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A healthy body comes from a healthy mind; a mind free of the programs of judgment, value, and limitation taught to us from a variety of sources at a very early age, and reinforced throughout our lives by a myriad of destructive social constructs and malignant societal structures.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Serpentine Fire

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Evil is a term that has been misused for a very long time upon your planet. It simply refers to the energy field surrounding the Earth that comprises the mental and emotional distortions that keep humanity veiled, or separated from its true divine nature. The electromagnetic energy of Gaia is composed of the masculine or electro portion, and the feminine or magnetic portion that join forces to allow the Serpentine Fire, or Kundalini Energy to rise up in the physical body as your conscious awareness of the God within becomes more and more evident in your life. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Down Time

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Despite what you may think and feel to the contrary as a human being, everything that you have created within your reality to experience is a perfect expression of creation as channeled by, and through you. It is only your limited human mind that judges and labels your divine creations as less than perfect. To Divine Mind however, all that you have created, are currently creating, and will create at some future time are perfect according to what your higher self wishes to have you experience on a physical level. No one is handicapped just because the mind judges a physical experience as such. Even illnesses like cancer are divine examples of creative expression just as is anything else perceived by you as better, or greater than. Your ability to alter your cellular structure in such a way as to create something out of nothing is just one example of the magic that lies within you as a Creator God. Your current timeline of physical expression is experiencing a dramatic shift in vibrational frequency that requires more compassion, acceptance, and allowance on your part than what you are used to. As a result, your higher self has created carve-outs of down time to force your mind to take a break from its busy to-do list of activities so as to acclimate your physical structure to these energetic changes taking place not only within you, but within the entirety of your galactic milieu. Use these down times to feel the plethora of high frequency energies flowing to, and through you. You are imbued with divine consciousness that is perfect in all ways. Nothing that you have created and are experiencing in physical form could be any less than that divine perfection regardless of what your egoic mind tells you. It is all serving your expansion in an important way. Allow it to be the impetus for loving yourself just a little bit more. Remind yourself often during these shifting times that there is more to your life than the accoutrements of your material world. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Archons Of Limitation

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

While anger is a projection of powerlessness, it is a valid expression of limitation that needs to be experienced so it can be liberated. Holding it inside does not help anyone, for it only builds momentum when left unattended to. Anger means someone or something has invalidated your story. But what is your story, what role do you play in that story, and what is a simpler story you could tell yourself that empowers you instead of taking your power away? If something is not serving you, choose again. It really is that simple. Although it is vitally important to always listen to your feelings as opposed to denying their existence, your perpetuation of distorted and erroneous beliefs is not serving your overall expansion and your rightful ownership of wellbeing. What you are hiding and denying stems mainly from fear, grief, and powerlessness. The anger that you feel is merely protecting you; helping you cope from a disempowered and a disenfranchised vantage point. Your story is basically being threatened; hence your survival mechanisms kick in. Yet, what you fear are your own limitations. You are human with human frailties. If the God of your being does not judge you, then why should you? It is only the limited ego mind that judges unmet expectations. In understanding the principles of manifestation you are better able to eliminate expectations altogether in your life. By doing this you will naturally soften the resistance that blocks your desires from coming to you. Anger is really an indication of not wanting to change your story. Like beliefs, stories are your archons of limitation. Yet, you are always more that your stories, more than your beliefs, and more than your truths projected outward. To change anything you must first accept it. Then, and only then are you able to modify or change your story. While you may not be able to change anything outside of you, you can become more allowing and accepting of what lies beyond your control. To be on Earth is to accept everything about it, for all things external to you are reflections and projections of your own inner consciousness. As the sole creator of your reality that which you experience in life is of significance only to you. No one else has chosen the same intricacies and nuances that serve your soul's blueprint for expansion. Having compassion for all other stories that exist in your world is paramount to your evolution as a consciously aware being in remembrance of its true divine nature. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Small Talk

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

You have created a dream in which you believe you are small; a false reality that displaces sovereignty for servitude. There is no blame here; this is the game you have conjured up within your own mind, and meticulously manufactured into physical form to see how long it would take you to recognize the difference. You are not small, for how could you have created such a grandiose plan in smallness. You are powerful creators simply having fun with the concept of limitation. How far, and to what depths of amnesia could such an idea be physically implemented? This is only for you to decide. You can however, step outside of the illusory container of limitation that you have temporarily placed yourself within at a moment's notice by eliminating any and all beliefs; it is only your belief systems that have erected the artificial walls and supported the metaphorical glass ceilings that have stymied your progression towards spiritual evolution. Yet, you continue your smallness by entertaining thoughts that restrict your unlimited nature. Your ability to judge overrides your capacity to love without condition because of this. You are not separate from God, just as you are not separate from your brothers and sisters. You are in fact, one with all that exists in your physical reality because it has arisen from within your own mind, and is all composed of the very same energy. Death, illness, and insufficiency; these are all limitations that have nothing to do with the true nature of who you are. You have merely created them as a framework within which to have an experience. Your breath is your alchemical connection to Divine Consciousness in physicality. Inhale gold of the Divine Father/Mother, hold copper to stabilize its presence within you, and release silver as the physical integration with the divine made manifest in your external world. Your inner vision can be your outer reality when you surrender your lower nature to the higher realms of infinite love and eternal light. Choose life over death, choose wholeness over fragmentation, choose acceptance over judgment, choose inclusion over segregation, choose love over fear, and choose unlimitedness over limitation. You are God, as is everyone else in your world. Live and let live; love as God loves. Rise above the pettiness of self-righteous dogma. Karma does not exist, for you have done nothing wrong. Everything on your planet was created by you for one simple reason; to elevate humanity to the highest level of grace possible. Believe not what the judging mind champions; you are above it all. Love it tenderly as you would a young child growing into its fuller awareness. Question everything. Yet, do not let doubt turn into suspicion, for suspicion is fear disguised as asylum. The time for making small talk is over. You are well on your way to remembering your Godliness. I leave you in peace, My Peace I give unto you. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Peripheral Outsourcing

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The physical realm is a polar reality that uses paradoxical opposites like lack and insufficiency as a context within which to create physically through non-physical means. If the ego is present there will always be obstacles to overcome. To be in the present moment however, is to be connected to the essence of who you are as a non-physically focused consciousness that is full and complete just as it is without needing anything more added to it to make it better, greater, larger, or more magnificent than what it already is. Manifestation at its most powerful arises from this state of alignment with the true essence of who and what you are. It is only when you get in the way of this etheric connection that the physical mind looks for ways to reconnect with that feeling. Thus, it thinks that the external world will provide the resources necessary to create this knowingness once again. Yet it will not because all things originate from non-physical consciousness and move outwards from there into physical form. To feel that you already have whatever it is that you need and desire in life is a reiteration of this foundational principle that everything already exists within you as the fullness of consciousness within the emptiness of thought. The present moment lies beyond the distractions of both judgment and measure. To judge is to identify with the physical only, keeping you trapped in separation and distanced from your infinite source of unlimited wellbeing. Divine compassion is the bridge of consciousness that connects you with the infinite Godhead that is timeless and judgeless. The great undoing is to step out of judgment and back into the wholeness that you are, and always have been. You are non-corporeal energy that is constantly and continually expanding if you can just get your limited mind out of the way and let it happen without the need for peripheral outsourcing. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Rosy Cross

This is an excerpt from Vol. 5 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

You live by the same judgments and standards you impose upon others. No one in your world is without some level of misconception. That is why you are all here; to see those distortions in thought for the illusions they are and then make different choices. It is not that you are purposefully making mistakes along the way, for that is an impossibility. Rather, you are gaining a better understanding and a clearer perspective of your inherent connection to the divine source of all that is within you. While you are always connected to the infinite source of unlimited wellbeing, your thought processes, your level of resistance, interferes with the strength of that connection. What you give out will always return back to you. That is universal law to which there are no exceptions. When you are kind, compassionate, and forgiving towards others, you will receive kindness, compassion, and forgiveness back from others. Narcissism is a learned behavior motivated by a survival mentality. A mind taught to protect what it has accumulated at all costs is a mind immersed in the distorted beliefs of separation and fear. Yet, you are all learning through your continuing experiences in the physical realm how to strike a balance between giving and receiving so as to find value in both yourself and in others at the same time. This is the integration of the ego-self with the God-self spoken of so often in your wisdom teachings. This harmonization process seamlessly merges service to self with service to others. In fact, ascension is simply that; removing the resistance that allows you to recognize not only your own goodness, but the goodness of everyone else as well. There are three states of functionality as a physically focused being; acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm. Anything outside of these three states of being is dysfunctional, meaning that it diminishes your normal capacity to function in the world around you. Dysfunction of the body is distortion of the mind. Thus, to heal the body you must first heal the mind of its misperceptions. This is the true purpose of all of life, for you cannot live in peace, harmony, and joy with a mind in constant "fight or flight" mode. Your evolution upon the Earth as a divine race of beings is the fastest in the history of your universe. You are here to help each other cross the threshold into higher consciousness. Your loving and accepting countenance is all that is required to assist humanity in this monumental shift in conscious awareness. Lead with your heart and let the rest fall into place as it will. Your unyielding compassion is making all the difference in your world. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Forget About It

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The divine essence of who and what you are only looks forward; it never looks to what was, only to what will be. Your magic as a creator being lies in aligning with this forward thinking perspective. The past is not only irrelevant to what will be, but staying there only builds resistance to what lies ahead. What you have yet to manifest in your life are the ingredients you have already added to the mix of creation and requires nothing more from you other than focusing upon what is wanted as opposed to what is not. The matching vibration necessary to get physically what you have imagined energetically is not beyond you, for it represents all that is good, all that is passionate, and all that is loving within you. Everything you need to live a happy, healthy, and a fulfilled life already exists within you because it is all feeling-based. Whatever you are feeling now will create similar future experiences. Focusing on anything that does not feel good to you is not conducive to creating what you want because they exist at different vibrational realities. Your inner being is always operating from a higher vibration and never, ever dips to a lower frequency. A mind aligned with this awareness is a mind fully in control of its destiny. But that destiny does not require action, or effort, or sacrifice on your part. A joyful life results from a mind harmonized with feelings of joy, plain and simple. Raise your vibration by quieting your mind from the chatter of distorted thinking. You are vibrational beings first and foremost. The secret to manifesting what you want in life is getting and keeping in sync with the highest vibrational resonance possible. Divine clarity is there for you whenever you allow all that is happening around you to be just as it is. Divine guidance is there for you whenever you accept your worthiness and your blessedness just as you are. And divine wisdom is there for you whenever you forgive yourself and others for all past deeds, no matter what they are. You were designed with the innate ability to rebalance your physical, mental, and emotional bodies through aligning with your inner being. This intuitive state of inner peace and harmony is reparative in nature, allowing the body to maintain its functional integrity for far longer than what you presently experience. As you consciously raise your frequency to that of your inner being, you give yourself many more options with regard to your manifestational potential in any given moment. While surrendering to what is happening around you may feel like you are giving up, what you are really doing is relaxing your expectations which will reduce the resistance to what you desire to physically create. In forgetting about it, it will show up faster in your reality. Replace all negative thoughts of fear, worry, anxiety, blame, anger, resentment, guilt, and shame with thoughts that make you feel good to the exclusion of everything else. The quality of your thoughts and the feelings they represent are paramount to maintaining a vibration that will draw to you all that you have asked for, and more. Your success is guaranteed in life, for there is nothing else but. When you are in service to your own creative expression, you are in service to all that is. As you add to the abundance of life, abundance must be added to your life, without exception. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Silent Witness

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

There are many names given to that which resides at the core of your being; Unconditional Love, God, Universal Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Source Energy, and Divine Mind, just to name a few. But the essence of who you are, your true nature, is unlimited, infinite, and eternal. While the physical vehicle that your consciousness uses to have an experience in is temporary, the silent witness that has watched every moment of your life unfold is not. It survives beyond death of the physical structure and transcends time and space as you know it. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it simply changes form. You exist, you always have, and you always will. This divine and eternal presence is your true source of power in whatever dimension or realm you may find yourself in. It knows no limitations as does the physical body, for it is composed of pure energy, often described in your world as unconditional love, and has the ability to become anything it desires through focused intention. You have that same capability as a human being as well, although your belief systems act as vibrational barriers of conditionality that oftentimes interfere with that process. In returning to, and realigning with the energetic signature that lies at the core of your being, you regain your power as the creator of your reality, and you supplant the limitations of the physical mind with your divine sovereignty. Beliefs keep you confined to the container of orthodoxy you have grown accustomed to. Yet, you are continually outgrowing the walls that have hung the familiarities of your identity for so long; you are much larger than any box used to define you. The path of the creator is your path because it speaks to the greatness of who and what you are. That which you perceive to be the highest expression of divinity pales in comparison to the true radiance of the God within you. Live as God lives, love as God loves, and play as a God plays in full remembrance of the kindness and compassion, acceptance and allowance that resides at the center of your being. You are a mystical traveler on a brief layover in the realm of the physical to replenish your senses in the delights of the Earth plane. The breakthrough you are looking for can only come about when you break through the resistance you have placed in your own way that has prevented you from realizing your dreams and desires. Forgive all that you can as you walk in humility along the road of self-mastery that is your own unique expression of Divine Mind. You were meant to enjoy life in whatever manner that brings you the greatest happiness. All things are possible when you become the silent witness to the fullness of life. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

A Day Without Judgment

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Would you be able to go 24 hours without judgment, living in total acceptance of all that is, in you, in your family and close circle of friends, in your community, your state, and your country, and in your world at large? A daunting task, is it not? Yet, as a divine being this is within your wheelhouse to do; you are all capable of this and so much more. You just have to apply yourself. Now, for some this may seem absurd, and for some it may seem inconceivable. But for some it is possible because of their belief in it through their awakening awareness of who they really are. Although in the greater scheme of things it does not matter who is awake and who is not, for each individual reality is a world unto itself. Keep in mind that the operating system you have all agreed to participate in, and contribute to is polarized, so the antithesis must always be present to some degree. Thus, you will never get rid of contrasting opinions and viewpoints, just as you will never get rid of oppression and inequality; these are all purposely built into the system. What is possible however, is to vibrate at such a high level that these things no longer matter to you as they once did. When you reach this heightened state of beingness, you will understand and have great compassion for the human condition without needing to change or alter it in any way. This realm of supra-consciousness is the Mind of God, and is calling you to its doorstep. Crossing this etheric threshold is easier than you think, as it does not involve any special initiation or association with one particular group over another. It simply requires allowing all things to be as they are. Start with that and let the rest fall into place. When you are an active participant in living you are not always aware of the bigger picture going on behind the scenes. It is only when you step away from the subjectivity of your daily affairs that you gain a clearer perspective of the grand design of life. The God within is the silent witness to not only the divine orchestration of this fractalized soul incarnation, but to all your multidimensional incarnations as well. You have access to all of this and more within the stillness of your own thoughts. Your divine essence is always there to love you unconditionally, to support you fully and completely, and to guide you to the next piece of the puzzle that is the ever-unfolding mosaic of your life. While a day without judgment may seem like an incredibly difficult undertaking, you are always and only just a breath away from realizing your magnificence. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Radical Acceptance

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Reunification with love can occur anywhere and under any situation or circumstance in life; you do not need to be secluded away in a calm and peaceful environment to feel the love of God within you. In fact, the more you can connect with the divine amidst your daily activities, the easier it will become to stay connected when stress levels go up around you. Inner peace and love buffer you from worry and anxiety. The world does not have to change for you to find inner peace however, for peace is who and what you are. The work you are doing here is strengthening your spiritual muscles to support you under any and all conditions. Take a permanent holiday from judgment and self-righteousness, walk in radical acceptance of everything just as it is, and say "yes" to whatever comes your way. In doing these things you will participate fully in every interaction and in every experience you have in life.

Whatever bothers you comes not from out there, but from the innermost confines of your own mind. Your happiness is never dependent on anything external to you, but always remains independent of any opinion or criticism directed towards you. Your spiritual practice is training you to trust the guidance that is constantly and continually being given to you from your higher self; your direct connection with the infinite source of all that is. You do not have to worry about the future because the future is created by your thoughts, feelings, and emotions in every now moment. The future is brightest when the divine light of who you are illuminates each moment with love and acceptance. This is the inner work you are immersed in as an awakened being.

Guilt and sin are true only to the ego, not to divine mind. Free will is a gift from God that allows you to create whatever reality you desire through your own choices and decisions. That which you are experiencing is the work of your own divine hand and no one else. There are never any wrong choices or bad decisions made on the path of self-remembrance, for all things are perfectly designed and orchestrated to give you exactly what your soul has decided would best serve your unique journey into creative expansion. It is all meant to be as it comes to pass; accept it, take responsibility for it, and then move on to the next new adventure. Be bold, be radical, and be unencumbered by the past. Today is another opportunity to create something grand. Surrendering to love is not a passive rumination, but an active pursuit in regaining and maintaining your inner peace and happiness. This is the greatest service you can offer to the world you have created. Become who you would like to encounter in your daily life; be the beacon of light that softens the roughened edges of your calloused outer world. When you align with the loving heart instead of the judging mind, you are better able to hear the sweet sounds the higher realms are guiding you towards to bring joy and fulfillment to your physical expression as a divine creator.

You are not separated from the love of God, although you feel like it at times. Use those moments of feeling isolated and alone as an indicator that you have been focusing too much of your energy upon judging yourself or your surroundings instead of practicing radical acceptance of what is occurring around you. A fearful mind is a mind distrustful of the will of God as your own free will. You create what you focus your attention upon; that is the will of God made manifest in you, through you, and as you. Give peace a chance by focusing on it with all your heart to the exclusion of everything else. Trust that your soul has a plan that cannot fail. In relaxing into the knowingness that you are always cared for and that you are loved for who you are being in every moment of your life, you raise your vibration to the heavenly realms of peace, love, and joy. Fear is not real; it is simply an illusion created by the limited mind. You are the essence of pure love; the energy that comprises all things great and small, seen and unseen. There is infinitely more to you than meets the eye, which can only be seen with Divine Vision and felt with Divine Love. While all are intuitively drawn to the infinite love that envelops all that is, those focused solely in the mind will have the hardest time receiving it fully and completely. Set the bar of your life to a higher vibrational standard, and watch the quality of your experiences quickly follow suit. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Voices In Your Head

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Spirit is always sending you information to assist you in your journey of self-discovery to remember the God within. The more you can maintain a higher vibrational resonance, the easier it is to hear the voices in your head coming from a wide range of beings that have your best interest and your highest good at heart. Although the quality of the information you are receiving in any given moment is always dependent upon your frequency output, you are still a human being grounded in a lower dimensional energy with its inherent filters of distortion, meaning that what comes to and through you will always have a certain amount of bias attached to it. But you can always discern if what you are getting is of the highest vibration possible by how it makes you feel. If it frees you from the limitations of uncertainty, if it is unconditionally loving, accepting, and allowing, and if it asks nothing of you in return then you can rest assured that the wisdom you are receiving is of a higher nature. Anything less will simply not be beneficial to your soul's desire to merge with the divine in physical form. While it may be disconcerting at first, you are not crazy hearing voices trying to communicate with you from within your own mind. Surrender to them; see what they have to say. You are always in control and you always have a choice as to whether you will heed the advice you are being given or discard it. In your surrendering you lesson your resistance which automatically increases your vibration, allowing you to feel coherence with the information or not. The veil that separates worlds is thinning around you, for the timeline you are currently experiencing has made communication with not only your higher self, but with extra-dimensional realms much more accessible than ever before. Use it to your advantage to make your life easier with less physical effort on your part. Allow the voices in your head to help you see with divine vision that all energy is serving you in some way. Although you come into each physical incarnation separated from the very source of who you are, you are never alone; God is always with you in body, mind, and spirit guiding you to the fullest expression of life in whatever manner that makes your heart sing and your spirit soar. What you believe strongly you will feel strongly. Yet, the quality of those feelings will always tell you rather quickly whether your beliefs are aligned with the God within or not. Listen to the voice for love in the stillness of your own heart and you will find the best in every moment you encounter. Take care of your body but know that you are so much more than the value you have placed upon it. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, August 2, 2019

Dancing With The Devil

This is an excerpt from Vol. 1 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Your Earth was created to be a place where beings throughout the cosmos could come to experience the resolution of their distortions of separation from the oneness of all that is. What you term evil is the unrecognized aspects of a God immersed in forgetting. Because this is a planet of polarity, opposites are simply extreme perspectives of the same thought. Right and wrong, black and white, good and evil, God and Lucifer; they are but two sides of the same coin. All things in your world that you attribute to the being called Satan, are really roles you have taken on to portray fear through the absence of love. What you see outwardly as evil casts the same shadow inwardly upon you. Where sin has taken you somewhere other than where you are, ascension will bring you back around to the home you have never left. Your world was created out of the unconditional love of God to be a place of healing where each of you, as pieces of God, could play within the illusion of forgetfulness and separation, to remember through experience, the wholeness that you inherently are. The expansion of the light can only occur in the presence of the dark. You see, God is literally all that is; it is the inclusion of everything, including what you perceive as evil. There is nothing that is outside of God's love. The density of Earth offers all who participate here the gift of choice; the ability to choose one feeling over another to create an experience that will help re-acquaint them with the God within. Although your fellow co-creators are each having their own unique experiences, together you have all agreed to be each other's mirror, meaning that you will draw unto you, others who are reflecting aspects of you that are vibrating at the same frequency of light. In this way you get to see, through your outer world, what you are feeling inside. Your work here is not to fix what you perceive as broken, but to accept it as part of the totality of who you are as an all-inclusive being of love and light. In dancing with the devil, you give yourself the opportunity to release judgments that separate you from what you have created. Duality is your game of choice. Look not upon your outer reality in abject despair or abhorrent disgust, but lovingly embrace and accept it all as aspects of you that you have rejected as less than who you truly are. The devil is you disguised as an unforgivable God. But it is all just an illusion; a dream that although appears real, is only held together by the belief that you are somehow separate from it. Release your judgments of an imperfect world beyond repair; Gaia is alive and well and ready to serve you any way you choose. You are both the good and the evil, for you are all that is, all that ever was, and all that will ever be. You are the creation of all your stories, myths, and legends, in all your dimensions and in all your realms, to help you remember the God that you have always been. Love and accept the duality within yourselves and within your world, regardless of what your mind tells you. Your challenge here has always been the abnegation of shame by choosing to love and accept the beauty and the beast within all beings. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Prophets And Prognostications

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

As divine beings you create your reality in every moment through the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you entertain. While it is true that you choose a unique set of birth circumstances in each incarnation that will help you experience what your soul wishes to understand more fully and completely, you have free will once you get here to do as you please. Yet you give your power away as the sole creator of your reality by assuming that you are living a predetermined set of circumstances in life that cannot be changed or altered in any way, by believing in the predictions and prognostications of self-proclaimed prophets and soothsayers, and by believing that you are being manipulated by others in some fashion against your will. As a sovereign being you have the absolute power at any time in your life to either agree or not agree to be controlled or manipulated by anyone or by anything, you have the absolute power at any time in your life to choose a timeline you prefer to experience, you have the absolute power at any time in your life to become your own savior, you have the absolute power at any time in your life to manifest that which you desire including a healthy body, and you have the absolute power at any time in your life to accelerate your ascension through your own cognitive processes, thus reversing aging and eliminating death altogether. This is your life; you designed it and you continue to create it to your liking as you go along. You never need to look outside yourself for your creative power. Choose whatever you want to experience in life, vibrate at that level, and then let it go to the universe to do the heavy lifting for you while you sit back, relax, and start living a life of joy. Ask not what is wrong with your world; ask instead what is right with it. Look to what is working in your life as opposed to what is not. Striving to find the best in yourself and in others is the surest way to keep your frequency high. The walls built to keep you separated and safe in your world were laid brick by brick by the fears within each of you. Spiritual development is not static, but an active process that is constantly evolving and expanding with new information that holds relevance for your shifting timelines. This affords you the grace to see the innocence in all things and the compassion to allow all things to be perfect expressions of God. Your twin flame is your own sweet soul, for it is your reflection mirrored back to you from your outer world. You are human to receive, to perceive, and to become God through the breath of life. Your perceptions are the stepping stones to God. Ascension and enlightenment are not achieved all at once, but in increments according to your willingness and your openness to be vulnerable to your experience. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Red Pill, Blue Pill

This is an excerpt from Vol. 2 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Creating the potential for a new experience to occur in your life is always determined by how you feel about yourself in the moment. A whole mind does not think about its creations; a lackful mind does. A whole mind does not see anything as broken or in need of fixing; a lackful mind does. Contemplation is lack as is any other measurement within the filters of a judging mind. Acceptance is non-debatable; it simply is. The now is perfect in every way, as are you. Evolution is the release of judgment and the end of humanistic determinism. The God that you are chooses you above all else. Betterment is an insurmountable obstacle that can never be fulfilled because it is based upon the fragmentation of a lackful mind. But you can let go of the last remnants of limited thought and free yourself to live each now moment as a chosen experience within the infinite potentiality of God by loving yourself unconditionally just as you are. The question becomes, “Will you take the red pill, or the blue pill?” While the blue pill may be an easier one to swallow, it continues the illusion of a lackful mind. The red pill on the other hand, signifies your readiness to awaken to a higher calling that although may make you a target to those who wish to keep the status quo of mass mediocrity intact, will advance you beyond measurement into a deeper understanding of the spiritual wisdom of infinite love. Thus, the Hunt of Venus continues, cycling back upon itself for yet another opportunity to align you with divine reality despite what the manifestations around you purport. You have been exploring what it is like to be a forgotten God in the fading light of a vanishing age. The dream is nearly over, for you are awakening to a new perspective as a God in full remembrance of its wholeness. Divine reality is love without attachment. It is a reality in which love is real and fear is not. It is the seamless integration of the golden flame of physicality with the violet flame of divinity to express the I Am That I Am presence within your humanity. Everything within all that is, including the physical is birthed from and exists within the mental realm of divine causality. As above so below means that all things are in harmony with each other, for nothing can exist that is not in accord with God. Nothing is ever inert within any aspect of divine reality as everything is energy in a state of perpetual motion and constant change. You all have within you the tree of life infused by the eternal breadth of All That Is and carried within the arterial system to nourish you with divine wisdom. Yet you also have veins to remove the toxins of misconception that have defined you as less than the God that you truly are. Both are viable and valuable components of the natural ebb and flow of physical existence. Everything within All That Is operates in a rhythmic cycle of divine cause and effect where nothing is independent of or unaffected by anything else. All is one, one is all, and all is love within the fertile ground of divine reality. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Verge Of Glory

This is an excerpt from Vol. 3 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Abundance is your natural state of being; a state of uncompromised energy flow that occurs when you are connected to the source within. Lack is a system of limiting beliefs that has stuck with you throughout your ancestral lineage. You will continue to incarnate into these restrictive agreements until you identify them, accept them, and release them once and for all. It is a belief in ownership that has created a blockage in your energy flow and prevented abundance from coming to you effortlessly. Stewardship and responsibility are more equitable and loving paradigms when dealing with the material world. Your religions have created even more distortions within you about your right to be abundant.

There are no tricks or techniques to abundance; it simply flows to you if you allow it to. The way to become abundant is to express the energy of non-resistant thought. You cannot entertain criticism, drama, neediness, anger, hatred, or resentment and expect money to flow into your life with ease. Allowance is the mindset that perpetuates abundance. There is nothing to figure out, just allow it to happen. Constructs like lotteries were created through mass consciousness and as such involve all sorts of conflicting energies. It is much easier to draw money to you using your own energy because you have no control over anyone but yourself.

Abundance is an open-wallet concept. Any restrictions you place upon success, either of yourself or others, reduces your ability to become successful. Beliefs of unworthiness or guilt or shame need to be released for abundance to flow to you. You must also eliminate expectations upon your abundance, for these are limitations as well. The how, why, and when of it are not your concern and will become apparent to you.

You are transforming energy all the time through your thoughts and beliefs. You must start to identify where your limitations are. If you have money issues in your life already you have longstanding limiting beliefs about money. Look to see where you are resistant. Are you generous, are you giving, are hoarding? Now expand it even further. Do you feel stuck, are you living in fear, are you unwilling to step into the unknown? To get something different in your life you must be willing to do something different. You are abundant in everything, even in fear and lack. On the verge of glory, you are being asked to step off the ledge of conformity into a new zone of uncomfortability to open the door for abundance to find you. What if it doesn’t work? I could lose everything; such are the rantings of an untrusting and an uninformed mind.

You are giving freedom to the highest level of expression as a creator being, thought. Peel away the layers one by one until you find the diamond beneath. Do not delude yourself into thinking that the amount of money you draw to you is dependent upon the amount of effort you apply; that is old energy. No work is required other than simply letting go of anything that restricts you in any way then following the opportunities without second-guessing yourself. Bless the energy of abundance that you are; release it into the ethers without expectation and it will come back to you in unexpected ways. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Holding On To Yesterday

This is an excerpt from Vol. 1 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Yesterday no longer serves you; today is the only thing that matters. Everything you have done in the past has defined you in some way and has limited you through the structure of judgment. It is time to go through your emotional closet and get rid of anything you have outgrown. Are you ready for a new wardrobe? What have you yet to experience? You are an unlimited being with unlimited potential. The moment you name yourself from your past you limit your ability to experience the unknown.

Yesterday no longer serves you; today is the only thing that matters. In the now you give yourself the opportunity to expand into new thoughts and ideas. You are free to pursue whatever excites you, whatever intrigues you, or whatever causes you to question the constructs you have agreed to operate under. Hoarders beware that which you covet, for you will continue to pinch yourself off from the grandeur of the moment. Is there not an unlimited supply of air to breathe, of thoughts to think, of love to receive?

Yesterday no longer serves you; today is the only thing that matters. Release the memories that have held you down for so long. Set them free and feel the weight lift from your shoulders. You deserve to be whole; you are worthy of love. Peel of the labels you have placed upon your garments that have left no room for anything new. You are the undefinable God impervious to all categorization or classification. Are all you encounter on your journey not entitled to the same autonomy? They too are divine just as you. They too are sovereign beings free to explore without question whatever they are choosing in their now.

Yesterday no longer serves you; today is the only thing that matters. Rise from the morass of social constraint and conformity and create something bold. Dare to be different. It is only through an unlimited perspective of the God within that the world transforms. The ability to move mountains does not involve magical powers of any kind. The mountain is simply transformed by the energy you give off. In fact, all are elevated to a new level by your frequency alone regardless of how it appears on the surface. You are not, however, doing it for anyone other than yourself, for the world is but a reflection of who you are choosing to be in the now. There is no need to keep holding on to yesterday. You are entitled to be whoever you want to be. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Pink Elephant

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Because you are a multidimensional being, you are a collective in and of yourself. When you tap into that vast resource of knowledge, you give yourself a tremendous advantage as a deliberate creator over those who do not. You have superbly and skillfully crafted a reality to play in that supplants individual autonomy in favor of controlled consensus because this narrative lets you can see more clearly what does not resonate with your true nature. It is not that those seemingly in charge of your world do not want you to know how powerful you are, but rather that you have set up for yourself a contrasting environment that highlights the difference between who you are and who you are not for the purpose of individual growth and expansion. The pink elephant in the room is that you are indeed the creator of your reality. You have placed the control of your world in your own hands, for all that comprises your world is really you in disguise. The collective is your multidimensional self being projected outward so that you may have and experience of seeing God in, and as all things. You do not have to buy into the illusion of separation to keep playing the game: your awareness of it is enough to awaken that which already exists within you. You have the ability to balance anything in your reality because you are the energy of all that is. Anything and everything is possible according to you and only you.

As a physically focused being you are often preoccupied with the distractions of your material world. But in the quietness and the stillness of your heart and mind you will realize your connection to the divine source of all that is. It is not until you make the conscious effort to stop and listen to the voice within that you will tap into the wisdom, guidance, and clarity that is always there to help you find your way to inner peace and harmony. The voice of God is your own voice unfiltered and unencumbered by the distortions of limited thought. You are one with God in thought, in word, and in deed. The great creative platform that is God is continually expanding itself through you and as you whether you are aware of it or not. Yet when you are cognizant of this fact your life becomes a deliberate expression of divine mind touching the hearts of all with the infinite and eternal love of God. You are coming into your own in this time of spiritual quickening. Fear not what is happening in your world; simply stay focused upon your own inner work without judging others for where you think they are along the path. All paths however circuitous they may appear on the surface, will ultimately lead to the realization of the truth about who you are. Your purpose here is to not only be exactly who you are being while allowing all others to be exactly who they are as well, but to not shy away from immersing yourself in the fullness of life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The way others are being does not have to affect you unless you allow it to; it is always and only your choice to do so. No choice however, is right or wrong. It is simply and powerfully there just for the experience of it. God is allowing and accepting of all lifestyles and all life paths with unconditional love. Insistence on anything is resistance to everything.

Energy is fluid and free flowing by nature. But energy can become trapped by its surroundings. With human beings it is your beliefs that trap energy within you creating the potential for dysfunction, illness, or injury to occur in your body and disharmonious events to manifest in your life. What pressures are you putting on yourself by the beliefs you hold to be true? Underlying all distortions within the subconscious mind are feelings of guilt, shame, blame, and unworthiness weighing heavily upon you. All beliefs have inherent within them some degree of limitation or contradiction to the resonance of your divine being or they would not be with you in physical form. Yet you were meant to be free and fluid in body, mind, and spirit. Any beliefs you have that are either derived from you or taught to you by others that restrict your natural freedom and fluidity can negatively affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The greater the amount of conflicting energy the belief brings up within you, the greater the potential for disharmony to materialize in your reality. You are here to do the inner work necessary to free yourself from any and all limitations that distort the beauty and the magnificence that you are and have always been. Observe, engage, and take what you need from your experience to help you remember that you are already whole and complete just as you are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

You Are In No Condition

This is an excerpt from Vol. 3 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Do not let the conditions of your life define you. Rather, use them as a way to experience yourself as something greater than what they represent. Bless them and see them as useful tools to help you create your future experience.

Nothing in life is real, nor does anything have any meaning except the meaning that you give it. You are always at liberty to decide what everything means through the context of your experiences and who you choose to be in relationship to them. Never ask why something has occurred the way it has. Instead, decide what it means to you, then choose a response that best reflects your highest thought about who you wish to be in this moment. All of life is a gift with which to create the perfect opportunity to express perfection in, as, and through you. Simply notice what is so, and then decide what aspect of yourself you next wish to experience.

Your decisions are the emotional responses to the events of your life and are always based upon one of two emotions, love or fear. Decisions based upon love are always without condition, limitation, or restriction of any kind. They will always yield unity, inclusion, freedom, inspiration, choice, giving, sharing, healing, and growth. Decisions based upon fear are always exclusive, judgmental, and condemning in nature. They will always yield retribution, disunity, separation, competition, aggression, violence, and stagnation.

You have a divine essence of pure love within you, but you have allowed the limited human mind to use fear to separate you from that essence. Every moment in life is an opportunity to bring the love that you are to your human experience. This has always been your one true purpose; to define yourself in the remembrance of the God that you are.

When the soul comes into the physical realm, it chooses a body that will best align with its pre-programmed desires. The journey is one of remembering the soul's desires and then getting the body to express those desires. In every life the soul knows when it has completed its work and sheds the costume it has been wearing and eventually choose another, and another, and yet another until it has fully realized, that is made real, the complete expression of the love of self within the physical experience.

Relativity is what keeps the illusion of the physical realm together. It is the relationship of all things to each other and it is the greatest gift to creation, for without this agreement nothing could exist. Bless therefore, all the relationships of your life because without them you would not be able to experience your world.

Life is the ever-evolving process of accepting all that is then choosing the best, the highest, and the greatest thought that you have ever held about yourself. It is always about choosing unconditional love and oneness in every moment and with every breath. This is who you are, for you are all God and this is what each soul longs for; the kingdom of heaven lived consciously and deliberately without condition in the eternal moment of now. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


This is an excerpt from Vol. 1 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

You cannot grow without repetition. That is why you are constantly revisiting your issues over and over again, but with different players. This is necessary to integrate your new 5th dimensional personality construct, with the 3rd dimensional structure you came into the planet with. This is a time of great acceleration where both the human collective and the earth collective are expanding to a higher vibrational frequency in tandem. This co-creative event has never been accomplished before, so there is much enthusiasm, not only within your own galaxy, but within the universe at large. Your expansion here creates expansion for the whole as it manifests itself in a myriad of ways throughout the universe. Your 5th dimensional persona is what you have referred to as your higher self, and will become your new operating system as a physically focused being on Earth. This heart-based expression of source energy is gender neutral, as it is the amalgamation of all sexual identifiers that have existed on your planet up until this point.

As light workers, the only work that need be done is on yourself. The awakening to your own light sends ripples throughout the collective creating awakening potentials for all to experience if they so choose. It is not, however, your responsibility to do this work for others. As a collective, you are opening to the acceptance and allowance of all truths to exist without the need to change anyone else's opinion or point of view. This is the love of the creator that now flows through your 5th dimensional perspective. Be patient with yourselves, as you still have programs running that are tied to 3rd dimensional constructs. Overall, your progression is always upwards, even if it appears to be otherwise. You are universal beings of love and light that have chosen this time on Earth to be part of an amazing happening that will rewrite your history from this moment forward. Your past has been replete with darkness that makes your current timeline seem like a walk in the park. You are here to finally clear the trauma that resulted from those darkened times. Behold, the Christ has arisen in the hearts of men! Now is the time, and this is the place where it all comes together to create the New Earth you have heard so much about. You are all playing a vital role in this momentous and monumental occurrence. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


This is an excerpt from Vol. 2 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Healing occurs the moment you no longer see value in pain. Who would choose suffering unless they thought it would bring them something of value in return? Sickness is a decision; it is a choice for weakness in the mistaken conviction that it is strength. You have been misled into believing that without pain nothing is worthwhile, without suffering nothing is achieved, without effort there is no success, and without loss there is no gain. These are the musings of a madman; a mind seduced by insanity and out of touch with what is really so. To say, "This no longer serves me" is to recognize first and foremost that it is the mind and not the body that creates disharmony. Sickness does not choose you, you choose it. The mind creates the environment for pain and suffering to take hold within your physical structure.

So if the mind creates illness it can heal it as well. In fact, there is nothing that your mind cannot do as long as you believe it to be so. The body is but a faithful servant to the creative mind. It makes no decisions on its own; it simply does what it is told to do without question or hesitation. “To thine own self be true.” Your mind is the physician of your body. It decides if and when the body will heal. It out-pictures this inner choice by drawing to itself tangible evidence of its desire. Others are not even necessary but exist only to give validation to the process.

The decision for health lies solely within each individual mind. When the malady has served the purpose for which it was created, it will disappear as quickly as it came. And what is its purpose? To empower you to the realization that you are the one in control of your reality through the perspectives and perceptions you entertain within your mind. By changing your mind, you move your life in a new direction of understanding the power that lies within you to create that which you prefer instead of what you are offered by the world you see around you. Your responsibility is to yourself first, for you are your own creator. Pain and suffering, guilt and shame, can now be seen for what they are; items of equal weight and stature to choose from on the menu of life. You can heal yourself at any time simply by choosing the mind over the body. The world will become a grand adventure when you place your mind at the helm of the ship. When you gain control of your own mind, you will no longer be at the mercy of the rollercoaster that is mass consciousness. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Your Best Self

This is an excerpt from Vol. 3 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Time is a way in which energy can be expressed and experienced in this physical realm. It has the ability to be imprinted with emotional energy so that it can reappear again and again, until the experience is healed and integrated back into wholeness. The heavier the energy you experience in life the denser your physical body becomes. As you travel through the higher dimensions you become less physical and more light-body. Dimensions are not physical locations but are vast conglomerations of similar energies that represent living libraries of information which can only be accessed through a vibratory match in frequency. As you transcend your physical experience you not only become lighter but you have access to more information which raises your frequency and moves you into a more expanded dimension.

Some of you have come into this incarnation with the potential for an ascension experience yet have had difficulty achieving it due to the density of the collective consciousness surrounding you. Ascension is the integration of your multidimensionality with that of your physicality; the conscious awareness of the whole self with the fractalized portion that exists in this time-space reality. Your experiences of the whole are perceived through a narrow window of time called linearity. Information appears to be coming from past or future lives when in fact it is all occurring at the same time simply at different frequencies. Since time is circular in nature, you relive experiences that require closure or healing through a heightened perspective. This particular timeline you are living in is focused upon healing collective karma as opposed to individual karma.

The form of transition that a soul experiences on the Earth plane is quite different from any other place in the universe and is dependent upon its collective experience in the physical realm. Souls exiting the body have free will and can choose to either identify with the soul fractal or go into the light and integrate with the one consciousness. A soul who chooses to remain as a fractalized energy becomes attached to the earth realm to continue working through karmic lessons that were not fully healed while alive. Those souls who have merged with the oneness may choose at any time to refractalize and assist those on the Earth plane as spirit guides or physically re-emerge as ascended masters to share what they have learned in higher dimensions of consciousness.

All souls arrive here with a vibrational intention to serve humanity through awakening and expressing their own creativity. Through service to self the whole is always served. Many have struggled to find a greater purpose in the world when in fact it has always been about your own expansion, your own happiness, and your own dreams and desires. By bringing personal creativity to the forefront of your life, you assist others by maintaining the highest vibration possible. The greatest gift you can give to others is your best self, not theirs. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The clarification you are looking for in life comes from the atonement with your true divine nature; a reality that is unconditionally loving and accepting of who you are at all times regardless of what the ego tells you or sends your way. The ruminations of lower mind consciousness will never give you comfort, clarity, or peace of mind because they are all based upon a system of measurement that compares you to a standard that is unattainable by anyone. It controls you by keeping you in a perpetual state of frenzied agitation. But when you begin to realize that there is another way that is easier and less painful and that you can access it simply by becoming the silent witness to your experience, you will immediately connect to the centeredness of your being and the awareness that you are and have always been held firmly within the loving embrace of God. While a mind divided cannot rest, a peaceful mind has accepted its atonement with the divine source and aligned with love. The transformation of mind that love offers will guide you to a truth that is right for you in every moment. You are never done learning, for there is no end to how much love you have to give to your creations. What you see around you is of your making and represents a continuous opportunity for you to embrace it all with love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and allowance. You have come into physicality to actively apply these divine qualities to all your encounters, interactions, and relationships. There is nothing to forgive in your world, but everything to love. You are in the midst of tumultuous times on your planet. Every day introduces you to new ways of being helping you to clarify and atone your mind with the eternal light and infinite love of God. Your fractalized consciousness is part of the harmonious wholeness of All That Is. When you incarnate into a body you adopt a genetic lineage that comes from many different species and races throughout the universe. Even though your consciousness is separate from your human DNA, there is a parallel between the body's multigenetics and your multidimensionality, for both exist within the holographic multiverse for the purpose of creative expression. The tribulation is here and you have had a hand in it all along. How will you answer love’s call? Will you react out of the habitualized fear of your past, or will you respond by rising to the occasion consciously and deliberately choosing an unknown path in accordance with divine mind and the immutable principles of atonement? Only your heart knows the way. Homeward bound you are all, for there is nowhere else to go. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Battle Of Good And Evil

This is an excerpt from Vol. 2 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

The desire of every soul is to connect with something bigger than itself. There is a great creative source that encompasses all that is and wants to be part of your life. It is already hard wired into your genetic make-up so it is available to you at any time but only through a conscious decision to listen to the wisdom, guidance, and clarity it has to offer. It will never impose its will upon you; you must extend the invitation. There have been things in your life that you could not explain using the linear, logical, and rational mind; this one supersedes them all. You are all connected to God because it is part of who and what you are. All that is needed in your life is received through this connection; it is your eternal life-line to infinite wellbeing. Trust that it exists and listen for its guidance. The ego will tell you it is not real and not to waste your time on such childish things, yet it is there none the less and it is far wiser than a fraction of all collective egos put together.

You will be guided every step of the way if you can just allow life to flow through you without judging it. What are you so invested in that would keep you from the love of God? What conditions in your life are so important that you would neglect guidance and wisdom from the source of all that is? You are all here to support each other, not to add to the division. Celebrate each other as you celebrate yourselves. Smile at the world because you know there is only love and that love provides for all things in every way. Miracles are not proprietary to only one truth; they happen regardless of what anyone believes.

In your physical world duality has represented the battle between good and evil, but it is really the inner struggle between the human mind and the higher self. Your awareness of the God within raises your vibration so you can connect to the higher self more deeply. With that comes a sense of compassion not only for your human self, but for all those around you as well. This is the love of the creator in action within you. Ask for guidance and know that you will hear an answer. Mediators and middlemen are not necessary because you are always connected directly to source at all times. You need not take sides any longer in your life, for it is all good; it is all God expressing itself in infinite ways. Release your old habits of lack, limitation, and distrust and welcome in the new era of abundance, unlimitedness, and the knowingness that the love of God now resides permanently within you. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Till Death Do Us Part

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

This lifetime represents death of the ego. While the ego cannot really die, it can claim its rightful place in your experience. The ego is your sworn protector; it is dedicated to your preservation, not as a spirit, but as a physical body. Therein lies the paradox of life, for you are non-physical consciousness donning a body to have a corporeal experience. Yet your consciousness is not subordinate to anyone or anything, including your ego. In fact, it is very much the reverse. Your consciousness is so powerful that it allows the ego to have its way because it knows that you are an eternal being who is always safe and sound despite any condition or situation you may find yourself in. Where the ego demands, the heart allows. Where the ego judges, the heart accepts. And where the ego chastises, the heart loves unconditionally. So when you find yourself frustrated that things are not going your way or moving as quickly as you would like, simply know that it is your ego in the driver's seat for the moment. By giving the ego a well-deserved break and letting your heart take the wheel, you will immediately feel a sense of relief. As you start to regain your peace of mind, find appreciation for where you are and for what you have already accomplished. Praise yourself for a job well done at every opportunity. The stress you experience in life comes from the ego constantly judging its surroundings to keep you safe. Yet your safety is never in question. Peace lies within you as does love, acceptance, and compassion for yourself and for all others in your world. The physical experiences of life only seem difficult when viewed through the eyes of a judging mind. Die to the ego so you can be reborn into the salvation of love, the salvation of the heart. The divine light shines bright within you at all times, for you are always connected to the eternal spring of infinite wellbeing. Your diminished recognition of this is the only thing holding you back from the freedom that is your birthright as a God being.

The miracle of life is the soul's desire to express its consciousness through a body for the abundance of transformative experiences it will garner in the process. Yes, life is process driven. God is indeed alive and well within every cell of your body for the soul purpose of reunification. The divine is hardwired into your biology and will become activated when appropriate under the direction of your higher self. You have far fewer needs in the world of materialism than you have come to believe. The ego incessantly pushes you to strive for more at all costs; its appetite is insatiable. But the ego is really a collective reinforced by any societal structures rooted in narcissistic patterning; it cannot love you unconditionally because of this. Yet the divine spark within is appreciative of all that you are and knows that your evolution into a deeper, a greater, and a more expansive understanding of love is not only natural, but inevitable. You are the interpreter of the co-creative dance that is life in the physical realm. It is only up to you to decide for yourself in every moment what the relevance and the significance of anything is. In your compassion for yourself as a human being do you release the distortions the ego champions and free yourself from the programs of limitation that have kept you in servitude to a judging mind steeped in ideological separatism. Although this is a never-ending journey that you can take respite from at any time, you will freely and enthusiastically choose to actively participate in forevermore. But for now, simply make choices that are more aligned with the heart than the mind. The galactic speed-up you have been moving through is helping you merge with your higher self. To be happy and relaxed during this time of spiritual transcendence means you are heart centered; to be agitated and fearful means you are not; it is that easy. Surrender to your heart and let it guide you to a happier, healthier, and a more fulfilled experience. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Super Powers

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Even though everyone on your planet experiences the same range of emotions, how they affect your physical structure is unique to each and every one of you. Feelings are a direct line of communication between the body and the mind. If you are feeling negativity of any kind, you have thought patterns that are out of alignment with your higher self. This mental disharmony is what is causing your physical symptoms of disease and disability. Your awareness of this cause and effect relationship is paramount to not only healing these areas of disharmony within you, but within your outer reality as well. All things are but a reflection of your innermost thoughts, feelings, and determinations about who you believe yourself to be and who you choose to become in any given moment. Facing your feelings fully and completely despite their discomfort will help to diffuse the negative charge you have placed upon them. Remember that all things are inherently neutral and without meaning by themselves; it is only your past relationship with them that energizes your emotions along the polar scale. Because you have the ability to focus thought energy, you can disarm any potential threat to your physical and mental wellbeing simply by changing your mind. Feeling is really what life is all about. Going within to get in touch with your higher self gives you access to your multidimensionality which will assist you in integrating all feelings within you as part and parcel of who you are as a divine being exploring physical reality. Although you can heal anything in your life, it requires letting go of the misconception that you cannot. Your prayers of supplication only serve to further reinforce any feelings of disempowerment that still linger within your consciousness. The more relaxed and at ease you can be with what you are experiencing, the better your physical body will respond to your requests, and the quicker it will regain its energetic equilibrium. Your super powers as a divine being in physical form are love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and allowance, not telepathy, telekinesis, or teleportation. While these latter attributes are a natural byproduct of those former qualities, they cannot be the driving force behind your choices. You are all working together as a collective to awaken your world to a higher state of being and a better quality of live for all of humanity. No one is excluded in this transition regardless of how it appears on the surface. Stepping away from any feelings of judgment and self-righteousness is vital to your success in this grand endeavor of conscious evolution. You can best assist others during this process by taking the higher ground whenever possible. A helping hand does not always mean proselytizing, but can be effectively achieved in subtler ways through compassionate interactions and loving exchanges. Focusing upon the best in all situations and circumstances will enhance your relationships and strengthen your commitment to expressing the God within. A better world you will find, when it comes from the heart and not from the mind. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Finding Your Oneness

This is an excerpt from Vol. 1 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

There is no purpose in life; there is only experience. The master understands this and frees herself by eliminating all purpose from her life. Any meaning you give to anything creates judgment, identity, and separation. The difference you make in life is your acceptance of it. To embrace life as it is in the now moment renders it meaningless. There is no meaning to anything. Meaning is limitation speaking to you through the ego mind. The ego finds value in separation. It does not value love because it cannot control it, so it creates structure to control you. It has taught you to be afraid of losing your personal identity; creating exclusionary walls to separate you from your expanded self which is the love of all that is. Whatever you deplore further separates you by denying its right to exist. The journey of life is not about losing your identity; it is about finding your oneness.

The reflections of the self being viewed from different sides, angles, and perspectives is the gift of experience. Everything before you is worth looking at or it would not be there. You have created this time-space continuum to remember how powerful you are. Regret is the egos perspective superimposed upon the God-self that limits the choices you have already made. When you accept what is already chosen, you center yourself which moves you forward in your evolution as a conscious creator. You cannot do anything about what already is other than to understand why you made the choice you did. Your perspective is the only thing you can change. The reality you exist in requires only love. What you do not remember does not need to be recollected because it was fully understood.

What you do remember is distorted and is there to be transmuted through love and acceptance. You experience things to bring love to them because that is who and what you are. The unknown needs nothing but love to be applied to it. Your forgotten self is found in love. Everything that comes to you is there to be responded to with love. Life is a mirror that shows you how you see yourself. Use whatever is presented to you to awaken the infinite intelligence within you. Stop fighting for your limitations with more limitations. Set them free with love. You are a constant giver; always supplying your perspective to the now moment. Give the love that you are. Pain, suffering, lack, limitation, fear, anger, blame, guilt; these are all your inner distortions being reflected back to you through your outer world to be forgotten once and for all with love and acceptance. Be God, choose your heart, accept everything. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, April 1, 2019

The True Essence Of Healing

This is an excerpt from Vol. 3 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

What you are searching for is the very essence of who you are. The very act of wanting something means that you already are a version of it. So when you recognize that what you want exists within you right now, you can then begin to manifest the reflection of it into your external environment. When you see yourself as that which your mind is searching for, you allow it to manifest very quickly in your reality. It is in the purposeful manipulation of energy that mastery of life occurs. Remembering that you already are what you are seeking allows the game to become fun again. It was meant to be fun; you have just forgotten for a moment. The mind searches for the connection, while the heart knows that the reflection is the connection that the mind is searching for. Your greatest work is always in convincing the mind that the work has already been done, and allowing yourself to see the reflection that the heart already knows exists. You are reminding the mind that it is just a formality of the human experience while playing the forgetting game. Healing occurs when the whole parts of you remind the broken parts of you that they have always been whole. Within every healing experience lies a blessing for self.

Your soul’s greatest desire is to live a fulfilled life in a joyful and loving way through a deeper connection to the feeling of being God. The mind wants to get there, but there is really nowhere to get to; there is only a deeper understanding of where you already are. In this process, the mind will feel like it is going through a death experience. It will try to remind you that you are small; that you are powerless; that you are unworthy; that you are not God. Your grandest work is reminding the mind that you are already where it wants to lead you. You do not have to work to get there for you are already there. The mind wants to get out of the cage of limitation, whereas the heart wants to be out of the cage. It is a subtle difference. The mind wants you to believe that you have to do something to get out, where the heart is already out just by the desire. Healers give their patients a glimpse of what it is like to be out of the cage. They stop searching for the key and they simply step outside the door. Healing helps people remember that where they want to get to, they already are. You are assisting them in transforming old patterns of behavior by holding the understanding for them within you. A healer is a consistent reminder of the divinity within. Knowing that you are already the essence of what you are searching for is immediate empowerment. What others are searching for in you is just a reminder of what already exists within them. You are here to allow the grand work through you, not by you. It is an expanding energy where the whole parts remind the broken parts that they have always been whole. Within every healing experience lies a blessing for self; it just happens to benefit others in the process. In your sharing, you are reminding others of the loving allowance you are embodying for yourself. There is no separation between the spirit realm and the physical realm; there is only the illusion of separation on the human side.

There is no hierarchy in the universe, no greater or lesser expression of beingness; only the preferences you wish to experience next on your journey. Your expansion is never about becoming more of what was, it is about becoming more aware of what has always been. No one will ever master life nor would anyone want to. The game is alluring because it holds an immense amount of uncertainty within it. One can master moments, but never the entire game. Each moment presents you with another opportunity to reconnect with the oneness to express your greatest potential, and although the players and the preferences may change, the outcome remains the same; you are, and always will be, one with God. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Ready To Be Ready

This is an excerpt from Vol. 2 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Appreciation can be better than meditation to get you ready to be ready especially if you are not starting off in a place of good feeling thoughts. Meditation is important because it focuses your attention. If, however, you are focusing upon something that you are not ready for it will not feel good. What you are ready for takes very little effort because it is the next logical step in manifestation. If what you want seems like it is too far away then it is. Be ready to be ready for what you are ready for in this moment and what you are not ready for will work its way to you. When what you want is not happening you must find a way to be happy with what is manifesting. You are never going to run out of things to manifest in your life. It is all there waiting for you but you must be in vibrational readiness for it to unfold without expectation.

Meditation allows you to quiet your mind and become detached from your surroundings. When you are not paying attention to anything in particular you are in alignment with source energy and you will let your inner being send you higher vibrational thoughts and ideas. Living in a world of chaos is a good thing because it gives you more choices. Like meditation, diversity teaches you to become really good at focusing so you can find positive aspects in the most unexpected places. You are always better in no thought than you are at trying to change a negative thought to a positive one. Inner harmony allows you to enjoy all that is without needing to change any of it. It also makes you unwilling to go places vibrationally that take you away from that feeling of connectedness. The more sensitive you are the easier it is for you to feel the discord when you are not aligned with source. The fear of being in a chaotic world will dissipate once you become unwavering in your resolve to feel good all the time. That is really what enlightenment is; an unwavering connection to your inner source of infinite wellbeing. Sleep is necessary in life because it quiets your mind and connects you to the divine. Meditation can accomplish the same thing. A vibration without resistance will only lead to good things happening in your life. That is how inspiration turns thoughts into things. With practice you will be able to center yourself to a vibration where inspiration creates impulses to act upon.

You know you are ready to be ready when you can maintain feeling really good despite what is happening around you. Let there always be satisfaction with where you are and anticipation for what is coming next. Without anticipation for what will be, what is will lose its satisfaction. That is why contrast, chaos, and diversity are necessary components to take you to the brink of something more. Be satisfied with what is yet always be eager for more. Regardless of whether you are feeling good and connected with your infinite source of wellbeing or shooting rockets of desire from the contrast of your life experience, you are on the right track. There is no risk in life; there is only a steady flow of creative expression expanding you towards your infinite potential. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Time On Your Side

This is an excerpt from Vol. 4 of the e-book series, The Aligned Mind, Oracle of Divine Wisdom. Enjoy...

Emotional triggers are the ego's last ditch effort to hold onto trauma that you are unwilling to let go of. Be gentle with yourselves as you work with these things adding love, kindness, and compassion whenever and wherever possible to soften the rigidly that these traumas have caused. Time is given to you to help you learn to hear the inner guidance that is the love of God within you. Your outer experience will change only when you change your mind about who you believe yourself to be and what you believe your true purpose in life really is. You are human to first remember and then express the love that you have always been. The ego will try to convince you that you are here to make money, to invent something, or to somehow save the world. But these things are merely distractions that get in your way of being loving, kind, and compassionate to yourself and to others. Your inner guidance system is always prepared to help you navigate your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Yet you must be open and receptive to its input. In meeting yourself half way you close the vibrational gap between heart and mind, love and fear. You are getting much more comfortable with tapping into source consciousness which represents the creative dynamic of all potentials and possibilities. With time on your side, you will accomplish exactly what your soul has come here to do. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.