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"I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. I am here to help you remember the truth about who you really are and to assist you in relating to your world in such a way as to create a reality by design instead of a reality by default."

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Reckoning

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Darkness is not a force but a condition created by the absence of light. While a force such as light can change any condition by its presence, a condition cannot change a force. Thus, light can affect darkness, but darkness cannot affect light. You are a force working through the conditions you have created in your life to help you awaken to your own power; your own inner light. If you see yourself as a weak force, your influence upon the conditions of darkness you face will be less effectual. But if you see yourself as imbued with the power of Divine Love, then you will indeed be a force to be reckoned with that can, and will alter any condition by its very presence. The potential is always there, even if the light is not yet apparent. When you ignite the flame of unconditional love within you, you become a light for all others to ignite their own divine flame of empowerment with. To manifest anything in your reality the proper conditions must be present. The physical experience is one of blending and balancing the power of the soul with human ingenuity to create the right conditions for manifestations to occur. You can always tell the strength of your inner light by the conditions you are manifesting in your life. An honest assessment of where you currently are will tell you exactly where you need to focus your attention so as to create the reality you desire, instead of a reality by default. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Field Of Dreams

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The field of dreams can be a beautiful journey when you strike a balance between contentment for where you currently are, enthusiasm for the potential that lies ahead, and appreciation for all that has passed before you. Such a balanced perspective of creative impulse and detachment allows you to be ok with what is while adapting to whatever comes your way in pursuit of your dreams and desires. Your gratitude for the past allows you to explore the present more deeply, and in so doing, release any and all karmic ties to your Earthly experience. Your sensitivity is a strength when it alerts you to imbalances in the energetic continuum of your vibrational output. Use it to re-center yourself to the path of detached allowance amidst the field of dreams and wonderment that is life in the physical realm. What you will discover through this inner work is a greater connectivity between your physical identity in this lifetime and all other facets of your oversoul having experiences elsewhere in the multidimensional omniverse. This communion with the larger part of you is a necessary step in your evolution of consciousness and is not to be taken lightly, for it signifies a readiness within you to receive more information giving you a deeper understanding of the tenets of divine esoteric wisdom. Nothing is ever this or that, but always this and that, for there are infinite ways to know yourself as God in each and every moment of creation; you are indeed an infinite being of unconditional love. It is not necessary that you experience all aspects of your multidimensional self all at once however, only that you know they exist as part and parcel of who you are. You will always have access to those aspects of you that have significance for, and relevance to your present life. All expressions of existence are equal because they arise out of unconditional love. While one is not better than another; one may be more consistent with a particular process of soul growth than another. Yet, you are all free to experience life however you choose it to be in tandem with your higher self. Although you incarnate as an individual personality, you can only truly know yourself through your interactions with those who you are co-creating your reality with. The one contains the all, just as the all contains the one. To understand this wisdom and apply it directly to your daily life is the expression of truth that brings you closest to your unlimited nature. You cannot be separated from All That Is, but you can, and often do have the experience of it. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Vessel For Love

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Mindfulness is simply the act of making all the components of your life spiritual in nature. It is the awareness to recognize the entirety of your existence as a series of sacred events strung together into a ribbon of luminosity that inspires wholeness and connection within you for all of life. It is easy to forget this when you become distracted and bogged-down by the layer upon layer of dense vibrations that exist in your world. That is why a daily practice of meditation and prayer is communion with the Divine and is so vitally important to bringing you back to center; back to the stillness of being. And what is spirituality anyway but the application of love in all areas of your life. You are a vessel for love whether you know it or not. Every action you take, every decision you make, every thought you think, and every word you speak are reflections of the love that you inherently are. Your goal in life is simply to become conscious of that love and to purposefully direct it in every moment, for the love that lies at the very core of your being is able to transmute any distortion of anger, fear, or sadness that may arise in your midst if you allow it to. Life is a means to an end; not an end unto itself. Each incarnation invites you to freely choose love over anything else. Although the physical accoutrements of life are enticing to the mind, the heart longs for connection through kindness and compassion for your fellow human beings as well as the vast array of creatures you share your planet with. The many faces of love all have one thing in common; they ask nothing of you in return. So surrender your worries, your pain, and your suffering to Divine Mind and allow yourself to receive the peace of mind that unconditional love offers in this moment, and in all moments to come. Armageddon is an inner battle that you must face head on if you are to move from the mind to the heart; from the separation that fear promulgates to the unity consciousness that love champions. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Frames Of Reference

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

There is a natural flow to life that occurs when you live in presence; a feeling that does not need to fit into any box of ideological conceptualization. Where the mind seeks answers, models, and standards through which to codify and justify its existence, the heart is open, willing, and receptive to the idea of simply letting things evolve out of the present moment; to just see what happens without having to set up the boundaries and the parameters of relationships ahead of time, for all interactions are relationships out of which you understand yourself more deeply. Thus, all of life is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered in every moment and in every situation you encounter. You do not need to know in advance anything about anything; just enjoy relating to the present moment as another aspect of you. Time is simply a side effect of slowing things down to have an experience. You will always discover more about yourself through reflection. The frames of reference for All That Is are constantly occurring around you, yet you only see small pieces or snippets of reality so you can delve deeper into your feelings and emotions through your relationship with others. Although the games you are all playing here seem so intense and so serious to you, they are all held lightly in the etheric hands of infinite and eternal love. All of creation bends to your will in the now, for nothing is ever written in stone; you are making it all up as you go along. So quiet the overzealous demands of the active mind by feeling what is around you without having to define it. Simply let it be, and out of that beingness, life will flow with more ease and far less effort than you could possibly imagine. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, February 14, 2020

All Bases Are Covered

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The Earthly realm supplies you with a body, a mind, and the widest range of emotions to assist you in having a uniquely divine experience. How you use these tools can either make your stay here joyful or miserable. Your intuition is your connection to your God-self and is always there to steer your body, mind, and emotions towards divine pursuits. Whether you listen to it or not is your decision to make in every moment of your life. Learning to cope with the enormous amount of vibrational variation that exists in your world is key to either surviving in chaos and fear, or thriving in peace and harmony. Balancing the wants, needs, and desires of the physical structure with the guidance of the higher self is part of the process of successfully blending the human with the divine. Because humanity is awakening to the concept of the God within, you are no longer controlled by your lower nature. You are in fact, able to harness the awesome power of the divine to use the body, mind, and emotions in harmony with life, instead of as a bullying force against it, for the Lord God of your being says, "I am in charge now, get thou behind me and do my bidding and together we shall do great things." Let your balanced body be in service to others, let your balanced emotions be an upliftment to all you encounter, and let your balanced mind be an inspirational force for the greater good. Always remember that these tools are there to help you project goodness, gentleness, and compassion from within your very heart to those lives you touch on the Earthly plane, if only for the briefest of moments.

Each time you assert your higher nature, it enlarges its capacity to be you; it will become as large as you allow it to be. The inner God is a neutralizing force that will balance any surges in egoic behavior. This is how the divine works; elimination through illumination, not through destruction. There is never value in rejecting any aspect of you; simply integrate all that you are into the fold of divine expression. They are wonderful creations offered by a loving teacher to help you advance in the courses you have selected. While proper care, use, and appreciation for all of your gifts and talents will ensure that they continue to work for you, neglect and/or over-attachment to any one of them will yield opposite results. Release all elements of your Earthly concealment; your name, your body, your profession, your intellect, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, and even your relationships into the ether, for they are not you. You are your sweet soul which endures throughout all eternity and contains within it the strength and the perseverance to balance any condition on Earth as a divine being having a human experience. When you need clarification on what you should be doing next in life, simply ask. Little by little you will be given the answer either in dreams, or in the synchronous movement of divine inspiration through you, for in it must come if your asking is earnest and heartfelt. The timing of such revelations will be in keeping with the overall plan as designed by you and your team of angels, guides, and masters assisting you from the spirit realm. Rest assured that all bases are covered and that no stone has been left unturned in your quest for spiritual transcendence. What other course of action could possibly be more fulfilling or more worthwhile than this?

The dimension or reality you exist in has filters in place that allow you to have a particular set of experiences relevant only to that dimension. But as you grow and expand throughout your life, new filters will be added while older ones will be taken away. This allows for the evolution of your consciousness to be as seamless as possible while still creating the illusion of forward momentum. In your current state of consciousness you envision yourself as belonging to a unit of reality, the human being. Yet, each part of your physical body, from the tiniest of individual cells to entire organ systems, has a unique perspective through which it unifies around. Your individual filters of consciousness are now expanding to include your human collective as its primary unit of measure. Thus, new doors will always open to the next level of advancement as you are ready. While each level carries with it a feeling of completeness, it is by no means finished, for there will never be an end to experience, just as there will never be an end to the you that experiences; you are infinite and eternal as is all of creation. And for now, we are complete. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Agent Of Change

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Each now moment contains two energy potentials: that which you have already created, and that which you are currently in the process of creating. By focusing your attention solely upon what you have already created, you perpetuate the same patterns of energy into your experience. But when you focus your attention upon the potential of what is possible that has not already been created, you open the floodgates for new experiences to come your way. Every instant in your life is producing the very next one, so every instant is really an agent of change. In truth however, even if you were to repeat an experience over again, it would not be an exact replica of the original because nothing ever stays the same; you are different in every now moment just as is everything else. Thus, it is impossible to return to the way things were. Embrace change, for it is happening regardless of your invitation to it or lack thereof. You create through the energy of your vibration. Whether you call that energy thought, attention, attitude, mood, perspective, frequency, or vibration matters not. What does matter is that it is happening all the time and in every moment of your life, and you are always in control of it. Choosing to vibrate at the energy of joy, love, wonder, enthusiasm, kindness, and compassion will ensure that your creations emanating out of each holy instant will be a match to that frequency. While the responsibility for your life rests solely in your own hands, the effect you have in the world is leveraged not only through the energy of your team of guides, angels, and teachers, but also through those beings that are co-creating with you in physical form already vibrating at a very high level. This allows you to step aside and let the energy of love work through you without you directly having to save the world all by yourself. Although your love for the truth may give you a sense of urgency or passion to learn more, there is no time clock to punch in the evolution of spiritual progression, for growth is an eternal process of not only receiving more information, but of delving deeper into what is already known as well. No matter how eager your seeking becomes, learning to trust the rhythmic ebb and flow of life, the natural expansion and contraction of conscious awareness, is vital to your wellbeing. You are not being asked to search for the Holy Grail of wisdom in some far of location in the universe, but rather to fully explore the treasures nestled within the point of consciousness you currently reside in. A balanced perspective envelops both the width and the depth of creation, allowing you to truly comprehend the vastness of the ocean in a thimbleful of water. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

In The Driver's Seat

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Wounds are never inflicted upon you, but always accepted by you; there are no unwilling participants in the experience of life. When you release everyone from the need to be forgiven, you erase any and all wounds from the lexicon of limited consciousness. Because everything in your past is still with you in this moment either in a healed or an unhealed form, to heal the past you need only to free yourself from the necessity to forgive anyone or anything in this moment, or in any moment to come. From a larger perspective, no one ever does anything wrong based upon the soul's divine blueprint of physical expression. There is only one consciousness that gets filtered through the physical mind to become a singular fragment of unique consciousness for the purpose of expansion by way of individuated experience. Yet, you have the capability to experience the one consciousness at any time in your life through feeling. You are all awakening to your feelings now more than ever before. You are here for no other reason than to feel your conceptualizations. Physical life is a delicate yet delicious balance between doing and being; between who you think you are and who you truly are. Life is not always easy to navigate as there are so many differing opinions and truths to explore. Ultimately however, it is up to each being to discern for themself what works best for them in every moment. Presence is what will give you the knowingness to change your perspective as needed to get the most out of your experience here. The responsibility of being human rests squarely on your shoulders; a daunting task to say the least, yet one that you willingly accept time and time again. That is why humanity is looked upon from outside of its veiled perspective as Gods of the highest order. You are always in the driver's seat regardless of where your mind thinks your experience is taking you. Catch each experience in the palm of your hand and then release it to the ethers, for to hold onto anything is to defy the natural laws of the universe. Experience what you are experiencing and then let it go to make room for the next conceptualization to feel. All experience is a gift from the God that you are to yourself. The mind will always want to question, to define, to judge, and to blame another for its experience. But life is a process of continually letting go of what is to make room for what is to come. Your efforts to control your experience through judgment will only link the present to the unresolved past. Release it all in this moment so you will not carry it with you into the next. Your divine awareness is what allows you to see your human side with all its covets of identification. This is the feeling self realized in its humanness. While the human side of you likes to standardize its endeavors, the divine side of you allows all that is to be as it is, fully and completely with loving equanimity. The blending of these two sides of the same coin is where you find yourself in this moment of infinite creation. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Future Never Comes

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Humans have a penchant for perceiving the present moment as not good enough. To the ego, there is always something or someplace else to get to that seems better than where you currently are. Yet, there is only the present moment; all things occur out of this singular confluence of time and space. The future will never exist because when it comes, it will be the now. The secret to living a happy life is to always be happy in each and every moment, regardless of what your mind is telling you. When your happiness becomes dependent upon someone or something external to you, you disempower yourself from the only moment that has any relevance and significance in, and to your life. While there is nothing wrong with achievements, to base your happiness solely upon them is to waste so much of your precious creative power on the amount of control you possess over any one thing, which is minimal to say the least. The only relationship that really matters in life is the one you are having with yourself. How loving and compassionate are you being with yourself? Because your consciousness is always evolving, the you that you were in the past is not the same you that you are experiencing now. You have become your limited thinking self instead of your unlimited feeling self. Thus, the story of your life gets shrouded in your mind's judgment of that which you have accomplished and that which you have not. But in those momentary gaps in your stream of thinking you become aware that there just might be more to you than your mind. This is the opening that the soul longs for and that the heart is eager to oblige. Your continued connection to the deeper part of you with the smaller challenges of life paves the way for a more sustainable response in those moments when larger challenges may arise. The identity you have established and maintained with your judgment of me, myself, and I is impermanent because it resides within the illusion of time and space. The you that is timeless is the real you and lives on into eternity separate from the physical body. You can exist in this reality and beyond it at the same time when you can observe your experience while still being immersed in it. The silent witness is the larger part of you that becomes you when you release judgment of self and others. Be still and know that you are God. Beingness, stillness, and knowingness comprise the divine trinity of wisdom that exists within you here and now. You are the emanation of God Consciousness taking form and function to new heights of love and light in every moment. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Spiritually Porous

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

As a piece of God you are endowed with the innate ability to be spiritually porous; to experience no wounding from the actions of another, thereby creating no obligation to forgive the other, and compassionately releasing them from any obligation to make amends to you. When you learn to move through the world without interpreting the actions of others as personally harmful to you, you break free of the cycle of personal compensation and obligation. In so doing you are not only embracing your own personal freedom, but you are giving that gift to others as well. In this simple act you are following in the footsteps of the masters of antiquity as an agent of grace. By releasing your emotional entanglement with the collective, you can walk unencumbered through any level of distortion without being affected by it one way or another. When you react with anger and hurt to those things that appear to be injustices in your life, you cause a dynamic to be set up between you and the supposed offender which will require further interactions between both of you to resolve, either in this lifetime or in another. You are never truly free until you can heal the situation; it just keeps getting propagated further along the chain of human incarnations. In truth however, it is all you. When you argue with, or cause harm to another, you are really just doing it to yourself. Your journey into duality has been an important one, for it has shown you that you are all connected; that there is only one soul. When you look back upon the events of your life without the filters of distortion, you will feel this universal truth within the core of your being. The game you have all created for yourselves to play here causes you to forget this when you focus solely from the perspective of the mind. But when you can connect to the heart, you soften these illusory barriers to oneness, and you know beyond words that love for another is the same as love for yourself. The quickening you feel at this time on your planet is the result of your dominant energy center shifting from the 3rd to the 4th chakra; from fear to love. Because of this, you will begin to experience life in a more compassionate way allowing all interactions, regardless of how innocuous or insignificant they may appear on the surface, to be sacred and worthy expressions of mutual honesty and respect; the God in me recognizes and honors the God in you. You do not now, nor have you ever needed protection from yourself. Separation can only exist within a limited mind. Be the unlimited God that you are by holding space for all your reflections to be the same as you. There is not one fragment of the wholeness of God that is not serving the highest good for all. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Realized Completion

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

There is a movement underfoot in your world from the linear you to the quantum you, and it is awakening you to the realization that you are far greater than the small you of your singular personality. You are consciousness that is connected to, and part of everything that you see around you as well as everything you cannot with your limited human eyes. You are living the natural evolution of a sentient species moving from survival and self-preservation to thriving as a community of highly intuitive beings focused on the wellbeing of all aspects of itself. Because the quantum you is entangled with all that is, you are beginning to see reality from a more expanded vista that is inclusive of everything, including those things that appear on the surface to be quite different from you. You are starting to live an uncommon life through the heightened perspective of oneness. Happiness transitions from being a constant search for external gratification to the knowingness that what lies within each and every heart is the peace of mind that only the love of God can create. This is a time of convergence; a time where everything is coming together to focus consciousness and energy into a less distorted perspective that has the potential to expand creation on many levels simultaneously through the quantum field. Everything originates from within you; it is all based upon your perception. One of the beautiful things to happen as a result of this process is that you stop battling with yourself; you simply and profoundly exist in a state of realized completion. This is true integration at work in your life. You will always know which energies belong to your ego, and which ones belong to your higher self by the way you feel. What belongs to your higher self feels good; what belongs to your ego does not. Allow what no longer serves you to be there without judgment, for in your midst stand many who see things differently than you. Loving allowance is the foundation upon which the shift to higher consciousness will ultimately rest; you cannot get there without it. Those who understand this will quietly and steadfastly set the stage for those who have not yet awakened to the idea. Just as you are the quantum field whether you are aware of it or not, so too are you oneness in a physical body having a human experience. Let the God within be both cause and effect of your life. In thinking that something is wrong you negate the rightness of all that is. Are all things not of God? Are all things not perfect in their design? From a purely human perspective no, but from Divine Mind yes. Most of humanity wallows in the negations of the mind instead of basking in the glorifications of the heart. While the ego issues complicated directives, the heart is singular and simple in its desire to express unconditional love in all situations and under any and all conditions of life. You are perfect, you are whole, and you are complete just as you are. This is the healing that all are seeking, yet most will overlook because it is far too simple a concept. Your ego-based 3rd dimensional programs of separation and fear are slowly giving way to a more expanded, inclusive, and heart-based 5th dimensional paradigm of living where peace, love, and joy are the markers by which you will measure your evolution as a divine civilization. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Way Of The Tao

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The Way of the Tao is that of balanced interaction with the physical world without attachment to any portion of it, for it is only your attachment to something that causes you to feel pain when it is no longer part of your vibrational reality. You are human to walk that fine line between blending unconditionality with just enough condition so as to have an experience and the potential to awaken from the dream of limited reality through your relationship with others. The middle ground is always to know thyself as both human and divine. Yet, it is only through your experience of the divine that any consistency of grace, i.e. compassion, gentleness, generosity, and gratitude, is ever achieved and maintained within human form. In contraction you create a prison for yourself, while in expansion you align with the flow of life; the flow of infinite and eternal grace that exists all around you and moves throughout all things. Transcendence and transformation are universal principles guaranteed to each and every being immersed in the human condition. Engage in activities that uplift your mind as well as your body and you will always be in harmony with spiritually ethical values. In this you make a deposit into the bank of higher vibration, so that if things start to unravel around you, you always have a vibrational cushion to fall back upon. Guard against any thoughts of ugliness or cruelty lest you wish to contribute to the expansion of that mindset. You can always tell where your frequency lies by looking at the quality of your concerns, for therein lays the bulk of what really drives you as an individual. Your vibration determines the quality of every experience you will ever have. Thus, the smaller as well as the grander events of life can be equally valuable to your evolution as a soul if you can find appreciation for all things. Gratitude for a future reality that may or may not contain what or how you prefer it to be is paramount in allowing your preferences to matriculate. To be ok with what is creates momentum for the fruition of that which you desire to experience in physical form. 

Regardless of where you are or what you are currently experiencing, you have within you the capacity to become balanced, centered, and peaceful at any time. It requires only that you retreat into the background just a bit so as to see the events of your life from a more unbiased point of view. The quiet and solitude of going inside will allow you time to refocus your energies in a way that will elevate your vibration instead of taking you deeper into chaos and confusion. As you become more and more neutral in your perspective, you will change the energy that you are attracting to you which will manifest a reality that reflects that tranquility back to you. The interesting thing is that once you become vibrationally neutral in your perspective, you awaken a depth and a breath of emotion within you that bypasses the mind completely connecting you directly with the heart. You identify less with the ego's desire for opinionated separatism, and more with the intuitive knowingness of your divine connection with all things great and small. Because you have an internal guidance system that alerts you when you are out of alignment with your true loving and allowing nature, you are never disconnected from the higher aspects of your being that are actively assisting you at every turn. Help is never more than a breadth away. In fact, your breath connects you more to the higher realms of consciousness than you know. You are always tuned in, tapped in, and turned on to that which creates, animates, and maintains all of life in every dimension and in every corner of the multiverse. 

Fear is what creates a state of powerlessness within you. In participating in this ego-based arena of limitation, you willingly sell yourself short by adopting and adhering to a set of belief systems that undermine your sovereignty as a divine creator, usurping your ability to control your own wellbeing. Yet, fear is still a voluntary program on your planet; it cannot be forced upon you although you may feel enormous peer pressure to join in. This however, is part and parcel of the appeal of the human experience and is what attracts so many souls here time and time again. You have the power within to be healthy, wealthy, and wise without the need for anything external to be added to your body, mind, or spirit. The choice is yours alone to make in each and every moment of your life. Through your willingness to change your perceptions and your perspectives you align more and more with the source of your being; the omnipotent and omnipresent force of all creation. You will always be given exactly what you need in the moment based upon what is most relevant for your soul to experience. You will never experience what is not relevant for your evolution. You are always perfect, you are always whole, and you are always complete in what you are experiencing. It is only the ego that feels like it is missing out on something that it has either lost, or does not yet recognize in its surroundings. The heart knows that all is well just as it is and understands intuitively that nothing more need be added to the picture. This realization is what you are all moving towards in the 5th dimension, and it is what makes this version of humanity the greatest and the most powerful version to ever exist in all timelines of creation.

Can you trust that the larger non-physical part of you loves you so much that it is giving you exactly what you are ready for in each and every moment? Is that not a comforting thought to surrender to in the now? Pushing and pulling simply mean you do not trust the process. Enlightenment is knowing there is nothing better than what is happening in this moment, and the next, and the next. While conditionality closes the door to anything new, unconditionality keeps it open to the unknown. Let your mind assist your heart in awakening you to a more expanded you. The Way of the Tao is the path you are already walking in total acceptance and allowance of each and every step taken. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Pit Of Despair

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

It is not difficult to discern the ego from the soul. Where the ego works for the benefit of itself, the soul works for the benefit of all. Ascension is a process that never ends, not in this lifetime or in any other, for you are never done evolving. There is always something more to learn; something new to discover about yourself and about your relationship with the world in which you live. Your outer reality becomes uncomfortable only when you are in resistance to it. Your need for protection is promulgated by a belief in fear. In fact, your beliefs are what create and maintain the entire fabric of your existence here. The good news is that because your beliefs are constantly shifting, nothing ever stays the same as you uncover more and more pieces of the puzzle that is you. Yet, just as you start to see more clearly the image of who you truly are unfolding before your very eyes with each additional piece you add to that puzzle, the borders begin to dissolve making room for an even grander portrait to be revealed to you. Physical reality is nothing more than a series of permission slips that you have all created and agreed upon which allow you to play the game of remembering the God within through divine timing. One thing feeds upon another, which feeds upon another, which feeds upon another, and on and on it goes until you need to take a respite and design yet another strategy to discover more about yourself. As you begin the process of making peace with your conflicts, it becomes easier and easier for you to let go of any resistance that crops up from past experiences still active in your consciousness. Sometimes letting go of resistance involves moving away from a relationship or a situation that no longer serves you. Love does not mean sacrificing your own vibration for the sake of maintaining a relationship or tolerating a situation that has already run its course. You can still love another even if they are not your preference anymore. The secret to living successfully in a diverse environment such as Earth lies in giving everyone the space to express their own truth. To harmonize your reality is to neutralize its effect upon you which means not caring about it one way or another. This is the art of surrender; releasing conflict that you have held onto because you have felt undeserving of self-love. No pit of despair is ever too deep to get out of. Others can tell you how worthy you are, but until you can feel it for yourself you will not allow it into your life. You are loved far greater than anything you could possibly imagine. When you finally tap into the power you possess through your own loving essence, you will begin to understand what your spiritual texts, religious teachings, philosophical underpinnings, and channeled messages have been touting all along; that you hold within your very being the power to create worlds. The shift from survival-mode to divine-mode starts with compassion for each other. All plights are your own, for to be the physical expression of God is to erase the illusion of separation between you and all that is. You are being asked in this time of accelerated energy to live through your whole self instead of your fragmented self, and in so doing assume your rightful place as the divine race of beings you were destined to become. You do not have to succumb to such harsh dramatics in your physical world to unleash the greatest amount of compassion within the collective heart; you are the Gods of infinite love and total acceptance. Denying what comes naturally through you only creates the need for greater and greater extremes with which to feel and to express the love that you inherently are. Let your heart lead you to new heights in the dance of life and you will truly create Heaven on Earth; an environment of peace and harmony where all creatures are cared for, and all beings can express their unique gifts, talents, and creative impulses without judgment, justification, or recrimination. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, January 24, 2020

Happily Ever After

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

While the ego has a hard time understanding that the life you are currently living was willingly chosen and agreed upon, the soul did indeed set up potential encounters and interactions with other souls prior to incarnating here to have specific experiences through the perspective of singular focus that would facilitate spiritual growth and expansion on both an individual as well as a collective level. Even though the vast majority of Earthy experiences seem mundane and trivial to the mind, the soul through the heart knows intuitively well that each and every experience is an opportunity to express the essence of who and what you are as a divine being of unconditional love. Love is simply living the ordinary events of your life in an extraordinary way. The greatest work you are all here to do in this life is to love as many and as much as possible. The form that love takes is always without judgment and is generally expressed as the highest thought possible in every situation. Although it will try its hardest, your ego will never be able to control what the soul has designed for you to experience in this lifetime. Surrender is giving up the need to control any of it, and just allowing it all to exist and unfold naturally with divine timing. There is plenty of life to be lived in the present moment without knowing what is going to happen, or how things will turn out, or even if your desires will ever come to fruition. This is the sweet spot of unconditional love in which true expansion occurs without hesitation or resistance from the human perspective; that purest moment of divine inspiration when you finally give up and just decide to live your life happily ever after. So, allow everything in your experience as the expansion of your soul, for all things are spiritual in nature and serve in the eternal evolution of consciousness. Avoid not what seems painful, but attune yourself to only that which is joyful in the moment. You are blessed far beyond what is physically evident to you.

Not everyone is promised a long life on planet Earth. The amount of wisdom gained through experience here is independent of the length of any stay. For some, wisdom is packed within just a few short years in Earthly terms, and for others it is spread out quite a bit longer. Rest assured however, that the soul's mission will be accomplished regardless of the amount of time spent in physical form. Use whatever time you have been gifted as a human being wisely by living fully, freely, and fearlessly in the present; the eternal moment of now. As you dance between the light and the shadows of your world, be cognizant of the fact that the very thing that brought you here was, and continues to be the same love that you have to share with others. This life you have painstakingly chosen and meticulously groomed is a paradox of both dream and memory, with each choice for either love or fear effecting all past, present, and future timelines of existence. One choice is not better than another, for all add to the overall expansion of the One Consciousness. Yet, the choice for love will always resonate strongly with the larger part of your spiritual team watching and guiding you from the non-physical sidelines. Fear on the other hand will always have the propensity for attachment and subsequent pain. The more aware you can become in this realm of your true loving nature, the more you can consciously respond to your reality instead of impulsively reacting to it, and the more joyful your experiences here will be. Strive to consciously create and maintain a reality of lasting inner peace, and you will be a beacon of light for others to find that love within themselves. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Moment Of Inertia

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

All beliefs are limitations, and as such, will exert some amount of friction or inertia upon your life experience. The degree of resistance you feel in any given moment is always proportional to the gap between what you believe and what you are currently living. Even though it is an imaginary space, it still feels quite real to you none the less. When you stop complaining about the conditions of your life and start embracing them as the gifts that they are, you will reduce the amount of friction you perceive in your experience of life. In many ways it is important not to over-think or to over-plan anything, for you create such momentum of inertia to overcome that when something does happen, it cannot live up to the elevated level of expectation you have placed upon it. Instead, spend more time reveling in the wonder of where you currently are and what will come to you will be perceived as a blessing. This is truly your key to being at peace with where you are while still seeking to improve your life. What you do in the smallest areas of your life will always transfer to the larger part of your experience. Bless therefore, whatever experience you are having in the moment by finding appreciation and significance for it in your life, and you will bring that heightened perspective forward into your next adventure. Nothing ever stays the same in your world, nor is anything ever really gone. What shifts is your focus, not the object of that focus. What appears to be a loss simply exists at a frequency that you are no longer a vibrational match to. Yet, you are a composite of all that you have ever been and will ever be. This redirecting of focus is what allows you to grow while continuing to propel expansion ever forward. You are not what you appear to be, but what you represent. While you appear to be human, what you represent is the Eternal Principle of the Divine in physical form. Each step you take in life is a symbol of your spiritual progress in a perpetual cycle of birth, death, and rebirth; experience, growth, and more experience. You are not lost in your world, for you were born with the ability to discern the true meaning of life within you. This knowledge is not secret; it is available to all to the extent that you are open to receiving it. When you awaken to your own inner wisdom, your Divine Intuition, you will finally allow your soul to soar to heights yet unknown to most of humanity. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Modus Operandi

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Pride is a most interesting deception that makes you both judge and jury. It fosters the illusion of separation in your world by propagating the false narrative that one is better than another, that one deserves more than another, and that one is further along the spiritual path than another. All of these things are simply opinions created and supported by the ego to maintain distortions within the mind that block the heart from finding connection with, and compassion for your fellow brothers and sisters. You are all divine beings capable of creating whatever you wish in your reality through the power of focused intention. It is only your continued belief in being less than divine that creates and maintains a lower vibration within you that attracts lesser things to you through your outer world. You have neither the right nor the ability to judge or condemn anyone to the gallows of contrived accusation, for you could not possibly know what brings a soul to the earth plane. While the modus operandi of 3rd density reality is to control and avoid energies that you do not like, 4th density welcomes all energies within the fluidic expression of God Consciousness. To control or avoid anything in your life is to focus your attention upon it to such a degree that it has no other choice but to persist in its current form in your experience. When you are open to all energies, surrendering to them in the moment, you move with them in unison instead of against them in resistance which allows them to pass through you faster with far less perceptual discomfort or distress. Since resistance is fear at is most basic level, anything you can do to distract the mind from fearful thoughts will reduce resistance and enhance your wellbeing. In every moment be open to what presents itself to you. Being fully present with all energies is to recognize them as your teachers. Although you will never be able to fully control your reality to your liking, you can allow the peace of God to walk with you through it in divine presence. The higher self will merge with you to the extent that you can relinquish the ego's need to control your experience. Let life flow freely around you and through you. And if you are willing to do so, become it by feeling its essence within you. Pain and suffering are not signs that you have done anything wrong; they are simply indications that you are waking up to a world of greater experience. You are here to feel your world without judgment, for that is what God is and does. As you go deeper and deeper into 4th density, the ego will naturally weaken its hold upon you. The physical you has lovingly agreed to be the sensory apparatus that allows your consciousness to have a visceral experience. Contrary to popular belief, your world is not on the verge of annihilation. Everything is going to be ok, for inherent within all of creation are built-in mechanisms for balance to occur. If you can just be present in these seemingly chaotic and turbulent times without judgment or condemnation, then you will see that they are merely stepping stones to a grander expression of unity consciousness. Your greatest superpower as a human being is that of loving allowance for all things to be as they are, beginning with yourself. In the application of this one divine virtue do you break down all the walls, all the egoic constructs, and all the misconceptions that have prevented you from seeing yourself as the God that you truly are. Crossing the threshold into the unknown without any expectations as to the outcome will best align you with your soul's inner design. While excitement is always validation of your creative design potential, it must be met without judgment for the fruition of that potential to fully manifest as physical reality. Polarity was meant to facilitate preference, not create discordance. In judging the past and projecting that judgment onto the future you place conditions upon the quantum field thereby limiting your ability to realize the evolution of your soul in every moment. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

I Think Therefore I Am

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The Will of God is not a call to action. It is the willingness to express the highest thought possible in any situation and under any condition. It is the application of the divine principles of love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and allowance within the context and the contrast of your life experience. It is you living your true essence; the "I am that I am." One of your great philosophers once said, "I think therefore I am." This simple statement houses the profundity of Creator Consciousness; you are what you believe yourself to be. You come into this school called Planet Earth to learn first-hand about cause and effect; that thoughts really do turn into things. You get to see up close and personal how what you think and say become physical reality within a stream of slow-motion that gives you the opportunity to witness the power you possess within your own mind.

Far beyond your molecular structures and well past your sub-atomic particles, you are all composed of light energy vibrating at a variety of speeds, wavelengths, and frequencies. Your energetic signature is the essence of who you are; nothing can be hidden from it. Your vibration precedes you at all times. All souls do indeed know each other because of this. Your auric field is thus the vibrational equivalent of the sum total of all your thoughts and beliefs, feelings and emotions. Not only are all of your hopes, dreams, and desires stored there, but all of your guilt, shame, anger, fear, frustration and resentment reside there as well. The Earth realm allows you to experience all of these things and more; a daunting task to say the least. Those who come here are by no means special, gifted, or more deserving than anyone else. Those who come here simply wish to understand consciousness and energy on a deeper level, adding to the overall expansion of consciousness across all dimensions and realms of existence.

As a human being you willingly agree to temporarily immerse yourself in the illusions of separation and limitation. From a very early age on you become entrained out of your divine essence not as a purposeful deception, but as a process through which you can reconnect with your inner power in a personal way. There is no right or wrong path to take here, for your destination is guaranteed; all souls will ultimately awaken to the love of God within. In the meantime however, everyone is free to choose their own way home. Judge not your fellow brothers and sisters for their choices and decisions made; you are all doing the very best you can given your current level of understanding of your world. Expansion is eternal; beliefs shift with expanding consciousness. You are all safe and sound, held firmly within the loving embrace of Father/Mother God. The larger part of you is cheering you on from the sidelines like proud parents watching their child take his or her first steps. Allow the pendulum of human emotion to swing freely without favoring attachment to any one position, for all points of consciousness are equal and equally loved. Know that the love that you inherently are will guide you to where you are meant to be. Everything changes except for the love that you are, always have been, and always will be.

You are an eternal being joyfully exploring a particular timeline of creative expression where you have momentarily forgotten the awesome power of individual consciousness to manipulate energy. Although the Earth plane may seem like kindergarten to you, your work here is vitally important to the expansion of all that is, for through feeling you are releasing lower vibrational energies that are no longer serving humanity. You can only release what you fully experience, and you can only experience what you truly feel. Condemn not your prejudices; they are part and parcel of your ascension as a collective. You became human to feel everything; nothing will escape you on your journey. You evolve your consciousness not by ignoring, but by acknowledging these lower vibrational aspects within you. The bridge to the 5th dimension is built upon compassion for yourself and others. No one is an island unto themselves. You are all co-creating that reality together as one unified field of ever-expanding consciousness.

All vibrations already exist within you, yet you will only experience the vibration that you are a match to and ready for based upon your level of conscious awareness. You cannot rush through your course material. Allow all things to be as they are. Accept all aspects of your humanness without needing to change them. Nothing is permanent; all things must evolve. Surrendering to what is happening around you will help you immediately feel better about what you are experiencing. You are headed there anyways; you can either go kicking and screaming, or gently into the night. The choice is yours alone to make; peace of mind or in pieces, whole or fragmented. The place of inner peace can only be reached through self-love for who you are being in every moment of your life. Having kindness and compassion for yourself as you go through difficult times will help you to release past traumas that are causing your present fears and irrational behaviors. Expansion cannot occur without some degree of contrast. Allow it to exist as part of God, for all things are contained within that unconditionally loving expansiveness. Your salvation rests solely in surrendering to your limited conceptualization of what you think and believe to be true. Recognize the duality of your physical existence by seeing yourself as both teacher and student. Love is the only real lesson to be remembered here; therein lies the will and the peace of God.

All things of your world are but tools to God; tools to love. The experience of being human is such a grand adventure to The Divine. At every turn, around every corner, and through every door is you disguised as another. The divine path is to merge with the other into the wholeness of being; the totality of love. Physicality is a treasure hunt of sorts to uncover the greatest prize of all, the love of self. Fear, pain, and suffering are markers along the way to get you there. In fact, everything you could possibly encounter in your external reality marks the path home to God. How could you possibly get lost when all roads lead back to your own heart? There is nothing new to be learned here; there is only a deeper understanding of what love truly is. Saying “yes” to life cannot be a rational choice, but a heartfelt desire to love yourself in its myriad of forms throughout the entirety of your physical experience. You can still play within the illusion of separation while being cognizant of the fact that it is all just a game. Compassion is connection just as love is merging with another. Does the ego not play its role perfectly in giving you the opportunity to come together as one? When you can look at separation as your greatest teacher, then you will have truly met the master within as reflected back to you through everyone and everything in your world. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The Year Of Allowing

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

If you are already reading these words, then you have come into this physical body to experience the realization that you are indeed God. Embodied enlightenment is your story; it is the script you have carefully planned and meticulously worked in accordance with your genetic record to come online at just the right moment in time. There is nothing you have to do to make it happen, for it is already encoded within your physical, mental, and emotional template. You can, and will make the transformation smoother by allowing whatever is happening in your life to unfold naturally without judgment or interference. While the human personality wants to control its reality, this will only make the process seem more chaotic than it has to be. Because your ego is goal oriented, it is afraid that if it allows life to occur without manipulation on any level, then the outcome will be a continuation of the frustration of what has been. Yet, its desire to make things better stems from feelings of unhappiness with what is. Through the higher self however, allowance asks you to relinquish any and all desire to change what it because it knows intuitively that everything is serving you in a way that the ego cannot see nor understand. It knows that you have created everything in your life specifically for this reason. To dismiss your creations are to disavow your Godliness, and this is what you are truly here to express. Allow your sickness as well as your health, allow your lack as well as your abundance, and allow your sorrow as well as your joy. Allow all these things and more as you open yourself up to your greatest potential. What lies on the other side of embodied enlightenment? The freedom to be who you are without judgment, the peace of mind in knowing that everything is perfect just as it is, and the realization that you are all connected by Divine Love and Light to express in whatever manner that you wish to experience. Beyond this, the specifics of your journey into awakening are purposely left a mystery for you to uncover in every moment. One thing is certain; once you reach this heightened state of awareness, you will no longer be afraid to live the hell out of life. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, January 6, 2020

God In A Body

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Humans have difficulty seeing God in a body. Because you perceive your physicality as flawed, you disregard the possibility that the Divine could ever exist as you. Yet, the mere fact that you are alive and conscious gives credence to the reality of both co-existing simultaneously as one. God becomes human to have an experience of first realizing that it is God, and then expressing as God within the context and the contrast of human form. You are not flawed; you only perceive yourselves as such. Helping others acknowledges and reinforces the belief in lack within you; a part of your human perspective that feels less than whole. In the grander scheme of things you are God, and God cannot be anything less than whole. Yet, because you are having a human experience you take on the personality of lack and limitation to rise above that illusory juxtaposition of disempowerment for the sheer joy of overcoming adversity. It is not that you must become apathetic to the plight of humanity, but rather that you understand the real reason behind your physical existence. Let the highest reason for helping others be the expression and the experience of giving and receiving unconditional love. You are here not to help anyone else, but to create through your power of focused intention anything you can imagine. You are an explorer, not a leader or a savior. Let others have their moments of expression instead of an avoidance of life. No one is damaged, no one is victimized, and no one is diminished by their isness. All are simply manifesting an image of creation that wishes to be experienced. Nothing can ever be extinguished, nor can anything ever be erased. All are whole and complete just as they are. Healers become healers because they feel the need to be healed. Their healing of others thus becomes their own attempt to heal themselves. You are not broken however; you only think that you are. The ego sees itself as less than to allow your Divine Essence to have an experience of realizing that you are already whole, and always have been. Experience life without measure and you will truly live as God in physical form. Worry less about living and more about loving what you live. Everything is coming to you from your perception of it. Yet, who is the one doing human? Is it not the God of your being? Is prayer without supplication not gratitude? When you awaken to your own mastery you will recognize the choices you are making as part of your discovery of self in the ever-expanding journey of divine creation. Touch your heart and the heart of all others by feeling appreciation, gratitude, kindness, and compassion for the mirror that is life in the physical realm. In this way do you center yourself in the effortlessness and the ecstasy of being God in a body. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Points Of Consciousness

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Just as there are countless points of light visible in every inch of your virtual spectrum of reality, so too are there countless points of consciousness vibrating at different intensities and at different wavelengths around you in every moment. Judge not the light as it appears to you, for all is supported by every other and adds to the overall mosaic of planetary illumination. The external symbols of your world are points of consciousness that have merged with matter to become etched in the memory of time as a roadmap of sorts to show you where you have been and where you are headed. Consciousness is in a perpetual state of expansion, and you are all each other's catalyst for that expansion to occur. Your current vibrational perspective is the result of you not only standing upon the shoulders of those of lower consciousness, but you being pulled up by the consciousness of those higher than you at the same time. In this way do all lives serve each other in the infinite and eternal, ever-upwardly spiraling evolution of consciousness. The idea here is to be kinder and gentler with yourself and with each other as you walk each other home to the remembrance of the unconditional love that you all are by Divine Rite. You are not separate from each other; the collective is an extension of who you are. Your outer world is simply a panoramic view of your innermost thoughts and beliefs, distortions and all. Give each other permission to express fully and completely. In your judgment of others do you deny yourself the freedom to be who you are as well. All are expanding in their own way and at their own pace together as one race. Perspectives will continue to change to keep up with that eternal expansion of consciousness across all levels. That is why expectations are so detrimental to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing; they will always be at best three steps behind your next point of expanded consciousness. Life is about vibrational exploration, not successes or failures. You do not have to be a martyr or live a life of sacrifice to ascend; you need only be the most loving, forgiving, and compassionate person you can be while focusing on only what brings you the greatest joy. All of these things and more will help you manage your frequency so you will be better able to neutralize any negative feelings that may arise as you clear out old programs of distortion and dysfunctionality that have prevented you from realizing and expressing the magnificence of the God within. Life becomes easier when you go with the flow by centering yourself in your own heart-space. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

ET Phone Home

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Consciousness is the only reality and is not dependent upon any location of the soul. You are exploring the Earth for a limited time just as you are exploring countless other realms of existence in the eternal moment of now. The forms you personify which allow your consciousness to express itself through a myriad of perspectives will never be the totality of who you are, for you are far too vast to be defined or contained. The Earth is a most wonderful school in which to teach you how to express your Divine Essence while operating within a field of enormous distraction and diverse vibration. From within this context of ever-changing relativity you gain a deeper understanding of the true nature of unconditional love and its application in all situations and under any condition. The Earth is an incredibly rare and exciting dimension established specifically for the development of spiritual stability, wisdom, compassion, and creativity. Your planet is a treasure; a place to be appreciated, protected, and used for your highest good. Your weaknesses are meant to be minor intrusions, not major catastrophes; you are so much greater than any obstacle you could ever face. May you be empowered right where you are so that you can learn to live abundantly in whatever dimension you temporarily call home. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Great Pretender

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The higher self is really you absent the self-imposed mental and psychic barriers that prevent you from perceiving the fullness of your own divinity. Each incarnation you have is a holographic piece, fractal, counterpart, or distortion of the multidimensionality of God; the wholeness of All That Is. As you evolve you become more and more aware of your inherent multidimensionality. The realization that you are living simultaneous existences in parallel timelines of experience helps you to expand your present-reality consciousness exponentially. That is why it is not possible to predict your future with any degree of accuracy because you are always shifting and morphing into these other timelines of experience with each breath, thought, and inspiration you become. You are all pretending to teach each other when in fact you are simply showing yourself another aspect of your multidimensional self. The same is true for channeling as well, for all utterances, regardless of where they come from or who they come through, emanate from within you. Armed with this knowledge you can begin to appreciate not only your active participation in the evolution of consciousness, but your receptivity to that which is occurring through all the other versions of you. A symphony would be nothing without listeners to rejoice in its melodic splendor. You are the instruments, the musicians, and the ears upon which the rhythms of life fall. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Your Expansion Potential

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Expanded consciousness is all around you, for it represents the primordial essence of physical existence. External substances can never create expansion for you; they can only temporarily release resistance in the form of limiting beliefs so that you can get a glimpse of what it feels like. To naturally experience expanded consciousness you must soften the rigidity of what you think and believe to allow in more of the greatness of who and what you already are. Expansion is really a matter of allowing yourself to be fluid in every moment; to go with, instead of against the inevitable flow of universal law. Life is movement. It is only when you try to control the direction of that perpetual motion that you perceive a block in your own expansion which reinforces the lack that resistance promulgates within you. Focused sustainability is allowance in action. The less arduous path to enlightenment is the conscious release of anything that hinders your ability to be the physical embodiment of unconditional love, and to express that sentiment for all things, beginning with yourself. Taking control of your vibration is the only way to shift your reality. How you are feeling in every moment is not only an indication of your current vibrational offering, but it is a clue as to what you will most likely be attracting into your future experience as well. The hero of your story is you; it cannot be anyone else because you are the sole author of it. The power and the momentum of your experience are always in your hands. Taking the higher road gives you access to higher streams of consciousness that will magnetize and quantify your expansion potential. Letting go of bitterness and resentment will feel better to you than the need to be right. You are learning to rise above your petty disputes with others because it is your natural inclination to do so as a 5th dimensional being.

Your Divine blueprint sets the parameters through which you will creatively express your experience of oneness; your version of the truth as you see it. While you can never not be grounded in your physical experience, your preferences will create a bias that superimposes some level of distortion upon it. Spirituality is life lived according to your thoughts and beliefs, regardless of the degree of distortion applied. Your body is merely an instrument of the Divine with which to feel truth; you cannot be God unless and until you feel God through your humanness. Trusting that God lives within you and expresses as you will open the door to Divine Awareness and your expansion potential. While free will is the illusion of physical reality, Divine Will is your inherent sovereignty. Free will will always be the faithful servant to Divine Will. All roads lead to God, for there is nowhere else to go. You cannot get it wrong and you will never get it done because like expansion, creation is an eternal process without condition. Everything in your external reality is there to remind you of your Divine Essence. Although you are multidimensional beings, where you are right now is the most powerful moment of inertia out of which all movement springs forth. There is only one truth about the past and that is that it is not here right now. In the moment you try to define anything, including the past, its true meaning is lost to you. All is sacred and holy, for all is of Divine Origin. That which you seek will always remain elusive to you until you trust its essence already within you.

You always have one hundred percent trust. The question is what are you putting that trust in? If judgment of any kind is involved, then your trust is placed within polarity which will yield only a polarized outcome. You came into this dimension to be an explorer. Yet, how can you discover anything if you keep placing boundaries and expectations upon your experience here? You cannot fill in the blanks and be truly open and receptive at the same time. Take expectation out of the manifestational equation and the outcome must be a surprise. The longer you stay fixated upon a potential manifestation, the more judgment is generated within you which will only create more resistance to block its arrival to you. Create your desires within your imagination and then release them to the universe, not because you disbelieve in your own manifestational prowess, but because you have playfully moved onto the next grand adventure. In this way do you experience the fruition of your expansion potential, one desire at a time. You do not need expectation to create; you need only joy. Broken dreams are not broken at all; they are just temporarily disabled until you have released enough resistance to allow all things to be the perfect expression of the I Am presence within All That Is. Enlightenment is the conscious recognition of the I Am presence within you, operating as you. It is existence as you are existence, it is peace as you are peace, and it is love as you are love. Presence is essence stripped away of all judgment, justification, personification, and expectation. You are eternal beingness; pure consciousness in a perpetual state of creative expression. You come here time and time again to play amongst the Gods for the expansion gained from the wisdom of all your experiences. Do not hold so tightly onto your limited concepts of personal identification that you miss the vast majority of who and what you are as the entirety of that which surrounds you. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, December 23, 2019

The Unobstructed Universe

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Because you are the creator of your reality, and because you create that reality through what you think and feel in every moment, it behooves you to find ways to get to a higher vibrational state without the use of any external aids, crutches, tricks, or gimmicks to artificially get you there. While getting out in nature is a powerful way to connect with source energy, you can still get distracted there by the constant bombardment of limiting thoughts and beliefs. Consciously focusing on your breathing is an easy way to not only distract you from that lower vibrational assault, but it allows you to access new thoughts, ideas, and concepts from higher realms which will improve the quality of your life. All spiritual growth is based upon these very simple truths; you are loved, you are worthy, and you are connected to All That Is through Divine Love. You create challenges for yourself to help you remember this. Although it appears that you are separate from that which you call God, you are constantly being guided towards remembering that natural expansiveness within you. Yet, you have the free will to either take that guidance or ignore it. Your present timeline is reacquainting you with your higher self through unconditional love. Opening yourself up to giving and receiving love is a choice you are being offered in every moment of your life.

There is only one universe of which both the physical and the non-physical are comprised; there is no separation between your world and the world of spirit. It is your level of conscious awareness that dictates your capacity to subjectively experience the one universe fully and completely. Divine awareness is unconditional love and it is the unobstructed universe. Although peace, happiness, and joy are your birthright as a divine being in physical form, they must be welcomed into your life by intentionally increasing your Divine Awareness. Your judgments have kept you from perceiving the unobstructed universe through your heart. Choose love and you will always feel better. Keep choosing love and you will consistently feel better. Only you can undo the perceptions of separation from within your own mind that have obstructed your view of the universe. As your outer world seems to be moving faster and faster around you, your higher self is encouraging you to slow down, ground yourself in your physical body, connect with nature, and focus on deep and rhythmic breathing to reach your one true purpose; perfect alignment with your emotional body. This will disconnect you from the volatility and hysteria of mass consciousness and reconnect you with your inner sense of infinite and eternal peace, harmony, and wellbeing. Your expansiveness awaits you in the knowledge that you are always and only experiencing the very best version of yourself at all times.

Everything in both the seen and the unseen world is composed of exactly the same energy. Your physical mind was specifically designed in such a way as to fragment that energy into distinct vibrational patterns of time and space so you could identify yourself as separate and distinct from everything else. Energy however, does not know either of these constructs as they are perceptional distortions used by human consciousness enabling you to have a unique set of individuated experiences. That is why everything in the universe is affected by everything else instantaneously because it is all the same energy; all is indeed one energy, one consciousness, one divine essence. The gift of physicality lies in the surprise, the suspense, and the mystery of the unknown as it unfolds precisely and perfectly through your relationships with others. It is only through those sacred interactions that you not only see who you are pretending to be, but who you wish to become as well. Life is an ongoing opportunity to experience the loving, kind, compassionate, accepting, and allowing being that you inherently are.

Yet because you are actively immersed in your physical experience, it can be difficult for you to take a step back and see the bigger picture from where you currently stand. In your subjectivity you become transfixed by the small steps. What you often fail to see however, is that all of those smaller steps coalesce into an even larger tapestry of energetic shapes and patterns that have a much grander resonance when viewed from a higher perspective. You are all headed in a new direction that feels uncomfortable to you because of its unfamiliarity. Just when you find something safe to hold onto, it slips away into a vagueness of unrecognizability. That is why it is vital for your overall health and emotional wellbeing to take time every day to step back, slow your breathing, and feel for the intuitive objectivity or neutrality of your experience. See the world through a different set of lenses that overlay new textures and rhythms of subtle energies upon it. Look for the wonder of the unknown in all your experience and you will find it there waiting patiently for you with open arms. Know that you are loved and supported in all that you do whether it is obvious to you or not. All is well within you and within your world. Now is the time to seek out and do what brings you the greatest joy. Getting into a higher vibrational state as often as you can is key to moving you forward in small steps towards your greater magnificence. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, December 16, 2019

I Saw An Angel

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

A miracle is simply choosing love over fear, forgiveness over judgment, and oneness over separation in all situations and under any circumstance. The miracle of life is loving allowance lived fully and completely. It is being ok with everything because you know that everything is perfect just the way it is. The miracle of physical existence is the experience of that existence without judgment; without rules, laws, restrictions, or limitations of any kind. While the choice is always yours to make in every moment, saying “yes” to a life of nontraditional unconventionality is to take a step closer to the true essence of who and what you are. Its address is a few blocks off Main Street just off the beaten path on the other side of the tracks. You will know you have arrived when there are no more battles to fight, no more arguments to win, and no more "wrongs" to "right". You have made it not to the end of the journey, but to its beginning. “I saw an angel the other day and it told me that everything was going to be ok. I saw an angel the other day and it told me that I was perfect. I saw an angel the other day and it told me that I was loved. I saw an angel the other day and I finally realized that it was me all along.” God lives within you, as you. Despite your moments of forgetting, you are loved unconditionally for the God that you are, and have always been. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, December 13, 2019

The Season Of Giving

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

As you enter into this holiday season on your planet, be aware of the conditioned over-emphasis of giving material gifts to others. The most valuable gift you can ever give is something that is easily overlooked by most people, yet the effects are staggering. It is forgiveness and it is the gift that keeps on giving. Forgiving others removes the punitive expectations that you have placed upon others for perceived damages, unbeknownst to them of course. It breaks your identification solely with the physical body and helps you to realize the unconditionally loving part of you waiting to be summoned forth at a moment's notice. Forgiving others however, does require you to forgive yourself as well, for one is simply a projection of the other. What triggers the need to offer forgiveness to another is really a cry for help from within your own mind. It is the part of you that you have been punishing undeservedly for far too long. In the eyes of God there could be nothing so heinous as to withhold unconditional love. You are loved fully and completely just as you are; perceived imperfections and all. While forgiveness may not immediately alter the collective dream, it will change your experience of it. The perceptions and the perspectives that will ensue when you adopt a forgiveness practice come from releasing judgment, allowing you to become much more accepting of yourself and others in a world of which you are all co-creating. Judgment is a human reaction based upon emotional attachment, whereas observation is a neutral assessment of what is. Forgiving is synonymous with being ok with what is; it is seeing all things, including yourself, as perfect expressions of the ever-expanding Mind of God. All experiences are pre-approved and pre-ordained by the infinite and eternal source of All That Is to facilitate miracle-mindedness, moving you towards love, communion, and connection and away from fear, judgment, and separation. Miracles are created in the mind first long before they manifest as physical reality. How you think and what you believe have been your impediments to freedom, but they are also your salvation. Because all thought is creative, once you learn to manage your cognitive processes effectively, you will begin to experience the true essence of spirit through the ease of living. Arguing for your limitations will be replaced by peace of mind through Divine Compassion for all things, especially what has bothered you in the past. Although judgment keeps the separation experience alive within the mind, it cannot exist within the heart, and that is exactly where you are all headed; to a perpetual season of heart-based giving. This is a global phenomenon that cannot be tied to, or contained by any one group, state, or nation. The energy of Creator Consciousness is pervasive and omnipotent; it cannot and will not be stopped until every last soul has remembered who it is and returned home to the love of God made manifest within. You are all masters worthy of, and entitled to the life you wish to live. You have already set the intention for that life to unfold in ways beyond anything you could possibly imagine as a human being; it is now just a matter of staying focused in the present moment and away from the limiting beliefs of the past and the projected fears of the future. Open yourself up to the season of giving by opening your heart to the infinite and eternal love that you are, and have always been. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tired Of Life

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

You are tired of life because you are not at peace with yourself. Your unloving thoughts about yourself are wearing you out. Find compassion for yourself and that feeling will automatically transfer to those around you as well. This will give you peace of mind by opening your heart to the unconditional love of self. Love underlies all truth. It is only your belief in the illusion of fear that causes you unrest and dis-ease, and judgment is the mediator of that illusion. While fear must exist on some level in a polar reality to feel love, it does not have to be all-consuming. Although fear appears real to you, it is only meant to show you a greater vision of reality. Within the infinum of universes, there are four main categories of cosmic awareness. The physical universe represents mass consciousness and reflects the preponderance of collective thoughts and beliefs. The dream universe is the astral realm of individual experience on both the conscious and the unconscious level. The electric universe is where your higher self, the non-physical you, resides and represents the cosmos at large. And the unknown universe is the realm of anti-matter where only Oneness exists. All of these universal constructs are connected together through a feedback mechanism allowing expansion to continue without interruption across all timelines of existence. Judgment and fear dampen your connectivity with these worlds preventing you from gleaning the highest amount of wisdom from them for application in your current incarnation. The more you can transcend these etheric boundaries and restrictions with loving energy, the more expansive your perceptional experience will become. Transitions of energy facilitate expansion through alterations in attitudes of attachment. Mastery is the release of attachment to the physical body. The more loving and allowing your awareness becomes, the more you will remember the master that already exists within you. If you desire peace, you must embody it through feeling. While belief is important, it remains an external conceptualization until you experience it first-hand. Physical action should always be the effect of your perspective, not the cause of it. You cannot look to your outer world for peace of mind; it can only be found through your point of view. Ascension is an inner shift in conscious awareness; everything external to you is simply a projection of that movement towards divine recognition. Celebrate every day as a new opportunity to feel and express unconditional love for yourself and others. Your mind and your body are tools for spirit to hone and shape your experience into a divine expression of kindness and compassion, acceptance and allowance. Your spiritual practice is your owner's manual. Get to know how to use your mind and body to their optimum potential. Simplify your life by finding the highest meaning in all things. If you cannot love and accept yourself unconditionally in every moment, then forgive yourself as best you can. You can only achieve peace of mind by perceiving peace of mind; by feeling it fully and completely to the core of your being through love and compassion. Anything you judge is not real, for only love exists into eternity without judgment. The untrained mind needs processes because it gets easily distracted by fear. Yet, the heart knows only one way of being. Connection is why you are here; to feel one with the source of All That Is, in and as all things. Being human is a blessing and a joy, for it brings to life the divine essence of infinite and eternal love. You are the God of your beliefs, including and especially the greatest illusion of all; that you could ever be separate from yourself. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Fault In Your Stars

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The mirror that is life in the physical world does not lie. You as a human being can live in denial, but the trueness and the accuracy of the reflection you are generating through your vibrational output gives you exactly and always what you are offering up to the universe in every moment. While your fear is oftentimes softened by things like dependency and security, it is fear nonetheless. Your limitations do not come from your outer reality; they come from within your own inner consciousness. They are all self-generated beliefs from your preponderance of thoughts and ideas, concepts and determinations about everything, including and especially you. When you become a moment in time, you have the choice as to how you will perceive your creation. Will you find it pleasing, or will you find fault with it? Look at what you have created in the same way you would look at your child; with nothing but unconditional love and total acceptance. Your life is your child birthed from your own flesh and blood. In fact, the sperm and egg that united to form your offspring are synonymous with your thoughts and emotions joined together to create your outer experience. They deserve your love and acceptance, for they have done nothing wrong, and neither have you. Like a child learning to navigate its environment, so too are you learning to use your mind effectively to give you more of what you want as opposed to what you do not. You can always change your mind about anything in your life at any time, and in doing so you change your external reality. Your reflection in the eternal now is your truth; your consciousness filtered through the distortions of polarity. The truest reflection you can experience in physical form comes from when you are following your bliss. In doing what brings you the greatest joy, you are not only present in the moment, but you are drawing to you the vibrational equivalent of your passion. You are abundant in all things, including lack. If you are creating insufficiency in your life, you are doing so abundantly; celebrate this! Understand that you can only move away from what you are experiencing when you are in harmony with it and are no longer in resistance to it. Do not forget to be appreciative and grateful for whatever it is you have created for yourself to experience in this lifetime, for out of these higher vibrational energies you align with the true essence of who you are. This is the ultimate purpose of all of creative expression. Some of your creations come from your free will, and some come from your higher self through soul agreements. Those that come from soul agreements are necessary to clear out longstanding distortions in your consciousness that have prevented you from living fully and completely as a divine being of unconditional love. Thus, it is vital that you look upon all of your creations as essential ingredients for your evolution both individually and as a collective. Everything is perfectly designed according to the highest interest of your soul. No single life can be judged superficially because as a human being, you do not have access to each soul's reason for becoming physical. There is no hierarchy when it comes to incarnational status. Regardless of the density, dimension, or timeline you experience, all expressions are equally weighted and loved accordingly for what they are accomplishing independent of any perceived outcome. The mirror that is life neither judges nor lies, for it is an intimate reflection of the ever-expanding Mind of God. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, December 6, 2019

In The Trenches

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The appreciation of beauty is by far the greatest upliftment tool you possess as a physical being. So much of your time is consumed by idle thoughts, inconsequential dialogues, and superfluous judgments that take you away from the moment at hand; the only moment that really matters in life. Focusing the power of your mind upon things that have positive resonance will ensure that you are using your time wisely and drawing to you future experiences of an uplifting frequency. Guilt and shame hide your natural beauty from you by tarnishing the mirror that reflects who you are back to you from your outer world. Loving thoughts on the other hand, including the simple recognition of the infinite grandeur that perpetually surrounds you, are the antidote for all that ails you because they ask nothing of you in return; their giving is unconditional. There is something to appreciate in all things, even the darkest aspects of the human condition. It is only through Divine Vision that the inherent beauty in all things is recognizable to the mind. Until you realize that it is only your thoughts that are causing you pain, you will remain a victim of your circumstances instead of the creator of them. Judgment will always cause you discomfort on some level because it goes against your true loving nature. As you are the captain of your own ship, only you can steer it to clear and calm waters. The currents of turbulence are fueled by an undisciplined mind. Take control of your life and your destiny by acknowledging that you have absolute control over what you focus your attention upon. Train your mind towards loving thoughts and away from those of judgment. Be gentle with yourself as you confront any longstanding programs of limiting beliefs that have unconsciously conditioned you from an early age. Although they can be quite pervasive, beliefs are only as powerful as you allow them to be through your attention to them. You have the final and the only say as to what you think and the beliefs you hold to be true for you. As painful as it may seem to the undisciplined mind, you must begin to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, including the relationships you have drawn to you. In coming to terms with this, you will start to look upon all the events of your life not as a punishment, but as an opportunity to experience life in a different way; a way that speaks to and through the heart freeing you from the self-imposed trenches of mediocrity and the illusory dungeons of pain and suffering. You deserve more than what you have been settling for. Finding appreciation for all things is the most selfishly selfless act you can do in life, for in uplifting yourself you uplift the cosmos in the process. Appreciation also opens the inner doorway to your multidimensionality because it gets you out from under the confines and the constraints of the limited mind and into the vastness of who you inherently are. Within your oversoul contains the entirety of all existence, from sinners to saints, and from murderous despots to ascended masters. Look no further than your own sweet soul for wisdom, for you have been, and done it all. The expansion that ensues from this inner journey not only impacts your mental and emotional health, but it regenerates the corporeal body as well. While your power as a multidimensional being lies deep within your consciousness, it is easily accessible through any cognitive processes that involve focus and concentration. Being present without any external agenda frees the mind to simply go along for the ride, and out of this mental pacifism, your creative juices flow powerfully in all directions. In paying undistractable attention to the present moment, you become a better receiver of information from all aspects of your multidimensionality, opening yourself up to new and different experiences to behold. You are here for no other reason than to make known the unknown, and you do that best by consciously bringing your unique signature of divine expression into physical form. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Thursday, December 5, 2019


This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

De-occultization is the process of demystifying that which, although cannot be fully explained and rationalized by the logical mind, is usable and workable knowledge to humanity on some level of collective recognition. While it may be difficult to quantify exactly how this happens, it is a natural part of the evolutionary process of all developing species. What is the basis upon which the occult rests, what are its merits, and what wisdom can be gleaned from its exploration? The basic premise is that the material world is just one piece of the puzzle of life; that the right proportions must be found and maintained in order to optimize and maximize physical existence. The balance sought is between the material and the non-material, or the visible and the invisible world. Religions have tried their best to reconcile this conundrum for millennia, but always seem to become corrupted by power and greed along the way. The worship of God upon your planet has been an attempt to reconnect with that part of you that cannot be measured, only profoundly felt; the spark of the divine that lies within all sentient beings. You can only have an outer experience of God because of its inherent position within you. Just as memory allows you to judge new experiences by drawing from a vast database of past occurrences, so too does the presence of the inner God allow you to experience wonder and beauty in your external reality. While life can be lived through and ultimately as a variety of perspectives, it is only when the awareness of spirit becomes consciously apparent that the fullness of the physical experience is attained. Anything less is simply going through the motions. And what are the practical implications of this; to live life as the deliberate God that you are. Who be you? Thou art God made manifest in flesh and blood that you may not only reap the rewards of life, but be the conscious creator of them as you desire. And what be God? God is love, wholly and completely. The God that emanates from your very being is an infinitely loving and merciful God. Merciful not in forgiveness, but merciful in unconditional acceptance and allowance of all things to be as they are; infinite expressions of Divine Mind loved equally and eternally. The human must forgive because it lives in the world of the relative. Yet, God resides in the world of the absolute where there are no gradations of right or wrong; there is only the innate impulse to create, and through its creations, express itself as the purity of love. Proportionate living thus becomes the balanced integration of God and Man expressing fully as both human and divine. This is life lived without malice intent for anyone or anything. It is life lived with honest, respectful, and loving interactions, encounters, and relationships on all levels. And it is life lived with full recognition of the divine in, and as all things. You do not have to crawl through life any longer, for born upon you were gossamer wings to soar through the heavens. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

A Team Effort

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

All human beings at one time or another in their lives have dissatisfaction with some of the events of their past. That is ok; there is nothing wrong with expressing dissatisfaction with those things. But what you must begin to realize is that the past only exists in your memory. Because everything is happening right now and is being affected and influenced by everything else in this moment, the past is continually changing to keep up with present moment occurrences. Thus, the vibrational essence of all events is in a perpetual state of transformation. If you were able to time travel to the past it would appear very different than your recollection of it. That is why living in the past is wasted energy because it does not exist in the same way it once did. Yet, all of those prior events have shaped you into who you came into this physical expression to be. As hard as it may be for the human mind to comprehend, you knew this would be the case before you re-emerged back into physical form, for you have created all of the events of each incarnation to have a specific set of life experiences. Although your situations and circumstances in life are unique unto you, there are great similarities in all expressions upon the plane of demonstration. This reality was designed to help you confront and ultimately overcome distortions in consciousness that have limited your ability to know yourself as a piece of God. As this is a holographic universe, every piece of God no matter how small, contains the entire essence of the wholeness of God within it. You are already that wholeness; you are just unaware of it in this particular moment of physical expression. You are all simultaneously experiencing a multitude of existences in other realms and dimensions, including past and future expressions in this lifetime, at varying levels of conscious awareness. In those moments of spiritual recognition you are tapping into other timelines currently vibrating at a similar frequency. Know that whatever experiences you have had in your past have served their purpose to bring you to this moment of spiritual acuity. Nothing has been wasted and nothing has been in vein; it has all been perfectly orchestrated by the larger aspect of you to reveal more of who you truly are to your physical self. The resonance of this understanding will help you expand your consciousness to become more accepting of the events of not only your own life, but the lives of all those around you as well. You have the choice in every moment where you will focus your attention. It is the master who feels consistently peaceful and joyful regardless of what he or she looks at, or thinks about. As a spark of the divine, you have this mastery already encoded within your genetic blueprint. It is awakening at a time of spiritual transcendence upon your planet through the heart chakra and felt as compassion, forgiveness, and love for yourself and others. The tremendous influx of channeled messages being received by so many today are simply aspects of your own multidimensional self communicating directly with you to help you through this process of accelerated evolution. You are right where you are supposed to be, and your past has been vital in bringing you there. You do not however, have to go it alone in your singular identity; you are all on the same team helping each other in your own unique way to remember and express the essence of divine love within. Leave every place better off than you found it by with that unconditionally loving energy and you will be following your manifest destiny home. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.