soul. Love it all, accept it all, allow it all. You know more now than at any point in your past. You are growing and expanding. Choose love above all else and all else will fall into place. This is the work; this is the path. While desire is part of the creative process, receiving what you have requested completes the circle of life. But you must accept any feelings of unworthiness as part of the God that you are before you can start to truly feel worthy of that which you desire. Recognize where you are already receiving what you have given to yourself. This will naturally expand your awareness, allowing you to more clearly see that you are already worthy in so many areas of your life. Learn to celebrate the minor victories in life. This will open you up to not only greater levels of appreciation and gratitude, but it will help you physically receive more of what you have already given to yourself energetically. All rise to the perspective of your higher self. Its vistas are far more expansive than anything your limited human mind can perceive. You will begin to see the bigger picture at work in your life and the interconnectedness of all things. The more perspectives you can see around you, the more expansive your perception becomes. You will see life from a higher vantage point when you acknowledge and align with the perfect love that you inherently are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Perfect Love

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Problems exist in life not as deterrents, but as opportunities to awaken you to the more loving and allowing nature of your beingness. Interactions between form and formlessness, between the mind and the heart, are the impetus for creation within all beings and occur seamlessly throughout the entirety of every lifecycle. Sexual energy is the energy of creation because it exists as perfect love. It is the energy than not only renews, restores, and regenerates all the cells of your body throughout your life, but it is the same energy that manifests your thoughts and desires into physical reality as well. In being able to see the bigger picture in everything, you become less mired in the separateness of life's smaller events. This allows you to see the connectedness of all things. Every relationship you have in life exists solely for you to co-create your experience with other aspects of your multidimensional self. This is how expansion occurs within the context of the illusion of separation. Creation is about feeling unity consciousness, and that connectedness fuels expansion throughout the cosmos. It is really your emotional connection with others that is responsible for your individual creative impulses. To be unconditionally loving is to be emotionally connected to all aspects of self. Making love to another human being connects you directly to them on a physical, mental, emotional, and soul level, allowing you to express more of your creative energies as preference and desire. Ascension is simply the conscious application of sexual energy in your life; it is the ability to see through your physical experiences multiple perspectives of reality. Each and every soul has the freedom to experience life through different points of view, thus creating matching vibrational potentials that align with those perspectives. This is free will, and it is the foundation upon which consciousness expands. The more you can feel like you have options to choose from in life, the more you will expand into those choices and the perspectives they offer to you creatively. Your higher self is always orchestrating the greatest amount of flexibility with regard to opportunities for your growth and expansion on a soul level. It is your job to be open to as many desires and preferences that become available to you in every moment. In this way do you acknowledge the bigger picture at work in you, through you, and as you. Fear slows down the process of experiencing connectedness with others because it holds you back from allowing your natural state of being to flow freely through you. Your outer reality is always mirroring back to you your current level of understanding. As you begin to see yourself as perfect love, your world will reflect that trust of life back to you. 

Fear blocks that feeling of trust; the natural expression of your God-self. Your focus in life should always be on the higher qualities of love, not the lower patterns of resistance that exist through fear. You are not the mind's conditioning; you are God Creator. You must make a conscious decision to stop identifying with the false thoughts of the mind, and start identifying with the deeper unconditionally loving, accepting, and allowing nature of your Divine Essence. Your outcome in life is always equal to your unlimited potential minus any perceived self-doubt. Self-doubt is the mind's attempt to limit your experience of trusting life. You are successful because you are God Creator, which allows you to create anything you desire through your belief in it. You can believe anything you wish in life. You owe it to yourself to choose only those beliefs that uplift and expand you, as opposed to those that limit and restrict your view of self. Your patterns of resistance are habitual; you must retrain your consciousness to always be moving towards unconditional love instead of away from it. You are loving, accepting, and allowing, you are kind and compassionate, and you are connected to all perspectives that exist in your world. The stories of your past are not important; only this moment has everything you need to be happy and at peace with all that is. You are God, and God is perfect love. As you observe your outer reality, if it is possible for one person to achieve something, then it is possible for you as well because everything is connected. You simply cannot let your mind dictate the narrative of your life experience. You only feel unworthy because you have been taught to believe you are less than God. You are not. Give yourself the freedom to express your sexual energy as your next creative impulse. The secret to receiving more of what you want in life is to state your gratitude for what you already have. Everything is constantly giving you more of itself if you recognize it as such. You are being nurtured in every way. Your happiness increases exponentially through your ability to give to yourself, which is the art of receiving. You have an abundance of food to eat, water to drink, and air to breathe. You have a comfortable place to shelter from the elements, and enough clothing to keep you warm and dry. You have wonderful relationships that add to your enjoyment of life, and natural habitats of great beauty to nourish your soul. All these things and more are given to you without asking anything in return. You are abundant in many things, but you can be abundant in all things simply by acknowledging you are worthy of it. You are God, and you have the ability to create anything you desire in life through the perfect love that you inherently are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, March 8, 2021

The Fast Track To Your Expansion

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

As always, the fastest way to align with the Source of your being is to do what brings you the greatest joy in every moment without any insistence as to the outcome. This in and of itself is the fast track to helping you remember that you are God Creator. Since everything is already here and now, the movement of your life experience is really about gaining perspectives, which is the physical sensation of expansion. Boredom and frustration are signals from your higher self that you are open to greater levels of conscious awareness. You cannot not expand because you are God Creator, but you can disavow that it is happening to you. Yet you will always be drawn to what will help you evolve to the greatest degree because you are your higher self, which dictates everything you will ever experience in physical form. Thus everything physical becomes a permission slip to help you become more of who you already are. Being open to the unknown is your greatest strength because it signifies a willingness to experience your expansion. As a collective you have agreed to awaken the greatest amount of people on your planet through the contrast of light and dark energies; higher and lower vibrational spheres of influence. On an individual basis however, this relates to greater and greater degrees of balance and harmony you can feel with what is occurring in, and as your outer reality. This is your true unconditionally loving, accepting, and allowing nature bubbling up to the surface to expand your consciousness. As you allow all perspectives to exist as equal and valid aspects of God, you express more and more of your authentic self, which positively adds to the expansion of all of creation. Your world was designed to be a smorgasbord of differing energies allowing all of its participants to express their true divine nature, accepting all of it just as it was intended to be. This is an advanced curriculum for masters. Everything in your reality serves you in your expansion; there is nothing that does not awaken you to your higher nature. What appears to be the unknown is nothing to fear, for it is part and parcel of your expansion into more of who you already are. Circumstances do not matter in life; what matters is how you relate to them. Thus it is only your state of being that creates your reality, which is really just another name for your expansion. There is nothing to fear anywhere throughout all of creation because everything is created from love, for love. It is your expressed understanding of this that will set you free. When you feel discomfort of any kind you have simply forgotten in that moment that you are God; that you are unconditionally loving, accepting, and allowing of all things in your reality. It is a wake-up call to get you back on track as God Creator. Remember that you can hold space for anyone without judging their situation or circumstance in life, and you do this through sending them unconditional love and compassion not to relieve their suffering, but to relieve your own. Assistance is always on the way. In fact, it is when humans are at their seemingly lowest point that the greatest amount of healing is taking place. Despite whatever you are experiencing at any given moment in your life, your higher self has always got your back. This is because you are always doing exactly what you are meant to be doing on a soul level, expanding into greater and greater degrees of Divine Love. Allow everything in your life to flow without resistance; without judging it in any way, shape, or form. Simply allow it to be just as it is. This will raise your vibration inspiring you to follow more and more of your joy in every moment. Rest assured that whatever is relevant for your growth and expansion to occur will always be directed to you through your experience of it. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Giving Everyone What They Want

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

When you tap into your endless creative light, you begin to radiate an energy throughout your life in the most magnificent way to attract people to you who say, "What are you doing that is different from everyone else?" You are not cowering in the corner of mediocrity like so many others do. You are directing your life as you choose it to be, using your power as a Divine Creator to make your life exactly the way you want. This is the power you possess that comes not from the limited mind with its preprogrammed excuses, but from the infinite and eternal heart of your being that is truly boundless. You are the love of God made manifest in physical form for the expressed purpose of creating anything you desire using the unconditional love and compassion of your beingness. Any resistance felt is simply fear of the unknown. This is where faith, trust, and knowingness come into play. The unknown cannot be known until it is experienced. If you have a calling or an urge to do something, you owe it to your higher nature to follow that guidance no matter where it leads. You are not here to cruise through life; you are here to step into your power as God Creator. While the mind will want to know the exact steps necessary for the process to unfold, your heart cares only about following your inner guidance and intuition. The right people will come together to make your vision a tangible reality when you trust in the evolution of the plan set forth by you and your higher self. You are giving others permission to shine their own light of inner wisdom. All willing participants will be guided to be exactly where they are meant to be to assist you in creating your desire. Resistance is disbelieving you can trust in your own power as a creator being. Understand however, that this is part of the inner work you are being called to do at this time to release these negative imprints of the past so you can become self-empowered, for your power lies on the other side of fear. You are multidimensional which means that all parts of you are working together to make this happen. You are worthy of this regardless of what your physical reality looks like at this moment or at any time in your past. You are being drawn to such teachings because the highest part of you is showing you the way. When you can embrace this process unconditionally, then you will move through it with minimal resistance and fear. Joyfully surrender to it, and with it will come that which you have desired to experience as a reality. In retrospect, this is but a fleeting moment in the continuum of time, holding no more weight than anything else. It is only your negative judgment of the condition or conditions you are facing that create your perspective of fear. Creating is always a joyous experience to the soul. It knows no fear; it sees only the end result, which is always positive and satisfying. You are here in this time of accelerated spiritual transformation to go beyond limited thinking; to go beyond the machinations of the mind into the expansiveness of your Godhood. Remember that you are not an island; you are doing these things to assist others in their transformation as well. With that awareness you can more easily step into your teaching role with excitement, passion, and joy for the work you are doing on a grand scale. The mind will want to keep you small and ineffectual, while the heart wants you to soar into the heavens. You are holding the light for others to see what is possible in their own lives. You are not separate from anyone else; you all want the same things in life. You are merely giving everyone what they want. You are all family connected through the infinite and eternal love of God to transcend fear. Make a declaration to yourself that you are finally ready to step into your power as God Creator. These are truly exciting times for humanity. All are being forced to look deep within themselves at the resistance to their natural state of unconditional love and compassion. Although not all will become consciously aware of this shadow work, rest assured that all are playing their part in the process. Remember that part of the Earth journey is to be allowed and accepting of where everyone else is in their understanding of the world in which they live, and to treat them as equals, for they too are God just as you are God. You can assist others in their transformation process, but you cannot insist on any particular outcome; that is for each and every soul to decide for themselves as sovereign beings. You are God, and God allows all things to be exactly as they are without judgment or interference. Every being upon the Earth is already highly advanced or they would not be here. There is an intricate balance of interweaving vibrations upon the Earth plane that cannot be found anywhere else in all of creation. To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven, which will only become evident to you when you can trust the process, allowing and accepting all things to be exactly as they are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ordering Off The Menu

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

As God Creator you must begin to realize that you do not need to order off the menu of life that is presented to you. You can in fact order something that is not on the menu at all; something that is unique and specific for your particular wants, needs, and desires. This level of understanding is key to your ability to create the life you desire as opposed to the life your mind thinks it is only capable of getting. You do not have to accept anything as your permanent reality because you are creating it through your thoughts and beliefs in every moment. In the grander scheme of things however, you do need to accept everything in your world as your creation, but you do not have to let it be what you settle for as your only creation. You are an unlimited being, and as such, you have the power to create anything you wish simply by knowing it to be so. Therefore, do not limit your own ability to create. Accept what you have already created as the God of your being, and then choose again if what you have chosen does not speak to the greater, more expanded part of you. Look within, for everything you need to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled already lies within you as pure potential waiting for you to claim it as your own. Yet you must allow yourself to surrender to your experience, whatever it may be, for it is there to empower you. While surrender may not appear to be empowering on the surface, it is power to the highest order. It signifies your recognition of the inner God. Source Energy is unconditionally accepting and allowing of all things everywhere. There is nothing that is not of the love of God. In your humanness you continue to resist that which displeases you because you do not always feel connected to God. But you are God more than you know yourself to be, and that knowingness is what allows you to accept everything that you have created as your chosen reality. Thus, acceptance is the path to reunification with God. You cannot not create because you are God, but you can reject your creations out of the fear of the unknown. Trust that you are always right where you are supposed to be, experiencing exactly what you are meant to be experiencing in every moment to awaken you to your innate power as God Creator. Accept all of your creations; lovingly embrace them with open arms as the prodigal sons and daughters of the most high. You have done nothing wrong; you are simply acknowledging your sovereignty as a Divine Creator. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Awesome Humility

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Your humanness craves specialness because you perceive yourself to be less than, so your mind is constantly trying to come up with ways to make you feel better or superior to others. But the authentic self is whole, complete, worthy, and full just as it is because it knows it is God Creator. Your authentic self is not an identity of the mind; it is a Divine Persona existing entirely upon the unconditional love and acceptance of all things in all realities of existence. Your next greatest truth is on its way to you right now. It may be encouched in antithesis, or it may be unfiltered and raw. Either way, it is there as an opportunity to break you from your over-identification with the trivialities of the mind. Shed the dependency to fix and correct anything; that takes too much work. Accept it, love it for what it is, and move on. Does your reality expand you or does it limit your movement in any way? Do your beliefs elevate you and all others, or do they keep you small and ineffectual as a creator? Do your truths speak to the highest good for all and not just a few, or do they subjugate and marginalize the least of your brethren? These are for each and every one of you to decide for yourselves. There is no judgment here because there is no right or wrong choices to be made. All things serve the soul in its upward expansion. Yet, the higher road is always the path of least resistance and most allowance. It is the road with the least potholes and speed bumps upon it. There is no predestination in life, for you are always free to choose your own path; your own way home to the truth of who you are as God Creator. Bring it home and own it until you uncover an even greater understanding. All things are real to all people who believe them as such. Does that make them right? it makes them God in control of their own destiny. The freedom of humanity is the freedom of God. The seven deadly sins are nothing more than relationships to reality. They are transient because they exist solely as perceptions within the mind, which are always subject to change at a moment's notice when more expanded information becomes accepted by you. You were born wonderful and perfect and you will die wonderful and perfect despite anything you might believe along the way. The Divine shows up in your life just when it is needed most. Will you recognize it? Will you truly see it for what it is? You can if you will retreat into the stillness of the heart and know that you are one with God. The universe is not giving you anything; you are giving it all to yourself through the vibrations of the thoughts you think and the beliefs you know to be true. You cannot blame your life on anyone else. Actually you can try, but that would simply be delaying the inevitable. Ultimately you must become responsible for the totality of your life. Then and only then can you begin to change it. Victims will not change until they no longer see themselves as needing to be a victim. You are God Creator of your reality, your life, and your destiny. Unconditional love and compassion for yourself and for all others is the first step towards personal empowerment, for it signifies a willingness to partner with your own Divinity in creating a world that you desire for yourself. You are God and God is love, so you too are love incarnate. You are not your fears; they are created by a mind that sucks up the limiting beliefs of others. You are developing a new relationship with yourself; one that acknowledges the magnificence that you inherently are as God. It is your relationship to the worthiness of your own existence that matters most in life. What you have been missing is the humility to be awesome, and with that humility comes the recognition of the awesomeness of everyone else co-creating alongside you in your world. The validation of self is discovered through you as your conscious perception of that which you create in every now moment. Be now and allow whatever it is that you have created as your chosen reality. It is that simple; accept the experiences of your life in their entirety through your own eyes. Understand however, that positive emotion cannot exist together with negative emotion. Eventually one will take the upper hand and try to control all aspects of your life experience. The emotional pain body will control you if you let it. The solution is to first realize that both exist within your conscious awareness. The next step is to know that you can distance yourself from the mind by tuning into the heart essence, which is always and only unconditionally allowing of everything. In your resistance to that which you perceive to be unwanted, you draw it closer to you. Become ok with those things that you dislike about yourself and others and you will free yourself from the pain of lack of inner peace and joy in your life. You are awesome through and through. Breathe in the fullness of who you are as love incarnate. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Your Creation Story

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Knowledge is not power upon your planet. Power comes from your ability to love everything and everyone unconditionally. Knowledge is simply an illusion created and maintained within the mind of humanity to further separate you from each other. To truly feel your heart is to experience life beyond anything the mind could possibly give you. This is the signature of God; the perfect love of the Source of all that is, ever was, and will ever be. You are this happiness and joy because you too are the light of God creating that which you desire. The quest for God realization can only be a personal journey into the unknown self. Your existence in your world is solely through your perception of it. You exist because you are consciously aware of self. Thus your awareness is what allows you to experience life in physical form. You are the only thing consistent throughout all of creation. God is not something you find; God is something you are. It is the supreme beingness that allows you to create through your focused awareness of self-intention. You see dear ones, you are God Creator. It is you that has created and continues to create what you experience as your reality. It is a revelation through perception that takes you deeper and deeper into uncovering more and more of who you are as a creator. Life appears in you, through you, and as you. God is both the creator of time and time itself. God is life coursing through you and as you. Everything is God and you as God are having an intimate experience of remembering that which you are and have always been. The transcendental experience of life thus becomes the connectedness to all things perceived within you. You have been observing you all along, for there is nothing else but you. Everything becomes celebrated; everything becomes known. Everything is the God-self. This reunification leads to the freedom to be exactly who and what you are being without judgment or conditionality attached to it. In this heightened state of self-realization there is only love and compassion for God in all its perspectives of self. You become more luminous because you are allowing more of your higher nature to shine through the costume of your physicality. There is no longer any need or desire to carry conflict because all is seen as perfect reflections of God Consciousness. There is only peace and love. This is your creation story. Explore the questions that matter most to you and you will uncover the unknown God within your very heart and soul. True love does not need to forgive anyone or anything anywhere within creation, for there is nothing ever done wrong. It is all just an infinite and eternal journey of ever-expanding exploration into individual truth. You are enough and so is everyone else upon your world because you are all God Creator. You are validating your truth in every moment to see if it resonates with who you believe yourself to be. The mind will tell you one thing, while the heart will tell you another. Who do you believe? Who do you trust? You go with what feels right, and best, and truest to you. You go with what expands and uplifts you. You go with the part of you that always loves you and accepts you unconditionally no matter what you think, do, or say. This is the essence of who you are as God, and it is the peace and freedom that you long for in your life experience. There are no strings attached to any of this; there is only peace, happiness, and joy to behold in you, through you, and as you. What your mind is trying to sell you is continued separation, fear, anxiety, worry, guilt shame, blame, and resentment. These will only recreate what you have already created in your world. But there is another way and that way is to surrender to the love of God that you inherently are, which will immediately lighten your load and make it easier for you to be at peace with all that is within you, and within your outer world. The mind cares so much that it is willing to impair itself with disease and disharmony merely to be right. Yet the heart cares only about your happiness, your joy, your health, your vitality, and your wellbeing. It understands through the infinite intelligence of God that all is well within all of your creation stories. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Keep Challenging Your Routines

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Love is the key to fighting off anything negative spiritually. Having compassion for yourself and others is vitally important to maintaining a higher level of vibration associated more with the heart than with the mind. The heart allows you to be accepting of yourself and all others for where you and they currently are in life. Through your love and compassion you make it easier for others to see a higher way of being in the world without you even having to utter a single word or phrase in their direction. Your work on Earth is not to change anyone or anything, but to accept everything just as it is, and to see everyone as equal and treat them as such, for all are God creating their own reality according to their own unique soul plan, which you are not privileged to. As God you are unconditionally loving and accepting of all things everywhere. When you feel the need to attack or defend yourself against anything, you are simply identifying with the mind, and the beliefs taught to you by others that are not yours. Continue to love yourself fully and completely just as you are, for you are wonderful and perfect. How could God be anything less? Be grateful for as much as you can in life as this keeps you heart-centered and out of the potential traps of the mind. Each and every one of you is doing and acting in accordance with what you believe to be true for you based upon information you have accepted within you. You cannot be any other way. Yet you are always being given new information that is in alignment with the highest portions of your consciousness to awaken you to even greater potentials. Look to find positivity in all things and you will be a harbinger of love and compassion wherever you go in life. Judging others will only turn upon you and start a lower vibrational momentum within you that may be hard to change. Remember that the God of your being knows that no one does anything wrong given their model of the world. All is perfect and all are imbued with free will to live their life as they choose it to be without interference from anyone, including God. The lies of the mind are there to be accepted as a part of your evolution as a soul back to the oneness of unity consciousness from once you came. The work is to love everything and everyone unconditionally as God loves because you are God. While the consciousness of the planet is indeed shifting, you cannot sit idly by and assume that everyone else is doing their part for the highest good of all. You must do whatever you can to not judge others for what you think they are doing or not doing in this endeavor. Stay clear of the mind in this vein, for it will subvert any attempts to display love and compassion for yourself and others. No one upon the Earth has any real ownership of anything other than what you believe to be true. Thus you are all stewards of the Earth sharing everything within it in a way that adds to all ecosystems instead of just a select few. Your individual perspective on this is paramount to your continued ascension into higher consciousness. And lastly, you must be willing in every moment to let go of those things of a lower vibrational nature that stand in your way of owning your Godship. You are sovereign to no one except you. You are God, creator of your reality, and you can create through your free will anything you desire as long as you believe you are worthy of having it. You are inherently worthy because creation could not exist on any level without you; you are that vital to the process. Any thoughts of victimization or inferiority come from the programmed mind. It is not who and what you are as Source Energy. You are all special, yet none is more special than another because all are God. For there to be total health and wellbeing in your life, you must align body, mind, and spirit into a unified field of conscious awareness that allows each to exist as part of the wholeness of being. One cannot hold any more weight than another, for all things are equal and equally loved aspects of God not only within you, but throughout all of creation as well. All that you experience in life is part of your overall soul plan designed by you in the non-physical realm with assistance from highly evolved beings also in non-physical form. Because all souls have free choice, those plans can be followed or not followed depending upon influences by different kinds of vibrational energies available to you while in physical form during your lifetime. One can intuitively know they are following their soul plan when they are connected to their heart-space as opposed to the limitations of the mind. The mind is important to creation itself, but it is the heart that ultimately allows creations of the highest quality to flow to you unencumbered. It is the unconditional acceptance and loving allowance that comes from the God of your being through the heart that aligns you with your true soul's purpose. Thus anything that occurs in your life and in your world at large, is part of your soul's plan for becoming the fullest expression of God in physical form. Your world is not broken and neither are you nor anyone else upon it. You are perfect beings of immense love and light remembering who you are and expressing that realization as your chosen reality. As you exit your life, and you all will eventually, you will have the ability to see how close you actually came to fulfilling your soul's destiny and purpose. All is not lost however if that does not occur, for expansion into greater and greater levels of Divine Love is a never ending process. Each lifetime offers new opportunities to express and experience yet another unique aspect of God Consciousness. You are loved for being exactly who you are being in every incarnation you have ever had and will ever have anywhere throughout creation. You are living in the time of mastery; bringing together all aspects of your humanity into the wholeness of your true divine nature. You are beginning to challenge your routines that have kept you tethered to the limitations of the mind. You are learning to balance energies like never before upon your planet. The time is coming very soon for your collective to journey out into the stars to assist other races in their expansion. So this time upon the Earth plane is setting the stage for your ascension into a higher way of being; one that embraces diversity, allowing all to exist freely as individual emanations of God Consciousness. You are being given countless opportunities to go deeper and deeper into connection with each other on every level within your society. Your desire for unity has been birthed out of your separation experience because of the innate balancing mechanisms at work throughout the cosmos. This is the natural ebb and flow of creation itself to evolve, not devolve into higher and higher orders of cohesive collective consciousness. Now is the time to put down your torches and your pitchforks and come together as a race of God beings in love with humanity. The first step must be of your own inertia regardless of whether anyone else decides to follow your lead or not. Through your Divine Resonance of grace and compassion you will gather to you those beings of like mind and similar intent that will add to the momentum of change sweeping across your planet the likes of which have never been seen before. You are right where you were always meant to be. You are loved and you are perfect just as you are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Because of your indoctrination into physical reality, you have become accustomed to focusing your energy upon the conditions of your life which will cause you to identify with your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. But you are a soul using your higher self to create from a more expanded part of you that feels your unlimitedness in and as all things. Identifying with your thoughts will not make you happy because they exist within the realm of limitation. To truly free yourself from your humanness is to trust that your heart is the only part of you connected directly to God. What is important is how you experience your reality. Are you in sync with life, or are you in resistance to it? Do you experience it from the mind or do you experience it from the heart. The mind will not make you happy because it is never satisfied; there is always something more needed to make you whole. The heart however, is perfect it its demeanor because it never nudges anything. It is completely neutral in its perspective on all things. You can either trust in the power of life surging through you as a soul, or you can doubt that it exists in any appreciable way. There is nothing wrong with you, for you are perfect in everything you do, as is everyone else on your planet. The problem is simply that you have over identified with the mind and you are using it to micromanage every aspect of your life. Connect instead with the more expanded part of you that knows who and what it is. How would it feel to be abundant in every moment? Would that relieve a lot of stress in your life? This is a simple application process that does not come from the mind, but comes directly from the heart. Your abundance in every aspect of your life is a choice to see it that way. It is ok to be exactly as you are. Never be afraid to let your freak flag fly. Most people could care less. Yet that small percentage that may have an issue with it is simply drawing attention to the inner discord you feel about being afraid to be your authentic self. Love or fear; the heart or the mind. One is easy; the other is hard. You are the wisdom keepers. It all comes to you through your soul. Your empowerment is your self-worth. Why it is so hard for most humans to understand this is because of your upbringing; what you have been taught to believe to be true about who you are and what you are capable of. You were not taught that you are God. You are taught that you are a human being. You are not taught that you are the creator of your reality. You are taught that you are a victim of your world. These are the things you are struggling with at this time of transformation upon your world. You are getting there. Trust that you will be guided what to do and what to say when the timing is right. For now, love yourself and others as best you can. Allow everyone to be as they are. If somebody rubs you the wrong way know that you are judging yourself on some level. Thank them for showing you where you still need to polish some of the rough edges of your mirror of reflection. You doubt your Divinity so you allow yourself to become attached to your thoughts and the limitations of your mind. The heart is such an important part of who you are as a soul. It awakens all those who are ready to be shown the way to the inner God. What would it feel like to be God? What would it feel like to be without any fear? What would it feel like to be in love with everything in your world? You are the alchemists, you are the magicians, you are the wayshowers and the lightworkers. It is up to you to embrace who you are with love instead of fear. It is up to you to see your fellow brothers and sisters as just as much a God as you are yourself. The magic of the experience of life is that you get to choose what you want and then allow it to come to you at some point in time. It is the astute person who realizes that it is them all along that is creating everything in their life. But this takes quite a leap of faith and a knowingness that you are God. You must understand that fear is just as powerful a creator as is love. Whatever you concentrate on is going to manifest as your reality. That is why people feel like they are a victim of their world because why would they ever want or think that they are creating something which they are afraid of? But that is exactly what you are all doing on both a conscious and an unconscscious level at all times. All journeys are unique for those that experience them. Each of you is just as capable of creating through love as you are through fear. Mirrors are everywhere in your physical reality. Anything that has life is a mirror and can be used to direct your energy inward. Simply pick those things that resonate with you and speak to your heart and stay away from those things that cause a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety and worry. In this way do you create with love and through love instead of through fear and separation. Your only true purpose for coming into physical form is that by the end of your incarnation here you will have accepted all aspects of your own life along with the lives of all others on your planet. You must also realize that each of you is the same as everyone else regardless of what is person is going through. And lastly you must accept each person’s choices and decisions they make in their own life because they are making them from a perspective that is part of God. In every moment of your life you are aligning with a thought, a feeling, or an emotion. Worrying is not only unhealthy you’re your body, mind, and spirit but it is completely unnecessary in that it serves no purpose other than just to keep you in a lowered state of vibration. No solution has ever occurred from a state of worrying about anything. Focused awareness on the other hand is a state of enhanced cognition where you open yourself up to the possibilities that exist in you as the Creator of your reality. Worrying identifies you with your thoughts, whereas acceptance allows you to be free of whatever situation or circumstance you are immersed in. It adds only positive power to your vibration. It is usually not the circumstance that you were going through that creates the worry and anxiety within your mind, but the story you are telling yourself about the circumstance you have identified with on a personal level which causes all of the problems. Each and every one of you is Source energy because each and every one of you is God having a physical experience. You are always in communication with an aspect of God; it simply depends upon what vibration of source energy you were channeling. Remember that all things are of God. Yet there can be a vibrational quality that aligns more with a higher aspect of consciousness that uplifts and serves instead of a lower aspect of consciousness which deflates and constricts. The more heart-based you can be in your experience of life, the more you will awaken to the higher aspects of source energy which actually improve the quality of your life and the quality of all those around you as well. It is important to understand that you must allow all vibrations of source energy to coexist with you in the arena of life without trying to change any of them because in wanting to alter them you are actually labeling them as less than God, which is an impossibility since there is nothing that exists outside of God; God is the inclusion and the totality of all things whether you believe them to be high quality or low quality thoughts. You are all perfect in who you are choosing to be. The beliefs that you hold to be true set the foundation and the vibration for your experiences in life. They are based upon information that you believe is accurate until other information comes along and is accepted which will then change your behaviors in a different way. There is not one of you that is not doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing given the information that you have accepted as truth. You cannot help but change the world simply by your existence in it. The world can feel the beating of your heart because you are God. All are equal and equally loved aspects of God having their own unique experience. Nothing is hidden from you here; it is all available to you through your willingness to open up to that which exists within your very heart. The purpose of your life is not to try and find yourself, but rather to get rid of all of the limiting beliefs that are standing in the way preventing you from seeing the magnificence of who you have always been. Because you are God you can create anything you desire by focusing your attention upon it. But you must believe that you are a creator, for if you do not then you will not be able to use the full power of the inner God to your highest advantage. When you can relax you stop seeking, and when you stop seeking you have arrived at the truth of who you really are. You are love which is the only thing real in all of creation; fear is simply resistance to the reality of love. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, February 15, 2021

The Whole Game

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

As a human being you have been living life under false pretenses. The things you have been taught to do to bring you happiness and joy in life have not been able to live up to their expectations. As a result, you blamed yourself for not doing a good enough job. There must be something wrong with you if you cannot do those things for yourself to improve the quality of your life. This is what the teachings of society are really good at; making you feel less than another. But joy is not the end game; it is the whole game. You have been educated to look outside of yourself for the answers to your problems. The truth of the matter is that you have the answer and the solution to every problem you could ever face in life within you because you are God, the creator of your reality. You have not been taught to go within to the infinite source of your own power and creativity. Any time you look outside of yourself you will experience separation from God which you will experience as a lowered vibration. But when you go within to the center of your beingness you only find the highest vibrations of love and light, creativity and joy. You are evolving into a higher dimensional perspective which will make you think about life in a different way; one that will openly challenge the doctrines and dogma taught to you by your outer reality. You must have compassion for these misconceptions, for they will only continue to thwart you if you see them as less than God. Although you can create with any energy, your greatest power to create comes from the unconditional love that exists at the core of your being. This is because love is what has created everything in the universe. The infrastructure of all of life is the energy of unconditional love. It is how you interact with that creative platform that determines your individual reality. What you have been taught to believe is that life happens to you, and that you are either lucky or not. Yet luck has nothing to do with it. It is your thoughts and beliefs that create your outer world. Thoughts and beliefs that align with love will create an outer reality that reflects that higher vibration back to you, whereas thoughts and beliefs that align with separation and fear will create an outer reality that reflect to you those lowered vibrations. What is distinguishing you from the other galactic timelines of your multidimensional self is that in this particular go around, you are trying to overcome the need for everyone on your planet to be on the same page. This is an impossibility because you all have free will and the ability to live your life exactly how you choose it to be; not how others tell you it should be. This is the ultimate incarnation where you put all of those skills and abilities to use to go beyond where you have failed to go in other lifetimes. You are pulling your fellow co-creators up simply by your willingness to not be concerned about their choices and decisions made. It is not that you do not care, but that you care so much that you allow and accept their sovereignty as Divine Creators. This is what it really means to be God; not to force your will upon others, but to accept the will of all others as the Will of God. The ego is similar to most people on Earth in that it just wants to be acknowledged. Once you understand and accept your lower human nature as the whole game and not just the end game, it will be easier for you to find the peace and joy that exists within you at all times. Everything you could ever desire in life already exists inside of you as the energy of thought. The question is how does it come into reality as its own physical expression? The answer is not as difficult as you might think. As you focus upon anything it builds energetic momentum within you. This momentum starts the manifestation gears turning. What slows down or even halts the process from unfolding is anything negative within your energy field that in not in resonance with that desired frequency. Because a certain amount of negativity is the impetus for creation itself, one cannot eliminate all negativity from their life. But you can begin to recognize more of it in your awareness by how you feel, and then find ways to neutralize it to allow what you want to find its way to you. The world you exist in as a human being is one of dualism, meaning that both positive and negative energies exist within you as the wholeness of being. But you are also a Divine Being using a physical body to have a unique experience of awakening to your power as a creator. The energy of unconditional love is the great creative platform of life. Using this energy in its myriad of forms is the secret to creating what you want. As you move away from love towards the opposite end of the polar spectrum of emotion, you will be getting mixed results because you have moved out of the energetic frequency of what you wish to materialize. In realizing that duality is an illusion, and that the only real thing that exists anywhere in creation is love, you begin to better understand and utilize the mechanics of manifestation to your advantage. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Serving Humanity

This is an excerpt from Vol. 6 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

While serving others is an important part of who you are as a compassionate being, to define your value based upon the service you do for others is a circuitous path that never ends. Caring for yourself shows you that you are of value to yourself as a human being. What distinguishes Divine Love from human love is unconditionality; not wanting, needing, or hoping for anything in return. When giving comes from the ego, there will always be the need for reciprocity. Presence is the space in which true joy is experienced in human form. All other joy is simply the ego's version of giving, for it will always require an exchange of some kind. Presence is without thought; it is the purity of form absent any information. The masculine part of you creates through focused attention, while the feminine part of you allows that creation to occur through presence. Both are necessary aspects of human experience. Allowance is also presence because it does not require thought. It is simply all that is in the moment without judgment. Attachment to anything in life is an unrealistic expectation placed upon someone or something external to you that is supplying you with the love, acceptance, and compassion you desire for yourself. Yet these things are the core of who you are as a Divine Being. Living from the ego will always make you feel deficient in some way. But aligning yourself with the Love of God within will awaken you to inner peace and the joy of infinite creation. Never be afraid to state your preference. Saying "no" to one thing opens the door to saying "yes" to something else that is more in alignment with your true joy in the moment. Listening to that deep inner voice, your higher self, is always what you are meant to do. Life requires you to periodically take a step back and see the bigger picture, allowing you to tune in, tap in, and turn onto the more expanded part of you that sees all things from a higher vantage point than what your human self is capable of seeing. What is best for you is what is best for all others. Caring for yourself is caring for another because separation is an illusion. To not be afraid to show your vulnerability to others is to be accepting of that vulnerability without judgment. This is what the higher self is encouraging you to do at all times, for without vulnerability you could not grow and expand into a more loving and compassionate being. The ego is constantly comparing you with others because it thinks you can always do better. Yet the idea of comparison generally means you are unhappy with some aspect of who you currently are. Use comparison as a way for you to overcome the need for it in your life. You can more easily allow others to be where they are when you allow yourself the same latitude. Your outer reality exists for you to be inspired to flourish. The feeling of joy is with you at all times because it lives in the heart as Divine Compassion. When you forget this feeling, simply remember someone or something in your past that inspired you to feel that way and you will be right there again. Acceptance is the doorway through which your greatest potential is realized. You are giving yourself the freedom to be exactly who you are being in every moment; the wholeness of God that you inherently are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.