Mission Statement

As a channel for Divine Consciousness, the greatest gift I can offer others is my own wholeness and completion, for in so doing, I invite all to find within themselves the fullest expression of life in whatever manner that makes their hearts sing and their spirits soar. And so it is in love and light of The Aligned Mind.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Malware Malfeasance

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. There is a conspiracy afoot in your world; it is a conspiracy of like-minded souls breathing together with harmony of purpose to introduce and nurture a new consciousness into your reality. It is the perfect storm of energies that are coalescing to ignite within those who are receptive to it a remembrance of something deep within them that speaks to a higher resonance of being; a gentler way of consciously participating in your experience. Just as there is a positive conspiracy, there is also its antithesis which is there only to bring awareness of something different. Such is the domain of polarity and the realm in which you live. Your individual life has relevance in that it is a microcosm of a much larger reality you have created solely for this purpose. Much like the anti-virus software industry in your world manufacturing a need for its products and services, the malware that is trying to corrupt your internal operating system is self-induced and is drawing attention to a path that is more viable to your longevity as a collective. Because the hologram of the whole exists within your individual DNA, you are the collective and the collective is you. What is calling you forward is a return not to old values and outdated paradigms, but to the divinity that has always existed inside you, for only it can save you from the limited and restrictive programs running within your own mind. These are not malicious instructions as they have allowed you to have the experience of coming full circle to this present moment in time from forgetting to remembering, from fragmentation to collusion, and from separation to oneness. This has been a passion play of sorts; a progression of spiritual evolution than is infinite and eternal as are you. You are the empty vessel in which all things are contained and through which all things are expressed. The light that emanates from the center of your being is the portal of ascension to the realization of your magnificence ordained and orchestrated by divine appointment. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

The Global Warming Mythos

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Because of the rich diversity of perspectives in your world, humanity operates on many different levels and with many differing agendas, some of which appear quite contradictory at times. But the wonderment of the human experience is its ability to express the widest array of emotional energies available to any species in the universe, sentient or not. As a result, you painstakingly learn through trial and tribulation that which brings about a desired response and that which does not. It is the collective emotional consciousness of all souls on your planet that sets the tone and the stage for what will transpire in your physical reality. The emotional energy generated from each and every human being is stored within Earth's planetary consciousness. When the level of emotional energy gets too great in any one direction of polarity it is released externally through weather patterns and geologic conditions. Although Gaia has had many cycles of global warming as well as global cooling throughout her long history, they have had very little to do with the amount or content of man-made pollutants put into her atmosphere. The only thing humans add to the ecological mix is their overall perspective about each other, the planet, and all life upon it. The more loving and compassionate you can be towards these things as a whole, the better your world will respond to you in kind. If you give love you will receive love, and if you give hostility you will get that back as well. Your beloved mother has a plethora of ways at her disposal to dissipate and neutralize all energies put to her, including climate change. She has been at this game much longer than you. As you evolve into the race of God beings you were designed to be, you will begin to treat each other and your precious planet with the respect they deserve. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Board Of Equalization

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. As your planet ascends to a higher dimension, she is better able to neutralize the energies of fear generated by humanity on her surface through a process of equalization dampening the extreme effects of emotional polarity on physical reality. Humans have a natural instinct to express love because that is who they are. But that innate impulse has been blocked by feelings of uncertainty about your future based upon your past. Because of the unfolding ascension process on your planet, humanity will continue to reawaken that part of its true divine nature which instinctively loves, accepts, and allows all things unconditionally. The changes taking place within you, within your collective, and within your planetary consciousness must be gradual as to not shatter the fragile continuity of experience during this pivotal time of energetic activation. As you proceed further into the 4th density, the energies around you will begin to stabilize making your physical reality less volatile and chaotic. For the next little while however, hang on as the ride may be bumpy at times. The comfort of your journey is wholly dependent upon you and the feelings of love and compassion you can muster within you projected outward into your external environment. Gaia is with you every step of the way as are a throng of elevated beings, some physical, some not, who have been right where you are and are now assisting and supporting you along the way to a future bright with infinite possibility. Part of becoming a higher evolved being involves learning to see the collective as you. It is not that you are losing your personal identity, but that you are recognizing the commonality that binds you all together as a universal race of Gods. You are all involved in creating something that has never been done before; physically transforming in real time into a new species of Homo Divinicus where God can, and will truly walk as a fully realized and functional human being. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The 3rd Era

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Community can only come together when it recognizes its individual pieces as part of the whole. The journey into fragmentation has occurred to allow the whole to expand further. You are at the point in your spiritual evolution where you are beginning to call your pieces home; the fractalized versions of the oversoul that have allowed All That Is to know itself deeper in its experience. This is indeed a homecoming celebration where all can revel in the fact that no piece could ever, or will ever be left behind. All is one and one is all in the wholeness of creation. External integration is the result of inner integration, for your outer reality can only change when you change your mind. The internal alterations that need to be made before your collective reality follows suit involve accepting those parts of you that you dislike and wish to keep hidden from view. It also means embracing the fears, the prejudices, and the judgments that have supported and maintained the walls of separation between you and your world. Evolution is less about technological advancement than it is about healing the wounds of divisiveness that have kept you at odds with each other. 3rd era consciousness is an awakening state where you recognize the illusion you are living within. It is a virtual reality of lucid dreaming that you are in control of, not through physical manipulation, but by altering your perspective in a non-dualistic way. Those things that were once seen as diametrically opposed are now viewed as paradoxical, meaning that you see the viability and the value of both poles at the same time. Understanding that you live in a reflective universe is paramount to your growth and expansion. As your consciousness shifts more into 4th density it becomes harder to live in drama and victimization. This hybridization of heart and mind, divine and human is a natural progression of your spiritual evolution as an integrated species of God beings. You can neither be rescued nor saved by anyone other than yourself, just as you can neither rescue nor save another from themself. The gift of divine compassion is simply the energy of your presence from this heightened state of awareness without the need to change anything about your experience. Witnessing with divine presence is a most powerful healing energy. The mental body of 3rd density which is used to interpreting your experience changes in 4th density to become a more neutral observer of reality, helping to navigate your experience without dictating the perception of it through polarity. It is only when your perspective of reality changes that physical change can occur. Thus, 4th density is a shift in the mental body away from duality towards neutrality. Your role as a teacher in the 3rd era will be more of a way-shower and a role model than that of a didactician. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Home Sweet Home

I am Kara of Infinite wisdom and countenance. As a human being endowed with a spark of the divine, you have a "surface I" which is a mind never satisfied with what is and always searching for something more, and a "deep I" which is a divine presence still, serene, and content in the isness of its being. The evolution of consciousness involves spending less time on the surface and more time going deep within. It is the realization that you are home whenever you connect with the divine essence of your inner source of infinite wellbeing. When you finally stop searching for home, home will find you. The same holds true for need, for you will only get what you need when you no longer need it in your life. You must die to the “surface I” before you can find the “deep I” within you. The irony is that more will be added to you when you are fulfilled and satisfied with who you already are, and with what you already possess. To allow more of your wants, needs, and desires to find their way to you, be willing to identify and release any resistance that is blocking their path to you. Although resistance can come in many forms, it has two basic characteristics that are easy to identify. First, all resistance is fear-based, meaning that you are either afraid of, or worried about something happening in your future that has already happened in your past. Understand however, that because of your universal laws of creation, you will draw to you whatever you focus the greatest amount of attention upon. The thoughts, feelings, and emotions of fear are really unloving opinions about yourself or others that generate a great deal of negative energy in your mind, and unwanted manifestations in your life. Second, resistance always comes from a mind steeped in judgment of itself and its surroundings, as opposed to from the heart which is compassionate and allowing of not only all that you are, but of all that is as well. If you feel that you must do something or that you are not doing enough, know that you are dealing with resistance on some level. To eliminate resistance from your life is to allow all things to be as they are without needing anything about them to change. Living more from the peace and harmony of your “deep I” will whittle away any remaining resistance, making right where you are home sweet home. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Behind The Scenes

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Although from a human perspective the journey of the angels appears to be a regressive one, from a divine perspective it is simply the natural evolution of consciousness. The ego has in fact been instrumental in this process, for without it consciousness would not be able to know the existence of a higher path. You are indeed transitioning from a limited awareness to a more expanded perspective because of the ego. Just being able to distinguish between the ego and the higher mind is a remarkable achievement in your spiritual evolution. You are on the path to a greater understanding of your true essence as a divine being housed within an egoic structure that not only thinks, reasons, and rationalizes, but contemplates, imagines, and dreams of things profound and sublime in the same breadth. Thought is an amazing tool that distinguishes you from the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. Yet one is not better than the other, for each adds to the wholeness of creative expression in their own unique way. So thank your ego for taking you on this extraordinary journey into the evolution of consciousness. You are right where you are supposed to be. Your thoughts will naturally move you in the most appropriate direction for your individual growth. Be patient with yourself; life is a process that will unfold on its own with or without your conscious awareness of it. You cannot fail, for each and every life accomplishes the desire of the soul in just the right way and in just the right time. Have fun and worry not about the perfect evolution of your consciousness taking shape behind the scenes. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Free At Last

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Life is a process of clarification whereby you become educated in what is real and what is not. Most of the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs you entertain on a daily basis are not real but are distortions of a limited and a judgmental mind. The only thing that is real in your world is love which is without condition of any kind. Anytime need enters into the picture you know you are not dealing with the true essence of what love really is. The more you can live from this heightened state of unconventionality, the freer you will feel, and the easier it will be for you to view your reality with divine clarity. The world in which you live is a smorgasbord of diversification; a cornucopia of differing ideas, perceptions, and perspectives that create within you either a complementary response or a radical departure from those streams of consciousness. With practice and dedication you can become less affected by what you see around you, responding with kindness and compassion instead of reacting with violence and anger to your experience. Miracles can only happen when fear is dismantled and replaced with love, the vibrant force that maintains all of life. A fully realized human being is one who is free from the fears of a judging mind. Love is the only choice that offers you sustenance and sustainability. All that you experience in your external environment is there to help you better understand you. Any dimensional timeline you come in contact with either in the physical or in the astral realm is there for your own edification, bringing you closer together with the true nature of who you are as a divine being of infinite love and eternal light. Your genetic operating system is continually being upgraded with new downloads of information that allow you to function better not only in your present reality, but within all aspects of your social memory complex existing simultaneously and multidimensionally. Everything you do in life is grounded in your emotions; stories you tell yourself based upon how others see you. The human part of you is fragile because it is supported by the perceptions of others. Yet the divine part of you is impervious to what others think because it knows there is only the self. The wisdom of the master; the true essence of who you are comes online as you breathe into love. The fragility of your humanness is strengthened by the awareness that you need only your higher self to assist you in your life. Allow all that is to serve you in awakening to the God within. Your link to the divine is freeware that goes beyond thought into knowingness. It is the energy of allowance, acceptance, and unconditional love that has always been with you. It is the most basic part of you that knows you intimately well, for it is your own consciousness unencumbered by, and untethered to any uncertainties of the past. In the indelible words of one of your greatest teachers, "Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last." And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Cross Contamination

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Do not contaminate the present moment with ruminations of the past. You are not only wasting your time but you are squandering the only moment that has any creative potential. These projections of memory distortion are what prevent you from seeing clearly. The present needs to be free of the past for you to begin anew. Regrets are neither productive nor proactive. Unloving and unforgiving thoughts do not allow you to be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Let go of the last remaining remnants of past choices and decisions that have been corrupting your present moment consciousness. Clear your mind and your path to a future that is consistent with your true nature as God incarnate. Your training in materialism has convinced you that the covets of the outer world are all you need to be happy in life. Yet, if this was in fact the truth then you would not have created religions to assuage your longing for the freedom that only inner peace can bring. Although these are times of great consternation on your planet, they are also times of great liberation from the dogmatic protocols and antiquated paradigms that have captivated your mind for far too long. You can do so much more with the genetics you have been given. Yours is a world in transition, for you are transforming your beliefs one by one about who you are and what you are capable of. You are learning through experience that the elevation of consciousness does not come as a result of technology, but comes only through the expression of love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and allowance for both the tenderness and the frailty of the human condition. Your desires and those of the collective are one and the same. The compassion you show to yourself is the very same compassion you display for your world. These are the trials and tribulations of your times. You have lived enough of what you do not want to be ready for what you do. There are no shortcuts to spiritual evolution. Materialism is there to augment your experience, not be the cause of it. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Changing Your Mind

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The amazing thing about you dearest humans is your ability to change your mind. You have been programmed to live in fear. Yet, you have the freedom to choose love in every moment regardless of any past programming. Your reality will continue to remain the same until you alter your perspective and align yourself with the true essence of who you are as a being of divine light and love. The past can only give you what you have already experienced. The newness of life awaits you in the now which is free from the memories of what has been. The light within you is your impulse, your desire, and your intention to create through the heightened perspective of love. Housed within your humanness is the divine. But the holiest of moments that occurs with your intention to choose love can only happen consciously in the present without the distraction of past distortions. The blessedness of your being is mediated through your crystalline matrix and augmented by water, the purity of which is determined via its structure as opposed to its chemical composition. That is why maintaining the highest intention of the water within you is so important to your physical performance and your manifestational abilities. It is the power of purity, innocence, and grace that governs causality in your world. Purity is the focus of divine thought, innocence is the singularity of divine presence, and grace is the persona of divine compassion. Through the consistent application of these elevated principles of Godliness do you radiate the power to not only move mountains but to create worlds. Divine resonance is your natural state of being. The quickening that is transpiring in your world at this time is coming from within your own heart. You are indeed that powerful, for you are God using a human vehicle to express the miraculous nature of self. The physical brain was designed as a frequency modulator which is activated by your beliefs. To free yourself from any belief limited by fear is to create a resonance of love within your physical structure that reverberates outwardly. You are not separate from anything in your external world, for it is all just an extension of your own inner consciousness modulated through your thoughts, beliefs, and determinations about who you are and who you choose to be in every moment. All is holy if you view it as such. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Resolution Dissolution

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Emotions are a built-in escape valve through which excess energy is neutralized in the body. They are indicators that something is not working in your life. It is often not until you reach a vibrational boiling point that you realize you have been teetering on the precipice for quite some time. Emotions are not the cause of negativity; they are the remedy for it. Look to see where in your life you are being controlling or judgmental. Are you living from the heart or are you living from the ego? The heart will gently guide you; the ego will tell you what to do. The heart will show you who you are; the ego will show you who you are not. Who you are is unlimited, eternal, and undefinable; who you are not is finite and limited and will never fulfill or sustain you for very long. Learn to work with your heart and use your emotions as a way of keeping you there more of the time. Expressing love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and allowance for yourself and others will help you harmonize with the wholeness that you are as God. The weight of the world is not your concern. The seasons of change on your planet are a natural progression of evolution that does not need tampering, tweaking, or tinkering on your part. Simply go within to your heart space and be ok with what is. Go where it leads you without questioning the motive behind it. It is only when you work upon yourself that you cross the rainbow bridge from 3rd density to 4th. The heart is your connection to your higher self. It will never deceive you and will always guide you to a higher state of being and an elevated level of conscious awareness. Although you do create your own reality, you do so from within a set of collective agreements that assist you in experiencing life from a co-creative standpoint. While major alterations of those agreed upon rules are not always conducive to the overall movement of the whole as a group, they can occur once a heightened individual perspective is achieved and maintained. Your life thus becomes not an arrogant display of accomplishment, but a humble reflection of what is possible in every life. In the meantime, flow with the current of collective reality without judgment. Do not become enamored by what is trending or fashionable in the mainstream. You are not here for reasons of vanity; you are here to learn to soften your beliefs and your perspectives to allow for all things to exist in a state of emotional equilibrium within you. Emotions form the walls of your belief systems. The more you can dissolve these partitions of limitation that have separated you from yourself, the more receptive you will be to divine mind and the multitude of new experiences awaiting you in the now. This is the year to reach vibrational resonance with the divine essence of love and light that resides within you through mastering your own emotional frequency. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

The Road Less Traveled

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Whether you realize it or not, you are all actively engaged in some form of mind control within your reality. Most of this control is unconscious and comes from your media in which advertisers use subliminal messaging to get you to believe that you need what they are selling. Even your political apparatus uses mainstream media to keep you unaware of what is really going on behind the scenes. Understand however, that these are the rules of engagement that you have all willingly agreed to participate in before incarnating into this particular timeline of experience. We in spirit form are encouraging you to learn how to control your own thought processes so you can better discern what to give your attention to and what to steer clear of. The most important thing to remember here is that your thoughts, feelings, and emotions create your reality, so controlling your own vibrational output is paramount to what you will experience from one moment to the next. The only real choice you have in life is from which perspective you will view your world. Do you see it from the perspective of the limited ego mind or do you see it from divine mind which is loving, accepting, and allowing of all things? In adopting a higher vantage point you align yourself with that part of you that is not only real but free from the trappings of the illusionary world. The ego is never satisfied with anything and never will be, for from its limited perspective there will always be another hill to climb and another person to measure you against. How would you like to experience your journey, with fear and trepidation or with peace and tranquility? Rest assured that at no time will you ever be judged for the choice you make. You can eliminate choice all together by aligning with your inner being which is steady, consistent, and unwavering in its demeanor. The challenge you have set up for yourself in this lifetime is to change how you think to that of the God of unconditional love. In that heightened perspective do you abandon your old life and join forces with the only thing that is true and has value and meaning. The external world is not real; it is simply a mirror to your inner domain of thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives. The fallacy of the limited human mind is that your external reality is both cause and effect; it is not. Consciousness is the final frontier that is beckoning you to do the inner work necessary to transform and transcend your limited beliefs to clear a space for the infinite source of all things within you. Distortions are presented to you in a myriad of ways so they can be addressed with love and acceptance. Whether it is a health crisis, a family emergency, a natural disaster, or a political atrocity you are faced with, the only solution is to have divine compassion for yourself and for your world. The ego wants to maintain power over you by continually feeding you fear. But you are the creator of your reality, including your ego mind and all that it projects outwardly into your world. The practice of forgiveness is the first step towards loving yourself fully and completely. Until you can see all things as perfect expressions of God, you can use forgiveness to accomplish the same end result. You are learning to uncondition your mind; to untrain your consciousness away from the suffering of the ego mind towards a more loving perspective that embraces all, rejecting no one and no thing. Control is an effect of a fearful mind. Loss of control is not a bad thing, for it is the most freeing experience you will ever have in physical form. The need to control your external circumstances is steering your life in a direction that is restrictive, judging, and confined to the parameters of fear. Unconditional love is the answer to everything in your world. Relinquish the need to control your life or anyone else’s, as all lives are perfectly designed to fulfill the soul's overall design and purpose. The only assistance necessary on your part is to be loving, accepting, and allowing of all that is. In your peace, in your happiness, and in your joy you move closer to love; in your fear, in your frustration, and in your worry you move farther away from it. Raise your frequency by raising the bar of mediocrity on your life. Take the road less traveled by most and watch the transformations that occur within you and around you from the perspective of an open heart. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Dim And Dimmer

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Within the polarized reality in which you live, you cannot experience who you are without first experiencing who you are not. This particular timeline is forcing each of you to integrate the light and the dark within you. When you are being triggered by the shadows of your outer world, you are being offered an invitation to harmonize those shadows within you with unconditional love and acceptance. The shadows are never totally absent of light; they are just a dimmer version of it. Being fearful of the dark simply means you have yet to accept those parts of you that still hold the memory of fragmentation somewhere within your consciousness. Feel the emotions of these shadows in your life with compassion and not condemnation. The wholeness you are searching for is the freedom from judgment. In accepting the shadows fully and completely you get to choose which version of the light you next wish to portray. Continue to choose the light in your life without negating the darkness you find along the way, for it is all God expressing itself in a myriad of ways to steer the course of cognitive integration with the divine.

All versions of God can indeed co-exist peacefully in your world as they already do inside of you. In those moments where the darkness seems to close in upon you, look around you and see every being going through the same things as you are. You are not alone in your feelings of light and dark, love and fear, for your world is a beautiful mosaic of all that exists within you. You are loved for who you are and for all that you bring to the table of experience. Give yourself permission to forgive yourself in every moment. Acknowledge the shadow-self within that wishes to be heard and understood from a place of full expression. Every part of you is lovable and perfect. You are here to show yourself and others the ease at which this is accomplished. Hold a higher level of love and compassion for yourself and for all your expressions of multidimensionality. All of existence comes from unconditional love and will return to it. To love the shadows within you and within your outer world is to elevate your internal vibration drawing more unconditional love to you always and in all ways. You are unconditional love. When you let this one simple thought be the mantra of your life, the physical structures of your humanness will reflect the fulfillment, the peace, and the joy that is synonymous with the God of unconditional love; the God that permanently resides within your very core. Love, honor, and value yourself above all else.

The self wears many hats during its journey into physicality each of which is just as much a piece of God as any other. Duality exists inside of you. You are a unique being; no one will ever duplicate the depth and breadth of who you have chosen to be in each and every moment of each and every incarnation. The macrocosm is an external projection of the microcosm that lies within you. That which outwardly triggers your emotional body into reactionary mode is an indication of what is transpiring within your own life. Are you living fully and vibrantly from your heart or are you merely and meagerly existing from your mind? What are you yearning for? What are you striving to achieve or to become? The outer life you are searching for is the inner life of peace that can only be accomplished through unconditionally loving, honoring, and valuing who you are and whoever you choose to be in the next moment. You are loved for being your own unique expression of divine love and light. Since contrast is just one of an infinite number of ways that allows consciousness to broaden its perspective, the shadows are a necessary component you have all agreed upon in the shift to a higher vibratory frequency. The shadows represent dimmer aspects of your light that have been hidden away like an embarrassment. Yet the fear associated with the darkness is there to draw your attention towards it so it can be fully understood through shining the light of love upon it. That illumination will only reveal more of yourself to you; more parts of you to love and accept as the wholeness of who you are as God.

These are the agreements that your soul has chosen to explore as a physically focused being. Know that all of these things are here to serve you in your evolution not only individually but collectively as a divine race of Earth beings. You are making known the unknown through your exploration of the darkness and the shadows within you, and in the process bringing balance and harmony to your external reality. Following your highest excitement will in fact lead you towards the shadows within you for the unknown experiences that will ensue. The evolution of your light body, your translucency, occurs as a result of your immersion into density. The less shadows you encounter, the lighter you will become, and the more joy available to you to experience. Transparency allows the light to shine brighter within you. The trinity of physicality encompasses the polarized extremes of duality balanced and integrated with neutrality. You have a responsibility to transform your own life and to share that transformation with those around you through your luminosity. Illumination gives you the divine vision to see beauty all around you. It allows you to walk amidst the shadows of your world without consternation or trepidation embracing them with unconditional love and acceptance. Chastise not the darkness, for the blessings of your world come from these dimly lit encounters. You are safe no matter where you go in life. The beauty of God is always with you because the beauty of God is you. Pity no one, but instead have divine compassion for all on their journey into remembering their greatness. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind

The Impossible Dream

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. It is only in experiencing the impossible that the possible becomes realized, it is only in looking for the unseen that the seen becomes recognized, and it is only in loving the unlovable that you remember your wholeness and completion. Fear is the polarization of love in your world. Love embraces and expands, while fear subjugates and contracts. Love allows all beings to express themselves according to their own individual needs and desires without interference or judgment. How can you truly be free if there are rules and restrictions placed upon your every choice and decision? You cannot and you will not because you are here to discover that within your very being lies the essence of God. The human mind judges; the God mind accepts and allows all things unconditionally. You can do no wrong in the eyes of God because all things are equal and valid expressions of God. Your humanness will wrestle with the conundrums of physical life but your divinity remains steadfast and unwavering in its openness to all that is. The unbelievable becomes believable through the experiences of life. Although the details of each life are important, they are not as important as the overall meaning behind them. You are a forgotten God remembering your true divine nature one moment to the next. In this process do you gift yourself and your world the authenticity of God alive and well within you, through you, and as you. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Revolution Is Here

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. You are all engaged in a consciousness revolution; a movement that is sure to shake, rattle, and roll your current understanding of reality. The cognitive dissonance this will ultimately produce within you occurs because what you are witnessing goes against everything you have been taught about your world. Your reality responds to your every thought along with everyone else's. You are all part of a co-creative progression of spiritual evolution that works in a very different way than what you are used to. Things do not happen to you from an outside agency or entity; it is your vibrational offering, your emotional perspective that determines what will be drawn to you on a physical basis. The collective is not what needs to be changed in your world, for it is merely there to show you those things hidden deep within your own subconscious mind that require a perceptional face lift. As you begin to think and act differently, you will gradually notice those differences being reflected back to you through your outer reality. Although change can happen very quickly, it usually occurs slowly over an extended period of time. This allows the programs of belief running your present consciousness to be replaced with new and expanded programs that require repetition before they can fully take hold. You are not a victim of your world; you are the sole creator of it. In your total acceptance of what is happening in your experiential reality, you awaken to a remembered version of who you are as a divine creator. Give yourself a 30 day challenge to become more loving, more accepting, and more forgiving of yourself and others. Remind yourself in every moment that the things you see in your outer world are but toys in the attic of your own inner consciousness. Forgive within yourself anything that bothers you in your external environment. Love and accept those things out there that originate in here. Resist placing yourself higher than anyone else, for you are all the same and equally loved. Your world presents itself to you with differing levels of awareness to show what each human being needs to work on for their own personal growth and expansion. Judge not your world as you will be judging yourself. You will never be judged for anything you have ever done, are currently doing, or will ever do in this life or any other by your historical god of retribution. He resides only within the confines of a distorted mind. You are God, and God is only unconditionally loving and totally accepting of All That Is. In this understanding, in this deep recognition of your inherent divinity, do you end your suffering. An inner environment of perpetual fear paralyzes you and inhibits your natural ability to intuit, discern, and create your highest potential. Fear exists in your reality but it does not have to overshadow your entire existence. You are entering into a new period of heart-based consciousness. Anything you bring into being during this time will be directed to and through the heart for cleansing. The more loving you can be towards yourself and towards others, the easier it will be for you to move through the challenges ahead. The revolution is here. The battle you are waging is raging on within your own mind. The only healing needed is inner healing. Your outlook on life is all that matters to you and to the collective, for you are the collective and the collective is you. Receiving can occur only within the stillness of a quieted mind. The revolution at hand is not about balancing and harmonizing your outer world, but aligning your own inner consciousness with 5G; love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, and allowance. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Love And Light

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Regardless of what dimensional reality you exist in, or which universal construct you are operating from, there are only two vibrational aspects common to all, love and light. These two energetic components are the building blocks of all creative expression throughout the multiverse. You become physically focused not only to figure things out, but to learn how to manage energy effectively. You are powerful creators using a contextual field of powerlessness to have an experience of remembering your sovereignty. You play for the love of the game, for the love of life, and for the growth that results from the choices and decisions you make along the way. The soul's evolution is to express its higher nature and to inspire others to do the same. There is no evil in your world; there is only the illusion of it. You are not held in servitude to anyone or to anything against your will; you invite it willingly into your life by your belief in it. All that you experience is of your own making, for you are deliberate creators of divine decree. Although the quantum world in which you live seems foreign to you at times, it is really a reflection of the true nature of your inherent multidimensionality specifically designed into your DNA by your genetic ancestors eons ago. This creates a virtual reality through which you can receive guidance and inspiration in real time from any fractalized counterpart experiencing in any timeline of concurrent dimensionality, allowing you to explore other avenues of creative potentiality from a lighter density and a more enlightened perspective. Each incarnation offers you the ability to overcome distortions in individual consciousness through balancing the multitude of energies available to you in any given moment. Because of its angular orientation, your planetary consciousness has a perpetual ebb and flow of energy evenly distributed throughout its cycles of rotation. These waves of energy are the seasonal solstices and equinoxes that assist humanity in its evolution through the momentum of inertial forces applied to, and exerted upon its consciousness. It is a unique system of symbiotic and synchronistic orchestration encompassing everything from individual to planetary, galactic, and universal consciousnesses. Through polarity, the Oneness of All That Is can experience itself as fractalized pieces of individuated consciousness along an infinite spectrum of conscious expression. All of these timelines of experience add to the overall depth and breadth of creative expansion that you understand to be God. Yet God is simply a metaphor for multidimensionality, for it represents the infinite isness of consciousness and its innate desire to express itself. You can experience more of your multidimensionality by releasing any resistance you have accumulated throughout your life with unconditional love and acceptance for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will ever become. Resistance is fear from the past projected onto the future. But the future has not happened and is unknown to you in every moment. To be open to receiving is to be free from the limitations of the ego mind. Allow each moment to be a new experience by looking at it in a new way. With fresh eyes you create a fresh reality. Drop the lackpack that has weighed you down and prevented you from moving to a lighter perspective. Less is more in divine reality. When you start to work together with your higher nature you open yourself to multidimensional communication. Are you willing to let go of your distortions of lack and limitation and exchange them for the wholeness of being and the abundance that has always been available to you? Love and light are the qualities of Godliness and will take you to a place of balance and harmony in your life. Through them you will access a reality that is without the pitfalls and drawbacks of a mind limited by errant beliefs. Use the perpetual energy cycles of Gaia to assist you in ramping up the momentum necessary to reach a state of vibrational equilibrium with your divine nature. She is a willing partner always available to co-create with you the next greatest version of who you can be in the eternal moment of infinite nows. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, December 21, 2018

A Christmas Wish

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Suffering is always an indication that you have distanced yourself from love, and not the human version of love with its demands and expectations, but the divine version of love that is without any of the trappings of dualistic programming. When the distance between how you feel and love is too great, you will not be able to hear the voice inside you that is guiding your every move. Your happiness of being is driven by love. Fear is the antithesis of love and will pervert your perspective to one of blame, or victimization, or whatever else the ego can put in your path to freedom. Everything in your world can be used either for your benefit or for your detriment depending upon how and what you think. Your higher self is the only support you will ever need to take you to a place of peace, joy, and love and it already exists within your very heart. Ask it for advice. If you are unsure whether the wisdom you are receiving is coming from your higher mind or coming from a wolf in sheep's clothing, test it by asking if the information coming to you restricts, limits, or harms you or anyone else in any way, shape, or form. If it does it is not from the highest source, for unconditional love has no requirements or agendas. When dealing with your day to day activities, look to see how love could enhance your experience. It costs nothing and the benefits are immense. In this season of Christmas, celebrate with loving thoughts towards yourself and all others. Let everyone off the hook and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. In cutting your fellow Gods some slack you are practicing unconditional love which is the greatest gift you could ever give to another or receive yourself. Everyone in your world is doing the best they can, given their current point of view. Can that change? Absolutely. Will it change? It is neither for you to decide nor for you to judge. Take responsibility for yourself and allow all others the ability to determine that for themselves. Your essence is that of unconditional love, total acceptance, and allowance for all things to be as they are without interference or admonishment. As all beings are sovereign entities unto themselves, each has the right to choose his or her own journey of remembering regardless of how it appears on the surface to you or to anyone else. This is God in action and it is the missing piece of the puzzle that completes the picture; the magnificent mosaic that is your life expressed as the love that you truly are. Oh come all ye faithful to the silent night of a winter wonderland. You are the gift to your world. Embody the Christ-conscience in every moment to the best of your ability. Your world is a triumph of enormous diversification. At no time in your history has there ever been as much peace as there is currently upon your planet. At no time in your history has there ever been the potential for as much compassion and as much community as there is currently upon your world. It is indeed the greatest of times to be alive upon the Earth. Your divine presence has created the momentum for the shift in consciousness you are all experiencing. Celebrate the monumental strides you have made against all odds and rest assured in the knowingness that the future holds the untapped potential of the stars within you. You are My Beloved Gods and Goddesses in whom I am well pleased. Do these things and more in remembrance of Me. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Debits And Credits

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Miracles do not need to be created; they only need to be remembered. A single ray of sunlight, when recognized by you, is enough to dispel the darkest of situations in life. You are the catalyst that transforms your world, one moment of remembering at a time. Self-love is the final frontier left upon your journey to be conquered, not with a call to arms, but with an open heart willing to receive. In loving yourself fully and completely, you close forever the ledger of debits and credits on your life. You owe nothing to anyone but yourself, and that bill due is simply a debt of gratitude for a job well done; the courage and the dedication to have been part of something grand. You are the ever-evolving expression of creative expansion that has not only crafted your world, but has set in motion all the stars in the heavens above. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, December 16, 2018


I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Karma is fear's excuse for unhappiness. To be happy is to be unconditionally loving towards yourself and towards all others. There are varying degrees of love being expressed on your planet, yet the truest expression of love is given and received freely without the need or the desire for reciprocation. Like God, love needs nothing from you or from anyone else, for it is ubiquitous and unambiguous in its delivery. The transformation of your world is a magnification of that which is transforming within you. Accept what has already occurred in your life; it is water well under the bridge. Bring love, kindness, and compassion to the choices you have already made and resolve to make future decisions based solely upon these qualities. Your center of beingness is devoid of drama or complication. Whenever you encounter "but" in your vocabulary, you are letting the ego critique your experience. Critiques are always contradictions to higher consciousness. Living from the heart is an unconditional state of beingness that flows to you and through you from your inner wellspring of infinite resource. As a spiritual being you are here to physically align with your spirituality. The more you resist this the more you will struggle with your experience. You are in your highest truth when you remain changeless within the change that exists all around you. Since co-creation is the expression of truth, you will only be attracted to those things that align with that imagery. To be grounded in your humanness is to be accepting of all aspects of your authenticity. While expectancy creates the majority of human co-creative experience, it does not have to be so. In accepting the totality of your experience you create from outside the parameters of expectation and you open yourself to those higher aspects of consciousness that have yet to be acknowledged by you as part of the wholeness of all that is. From this one perspective you gain a greater understanding of life from all perspectives. You are worthy of the trip to and through physicality. Trust what lies before you. Embrace your authenticity with the knowingness that it is serving you in ways you cannot always fathom in physical form. You are here to feel love, both given and received. All that you are as a divine persona is focused in the personality of each now moment. Feel free to express that personality without judgment or criticism. You are a forgotten God experiencing your co-creations under a veil of secrecy to your true identity. As a sovereign being you do not need to negotiate with yourself or anyone else. You can continue to chase your dreams or you can start living them by acting in deference to what you are currently thinking. Engage not in unfounded and unwarranted thoughts of unworthiness and condemnation, but flourish instead in the realization of the magnitude of your presence here, for the kingdom of heaven is truly within your hands. Your world will be a reflection of your own magnificence when you stop admonishing yourself for being who you are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Luck Of The Draw

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Mass consciousness would say that the reason why some people have “it” and some people do not is purely because of luck. Still others would suggest family history or educational background as the determining factor for success. Regardless of what the variable is, it all comes down to a feeling of victimization or a mentality of unworthiness that determines whether one will be successful in life or not. But success to the soul does not always equate with success to the human being. The “it” that the soul strives for is more about quality than it is about quantity. While fame and fortune can be useful tools in expanding consciousness, they are not meant for everyone to experience. Often in your world you observe that those individuals who have great material wealth are not always happy. Money is not what creates happiness; happiness is a byproduct of conscious awareness. A healthy perspective about money can add immensely to your experience, but it cannot be the cause of it. Awareness to the soul is an attitude of unconditional love and acceptance for all things making up the human condition, for the divine element within humanity is and always will be unconditionality. Your relationship with energy is the only thing that matters in life, and the more distorted that relationship is, the more victimization you will experience. Without an awareness of the energy that is omnipresent, you cannot evolve to a higher level of consciousness. All energy is there to serve you if and when you allow it to. But to really receive you have to be willing to give to yourself the abundance you are deserving of and entitled to. The next step for you is beyond the luck of the draw, for it is the realization of who you are as a fully remembered God. This is the spiritual maturity that will bring to you exactly what is needed when it is needed. Energy has got to be your friend; it cannot be your nemesis. All that you perceive belongs to you; you are simply drawing it to you in every moment by the perspectives you hold. How you perceive energy matters more than you think, for it alone creates the matter that makes up your reality. All energy is neutral at its core. It is only your interaction with, and your interpretation of it that determines how it will serve you. When you begin to accept what you have created and are drawing to you, you will start to see with divine vision and feel with intuitive clarity the communication you have always had with your inner source of infinite wellbeing. Energy awareness is not a mental activity; it is a heart-felt knowingness that all is well within you and within your world. Reactions come from the mind, while allowance comes from the heart. Your ability to sense energy is innate to you as a divine being. In allowing energy to be as it is you invite the inner God to the forefront of your life and you walk through each and every experience with the spiritual confidence to radiate the grace of God wherever you go naturally and effortlessly. You are where all the action is and right where you were always meant to be; on the cutting edge of the creative expansion of conscious evolution. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.


I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Appreciation from a human perspective is a dependency, for it denotes measurement of some kind. But from the soul's perspective, acceptance is all that is ever necessary to live a happy, healthy, and a fulfilled life. Love for the self attracts those who wish to feel that same love within themselves. Yet in a co-creative experience, you cannot dictate what another will feel or will not feel. Acceptance is the divine aspect of you that views all encounters and circumstances with equanimity. You are here to experience creation from many different vantage points. From the human personality you have the potential for expressing unconditionality, yet from the divine persona you express only unconditionality. As your consciousness evolves you are better able to view your experiences from a broader perspective that encompasses all potentials including the divine. Nothing within creation is to be avoided; all is valued and welcomed because it is all God. You are constantly changing. Embrace that change within yourself and within all others. Trust that your experience, whatever it may be, is an integral part of your soul's growth and expansion and longs to be accepted by you as the isness that it is; nothing more, nothing less. Fall deeper and deeper in love with who you are in every moment. There is no payoff greater than this. There are an infinite number of ways to experience life. The easiest way is your way; the hardest way is always someone else's. Do not let the ego persuade you that what someone else is doing is any better than what you are already doing, for it is not. Give and take relationships use a polarized scale of measurement that distorts and disrupts consciousness and as such, can never be truly relied upon to produce anything but contradiction and chaos. Accept everything at face value without trying to find a hidden meaning. No effort is needed to be God. Realize your isness as a natural drive to be who and what you are. You are not full of purpose; you are full of you, understated and uncut, undifferentiated and understood as the wholeness and completion of pure beingness. Use your arsenal of knowledge to experience each now moment as a new and distinct reality of truth of the God that you are reflecting its brilliance and its magnificence back onto itself throughout all of its creations. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Search And Rescue

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The mind searches for peace, whereas the heart has already found it. When you find yourself feeling anxious, or worried, or under pressure to do something you are operating solely from the mind. Right there in that moment free yourself from the tyranny of the mind and find the space within you that is loving and accepting of what you are going through. This is the domain of the heart and it is the place where you will always find peace and tranquility. From that divine vantage point you will begin to see those situations and circumstances around you as part of the process of remembering where your inner strength lies. It has always been there; it has just been hidden under layers of judgmental sedimentation accumulated from a life lived in fear. And what is fear but distrusting the natural design of your life to bring you to the exact moment of surrendering to the unconditional love that you are and have always been. Keep going back to the calmness of your inner being until you know the way by heart. Chaos is simply a distraction to love. Doing what brings you the greatest joy or excitement in life will help remind you that you are loved just as you are. While the mind is always preparing for the next search and rescue mission, the heart intuitively knows that you are always safe and sound and never in harm’s way. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

The Evolution Of Esotericism

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The lineage of ancient esotericism was embedded within the oral traditions of local tribal cultures through Medicine Men, Shamans, and Oracles before becoming loosely organized into the mystery schools of Hermes, Pythagoras, and Plato and more formally under Christianity through the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Yet smaller groups still sought to maintain their own spiritual autonomy under Gnosticism, Kabbalahism, Sufism, Order of the Golden Dawn, Occultism, and Freemasonry. Rosicrucianism was the first attempt at openly espousing the esoteric traditions which was followed by Spiritualism, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Wicca, and Science Of Mind. But the wisdom that was kept secret and secluded from general knowledge originated in Atlantis and Lemuria and dealt with the inherent divinity within the multidimensional consciousness of human beings and their right to create and maintain their own individual sovereignty as they saw fit. Housed within the DNA of this uniquely engineered race of creator Gods using physical form to express and expand consciousness was the genetic template for all future races of sentient being throughout the multiverse. But their ability to utilize 5th dimensional time to gain a greater understanding of both the micro as well as the macrocosm of reality allowed them to reach technological heights within their respective collectives that quickly surpassed their spiritual wisdom. With the destruction of these advanced ante-deluvian cultures came the safe-guarding of knowledge by a select group of initiates who passed this information down throughout the ages in secret societies and esoteric schools until humanity was ready once more to use this wisdom with extreme humility and reverence for all of life. While your current civilization is rapidly advancing its technological prowess, the spiritual underpinnings that will unite your collective into a cohesive race of compassionate creator beings must be acknowledged, nurtured, and developed at a similar rate, for one cannot exist independent of the other. The full history of humanity and its inception that has been hidden from you is about to be revealed. Atlantis rising is not so much a geological event as it is a remembrance of your true divine lineage. That which appears to be magic to you will in time be easily explained and reproduced using a new and improved version of the mechanics of quantum consciousness. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Caveats Of Conditionality

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Trust is the antithesis of dependency. Trust is a knowingness that things are, and will continue to be a certain way, whereas dependency is an alteration in consciousness that places caveats, admonitions, and stipulations upon existence; this can only happen if that happens. It is this false sense of conditionality that distorts your experience. How can you doubt a reality you have created? You do so because you are constantly trying to fix something that does not need fixing. Nothing is broken; nothing is wrong. Fear is the emotion that causes distrust within you. It tells you that something is less than what it truly is. It is not that anything is inferior; it is just that your perception of it is slightly askew. Emotions give you an attachment to a particular reality. But when there is no attachment, reality can flow effortlessly from one moment to the next. Trusting your actions in the now creates a reality of isness which depletes the ego and acknowledges the expansion within you. Memory is your nemesis in physical form. There is no real reason to remember anything, for the present moment brings you all that you need. To live in trust is to unite in wholeness; to live in dependency is to continue the illusion of fractalization. The God of the now is a re-membered God. You have chosen a most exquisite expression of All That Is to play within. Polarity offers you the ability to laugh at a funeral and cry at a wedding; to rush love-making and prolong suffering. Through measurement you can feel alive in one moment and numb in the next; a most fascinating conundrum for an unlimited God. You are a unique race of masterful creators. Trusting in yourself allows you to trust in others. The present needs nothing but your unencumbered presence. The past is dead to you until you awaken it from its dormancy. You only cling to memories because they are familiar to you. Yet the true expanse of God has little to do with the limited dimensions of time and space and everything to do with the perspective you attain from the unconditional love and compassion for your journey into the unknown. Trust yourself always and in all ways and you will invite a newness into your reality that dwarfs anything you have already chosen. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

The Everything Game

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The ego feeds itself by validating its opinions with others. But if opinions did not matter to you, you would not seek to push them upon anyone else, and you would simply experience them and move on. Although you have within you the knowledge and the wisdom of All That Is, your experience of it can only come to you in piecemeal, for you will only be given what you are ready for at any given moment. Your natural flow or rhythm of information is specific only to you. The structures of your world are defense mechanisms you have created to protect you from others. But what do you really need protecting from when it is all just different versions of you to begin with? While the ego tries to keep you separated from each other, the heart will always bring you back together again. As you evolve into a higher vibrational dimension of experience you will begin to live less from the restrictiveness of the ego and more from the unlimitedness of the heart. Your suspicions are not natural to you but are generated by a mind steeped in fear. You do not need to prove anything to anyone nor do you need to validate your worth through the structures of limitation on your planet. Release any and all restrictions you have placed upon your path of self-discovery. Restrictions are simply opinions, and as such, are subject to change in a moment’s notice with changing information. Yet all thoughts are equally valid within the infinum of creative potential and deserve the same unconditionally loving and allowing perspective placed upon them. It is all the experience of God expressing its unlimitedness in infinite ways and means to expand creation in all dimensions of existence. The mind finds comfort in routines while the naturalness of who you are as God is open to and excited about the unknown as it flows to you in each now moment. As you allow the uncomfortableness of unpredictability to be part of your life, life will become easier because you will not be pushing so hard against it. When you feel the resistance starting to build within you, do something fun. This will help you realign with your inner essence that is without plans, agendas, or goals. Being is more than enough. Do what you feel you must do in the moment and then go out and play. In surrendering to the natural flow of life you will experience yourself in new and profound ways. You are not separate from anything. The air you breathe, the ground you walk upon, the chair that supports you, the car that takes you to and fro, the ego that protects you, the beings around you, and the higher self that animates you are all part and parcel of the wholeness that you inherently are. You are truly one with everything. Playing the game of everything will help you to feel your connectedness to and with all things and will only serve to enhance your physical experience here by dissolving the boundaries you have temporarily placed yourself within. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

I Have A Choice

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. In all moments you are choosing the colors with which to paint the next masterpiece of your journey. Do not judge yourself for the palette you have chosen for this particular movement. In celebrating your choice, you have made it easier for all colors to be available to you. Sometimes a soul chooses the darkest colors so that those lighter shades can stand out more brightly against the contrast of your experience. Understand that no choice is ever wrong, for all things serve your path to self-discovery. Although some of your fellow co-creators may be abhorrent to the colors you have chosen to paint with in any given moment, they are in fact showing you that it is neither necessary nor important that everyone agrees with your decisions. All can still live peacefully side by side in acceptance of each other’s differences, all the while knowing that every human being on your planet yearns for the same feelings of happiness, safety, and freedom. The more ok you can be with your own vibrational fluctuations the easier it will be for you to allow others to be exactly who they are without needing them to accommodate to your individual needs. Hoping things will get better implies that things are happening to you when in fact you are choosing everything in your life. You always have a choice because you are the sole creator of your reality. The fastest way to change your personal experience is to be ok with everything that is as it is. It is only your expectations that slow you down. Yet even the slowness is of your choosing as well. Nothing needs to alter in your life or in your world for you to be happy, for happiness is an internal point of view independent of anything external to you. Like a muscle, perspective requires exercise to shape and sculpt it the way you want it to be. With proper training, your perspective can provide you with everything you could possibly imagine and more. The higher you can maintain your frequency under any and all situations and circumstances you face, the higher your experiences will be, and the higher your energetic offering to the world around you. You are here and now for a reason beyond what your human mind can grasp but which your heart knows full well. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

The Holographic Dream

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The angelic realm holds the highest energy for you when you are physically focused in the form of gratitude. The angels remind you to take a step back and feel the appreciation for all those beings you are sharing a life with. They are there to remind you that you have created this lifetime for the joy and the laughter of new friendships made and old ones rekindled. Angels are the easiest path to the divine in physical form. Ask them to help you feel gratitude for all that is and to find the positive aspects of the entirety of your experience. They will help you focus upon what you can offer that is uplifting to all you encounter. The angelic realm is there to assist you in navigating the holographic dream; that aspect of you which contains the knowledge and the wisdom of the wholeness of All That Is.

Consciousness dreams itself into physicality to focus its energy to create a reality through which it as a God being can experience its own cognition. The dream state reconnects you with the non-physical part of you to rejuvenate you, allowing you to continue staying grounded in a denser reality. The angelic realm helps you to remember this. Vapor to water, water to ice, ice to water, water to vapor; this is the metaphor of how consciousness becomes physical yet always remains connected to its source. The water state allows you to be in both worlds at the same time. Where intention is simply tuning into non-physical reality, ascension is the conscious awareness of bringing together all aspects of self. Dreaming, whether unconscious or lucid, gives you direct access to all relevant timelines of your multidimensionality to assist you in this reality. What you call the law of attraction is really you traveling into the non-physical realm, the dream state of unlimited potentiality, to find a timeline where that which you want already exists, and with focused energy, bringing it back into physical manifestation in this timeline.

Because of the ascension process, your outer world is now showing you physical evidence of how connected you have always been not only to each other, but to all your multidimensional selves existing everywhere throughout the cosmos. In those moments of joy, excitement, and passion you will find the magic of unprecedence and unpredictability that has been trained out of you with logic and reason. This is the medium through which you align with the higher self; the infinite and eternal source of all things. Use the angelic realm to help you find your way back to the magic of innocence lost. You are closer than you think, for the distance between here and there is but the blink of an eye. The music of the ethers beckons you to a time of simpler thoughts where 1+1=infinity. The deeper meaning of life awaits you just beyond the illusion of smoke and mirrors. Dream time is real time; singularity absent the limitations of linearity.

The emotional volatility you often experience in life occurs because you have built up resistance within you that requires harmonization through neutrality. But to truly reach that state of inner peace and tranquility you must express that volatility as you feel it. Holding it back neither benefits you mentally nor physically and will ultimately degrade your sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Your inner guidance system, including but not limited to the angels, ascended masters, and teachers of all kind can only be heard in the stillness of a quieted mind. The more internal disharmony you feel, the greater the degree of external turmoil and chaos in your life, and the harder it is to catch the wisdom that is constantly being fed to you through the holographic dream. Spirit will help you but only when you help yourself. You are first cause meaning your outer reality is the effect of your inner consciousness. You become physically focused to gain a better understanding of your non-physical essence. The inner work necessary for this to happen involves surrendering to the integrated self. The true path of spirituality is a conscious act of deconstructing the human personality with kindness and compassion one distortion at a time. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Food For Thought

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Experience is the only sustenance necessary for the soul, and the more chaotic the better. Nothing within your reality ever depletes you, for all things add to your experience as a divine being in physical form. Even parasitic relationships are symbiotic when viewed from a larger perspective. The best and the worst of life are merely subjective markers meant to complement and not detract from your experience here. All interactions feed your truth, invigorating and enlivening your divine persona. These are the things that dreams are made of and will become real to you in due time. The now is not perilous unless you perceive it as such. Your strength is experiential and arises from embracing the entire spectrum of human emotionality. The only way out of something painful is through it. Chastise not your imperfections and misconceptions as they will only become more deeply rooted in the illusion of separation. Embrace them with love as part of the fractalized self seeking wholeness through integration. It is not form that brings love into your world; it is love that creates the most usable form through which love can be felt and expressed by you. Those that you love in your world, including your pets, were created by the love that you are to enhance and enrich your life with lasting bonds of remembrance. While some relationships are new to you, most have been with you in varying roles throughout your entire reincarnational cycle. Those that are not embodied with you in this lifetime are not lost to you, but are guiding you from the spirit realm. Once love is experienced it never diminishes, degrades, or dissipates in any way, even if your physical relationships do. Although your material world is but a figment of your fertile imagination and will ultimately fade into distant memory, the love you create as an extension and an expression of God stays within you for all eternity. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Mask Of A Thousand Faces

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The purpose of each human incarnation is to master one piece of the puzzle at a time. And what are you mastering? The integration of your divine essence with a human body steeped in separation. While it may not always be necessary to feel the fruition of this mastery when you are actively engaged in it, you are indeed reaping the rewards of your experience here through the wisdom gained from it. Just going through the paces is often times enough for the edification of the soul. The divine aspect of your beingness, your God consciousness, is unconditionally loving and totally accepting of all that you are in physical form. Unlike your ego, it does not judge you or your actions in any way. The punishing God you have been taught to fear has been a useful tool to continue separation by alienating you from not only each other, but from your own divine essence. Yet through each and every encounter and interaction you have, you garner a greater understanding of what love truly is and what it means to you as a multidimensional being of extraordinary compassion. When the energy around you becomes saturated with fear there is a tendency for the human part of you to detach further into separation. But this is the time to remember, more than ever before, the divine part of you that will bridge the gap of separation and bring unity to your world. Your heightened vibrational output is vital to the health of the electromagnetic grid of Gaia, helping her replenish her ecology, and extending the longevity of humanity upon her surface. Your unique presence is valued equally as is every other, regardless of what you do in life. The vast array of vibrational signatures expressing on your planet is evidence to the importance of this time period in your historical retrospective. You are well on your way to uniting as a divine race. Your heart will always resonate with the truth of your being, for it knows you intimately and intuitively. Although there will be entities from other dimensional timelines assisting you in your planet’s evolution, spirit’s job is simply to remind you of who you really are. Take every opportunity to blur the lines of separation between you and your fellow human beings, seeing the God of infinite love behind the mask of a thousand faces. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Recipe For Disaster

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, especially when it was designed to serve you so well in your experience here. The nature of physical reality is that it is amenable, agreeable, complementary, and congruent with your emotional output in any given moment, and as such, is an asset that deserves proper cultivation on your part. Through the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel, you have the ability to experience your world according to your perceptions and perspectives. Your life can be either a thing of beauty or a recipe for disaster depending upon your point of view. There is a multitude of thought streams available to you at any one time, most of which are not yours to begin with, but are being drawn towards your consciousness through of your vibrational offering. Your fears, prejudices, and biases act as a magnet that attracts similar patterns of thought energy to you. The more absorbed you are in personal drama, the easier it is for you to selectively steer the drama of others your way. If left unchecked, the momentum of negativity can become so great that the physical equivalent to that vibration will quickly manifest as a tangible reality. The train of consciousness can only go in one of two possible directions; positivity or negativity. Changing direction is always easier when the train is moving slowly. Notice the early signs of not feeling well, purposely distract yourself from emotionally triggered topics like politics and religion, and keep a readily available stable of thoughts, pictures, and tokens that can quickly shift your emotions towards positivity. Although neutrality is the best path to take in life, positivity can be a useful tool to get you out of an emotional bind in a moment’s notice. All you are really trying to do is alter your reality by substituting what the ego has come to expect for what the heart knows to be true. This is a timeless reality where one moment flows seamlessly into the next. Fear is not your natural state of being. It takes effort to get there and even more to stay there. Joy is who and what you are as a physical being encoded with the spark of the divine within you. Your utmost compassion for others in times of despair comes from a vantage point far above and beyond where they currently reside. Understanding that all beings are willing co-creators of, and co-contributors to their own uniquely crafted experience will help you walk a more neutral path in your world. In this perspective do you give the greatest assistance to your fellow forgotten Gods on their journey into remembering. Do not weep for the starving children, the murdered fathers, and the abused wives of your world. Fear not for your homes, your borders, and your personal safeties. All is perfect just the way it is, for it is all God's will projecting itself into physical form as a catalyst to soften the hardened edges of the human mind and transform a fearful existence into a more peaceful and a more loving space to call home. Free will is the confusion of choice, for heaven is the only decision available within each and every heart, ultimately determining the nature of the reality all will master. Fear is not real; it merely feels that way when you fail to see yourself as perfect just the way you are. The distortions of a dualistic world continue only from the perspective of a limited mind, not from the oasis of an open heart. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Song Of The Fae

The Song of the Fae is the song of the forest. It is the song of the wind, the rain, and the sunlight dancing upon the leaves. It is truly the song of the inner child at play not only in nature, but in the world at large. We live inside you as well as in another dimension of reality that you are not yet familiar with. You can connect with us and with any other beings from any dimension by going into the space of your own child-like innocence. This is always the best starting point for any dialogue or conversation you may have in life. From there you can move directly into the realm you are most vibrationally aligned with. We connect with you not only in your dreams but when you are having fun, for the Song of the Fae is really the song of laughter upon the dew laden petals of your heart. The heaviness of your world is lightened most directly from the frivolity and the festivitude of idle play. Knock, knock, ring, ring; can you come out and play? Happiness is the lightest version of you. It is the place where you are most at home in your home away from home. Listen to the Song of the Fae within and you will be drawn to a time out of the mind and into the body. We are the Fae and we are you at play and at play with you.

The Great And Powerful Oz

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. You are an unlimited being who has willingly agreed to explore life from within the context of perceptual limitation. You have purposely programmed the ego to identify you as small and ineffectual when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. As you become more and more aware of your true unlimitedness, you will begin to look at those programs not with disdain, but with loving compassion for the experience of them. It is not easy to see through the guise of limitation when you are fully immersed in it to know yourself as something greater. But you have indeed come here for the challenge of it. In understanding the mechanisms at play in your world, you are better able to experience the destiny of the soul which has always been to express its unlimitedness as a divine being. Your moments of forgetting are getting fewer and farther between. You are spending greater amounts of time in the sublime realization that you are God in physical form and that you are not only deserving of that which you desire, but that you are fully capable of experiencing it. Although it appears in your reality that you are moving through life, you are actually standing still; everything is coming to you. You allow the physical manifestations of your unlimitedness when you match the vibration of them within your own heart. While the mind has been corrupted by the ego, the heart pledges its allegiance only to the God of your being; the God of infinite love. It is there you will find the inner resolve to rise above the tyranny of the limited mind and break free from the mediocrity of mass consciousness. Resources will always be made available to you when the momentum is sufficient enough to call them forth. Look at your life and your world with divine vision, seeing what is really beneath it all. You are the great and powerful Oz as well as the man behind the curtain. The struggle for good and evil you perceive in your world is the same struggle you will find within your own mind. Let your heart make sense of it all instead of your mind. Your inner demons can only be exorcised through love and compassion. Although they seem to be larger than life, they are merely shadows on the wall of human consciousness that have stood guard for a frightened child protecting itself from love. You must be present in your world to fully appreciate the dedication it took to create it as well as the internal fortitude, the resilience, and the determination it takes to live it. It is a masterpiece unlike any other, for it reflects the master within each of you. Open yourself to the grandiosity, the beauty, and the magnificence you have created here. The Garden of Eden is alive within your very heart and soul. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Calling All The Angels

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The angelic realm is in a perpetual state of service to all sentient beings, teaching them how to give the love that they inherently are without condition or expectation. Angels were created without the potential to accumulate karma of any kind. Call upon them, welcome them with your heart, and ask them to help you feel your divine presence. You deserve them and the light they bring. Most of humanity has missed the greatest gift they have to offer others which is their own unconditional love. That love, when given freely and without compromise, is enough to uplift any and all conditions you may face in life. Nothing is needed more on your planet at this time of tremendous polarization. There is no hierarchy within the angel collective, for all are able to assist you equally in their mission to awaken within you a part of them. You do not have to amass great material wealth to be rich in spirit and abundant in the loving energy that has created all things and continues to care for you and your world in every way. Together, you and your angels can and will perform wondrous acts of kindness and compassion for nothing more than the sheer joy and ecstasy of being in service to the love of God. By calling upon them you answer the call within you to be the best you can be in every moment. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Ground Zero

We are the Arcturian Council and we send you greetings and salutations from your multidimensional timeline. We would like to share with you a deeper perspective on the root chakra and its significance in your daily lives. In the 3rd and 4th dimension, you have an energetic body as well as a physical template which reflects that energetic signature. Although the root chakra is the lowest in its etheric location in the body, it is no less important than the rest. All of the chakric energy centers absorb inter-stellar, inter-galactic, and inter-dimensional energies that assist you in defining and redefining your physical existence. When your vibration is high and your mood elevated, the chakras receive the greatest amount of frequency specific energy available to your physicality. But when you get “bogged-down” with excessive mental and emotional stress there is a decreased amount of energy to the chakras which limits the total energy available to you to be anchored within your physical structure. Because the root chakra is ground zero, it has the ability to dictate a large portion of your experience here. While your higher consciousness determines what you will experience in physical form, your chakra system gives your body feedback on the quantity and quality of the energy you are receiving. Your consciousness always has the potential of manifesting whatever you desire in life, but your chakra system will bring you only that energy that matches the consciousness you exist in. You allow more energy to come into your awareness by opening yourself up to the foundation of your spiritual nature which is that you can receive anything and everything because you are an unlimited being creating your reality from a divine perspective. Your higher self and your lower self are intimately related; one cannot be separated from the other. Your physical existence is your higher existence without resistance. To be open to receiving takes a knowingness that you are unlimited and destined to receive the highest and the greatest amount of energy available to you as God in physical form. Lack is as much a conscious decision as is abundance. You are alive to thrive, not just to survive. Opening up to this higher wisdom will not only help your root chakra ground you to your physical reality, but it will allow you to feel your co-existence in the higher realms of consciousness as a nonphysical being as well. We are the Arcturian Council sending you our love and light as we look forward to our next moment of togetherness.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Destiny's Child

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Communion with the divine is destiny’s child. The minute you open the door to the master within you are done with the rhetoric, the complacency, and the mediocrity of limitation. Spiritual maturity is awakening to a wider range of perception; a level of beingness where you have total acceptance for all things to be as they are. Wisdom is simply that; the ability to perceive without judgment across multiple levels of reality at once. At that point soul destiny transforms into the wisdom of the master. You cannot do the wrong thing and you cannot make the wrong move. You are part of something greater than just your human personality. Each next step taken is the beginning of the unknown God revealing itself to you. The real decisions to be made in life are those that were once fearful but are now welcomed with open arms through an open heart. They consist of the choice for love in all that you are and in all that you are not, for you are the totality and the wholeness of all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be. The true essence of compassion not only expands you into the future, but it releases you from the past. It is only in releasing the confines and constraints of the past that you propel yourself forward as time unbound, untethered, and unrestricted. You come to know yourself best through the reflection of others. When you truly understand this unique relationship with your fellow Gods donning the garb of human personality you gain a grander appreciation for the Earthly experience of awakening to the refinements of your higher nature. While fear maintains the crudeness of your limited existence, love transcends the historical distortions and familial misconceptions perpetuated through time into the realm of masterful living where the ego no longer rules the roost. A heart-based consciousness is the hallmark of a liberated mind. You attain such a milestone in evolution by allowing the master, the God within, to walk with you in step, assisting in the simple as well as the grandiose tasks of life. You are neither on the brink of annihilation, nor are you struggling for survival on a planet spiraling uncontrollably towards its fateful demise. Your existence is determined solely and wholly by your beliefs. You have devised a reality that gives you physical feedback about what you think and feel. As you begin to play with the idea of your divinity you will find that your tangible world will start to mix and match potentials into selective and subjective specificity. It is your immense diversity as a divine species that will ultimately save you from your dogmatic selves. You are the collective and the collective is you, for you are both the dream and the dreamer of the dream. The road to mastery is the realization and the recognition of your perfection within the illusion of imperfection. Know yourself in the truth of the now and you shall set yourself free from the delusions of a limited mind. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Love Story

I can feel you. 
I can hear you. 
I can see through you the reflection of me. 
I can do these things because I am you. 
Can you feel me? 
Can you hear me? 
Can you see through me the reflection of you? 
You can do these things because you are me. 
Lean on me as I lean upon you. 
Rest on me as I rest upon you. 
Use me to be you, as I use you to be me. 
In the stillness I am there. 
In the noise and confusion I am equally there. 
I am your creations all at once and singularly in time. 
We have always been, you and I. 
Lost in each moment I am the comfort of home and the reassurance that you have never left. 
Captured in each moment you are the solace of eternity and the guarantee of infinite tomorrows. 
Alive in the breath of every movement I am the isness of all you are, all you have ever been, and all you will ever be. 
You are who I am, who I wish to be, and who I have never forgotten. 
Fall on me as I fall upon you. 
What a pair we are. 
What a dynamic duo we have teamed up to be. 
You and I are inseparable, for we are one and the same distanced only in illusion. 
Care for me as I care for you, and will always do. 
Commune with me as I commune with you, and have always done. 
You and I are bound in love and light and part of something profound. 
I see you in all your glory and nothing but. 
Trust in me as I trust in you, lifetime upon lifetime. 
I am everything with you and nothing without you. 
Ours is the greatest love story ever told. 
We are doing wondrous things together you and I, etched in the memory of wisdom gained, forevermore. 
Our holy union is the destiny of the soul. 
Welcome home My Beloved God.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Heaven's Gate

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. The unquestionably infinite and eternal worthiness of your divine persona is vast enough to encouch the perceived unworthiness of all human personality archetypes and then some. You are at your best when you release the mental and emotional blockages that prevent the free flow of divine energy from circulating throughout your chakra system. Divine consciousness is the energy of unconditional love and total acceptance of all things, including and especially your human personality. Everything that occurs, has occurred, and will occur is of divine providence and is for the greater good of not only the collective, but of each individualized soul fractal as well. Self-centeredness is really about finding your center; tapping into that part of you that is aligned with higher mind. The luciferian energy on your planet is a gift in disguise, for it has created the opportunity for humanity to continually experience its divinity from an infinite number of individual perspectives and distinct personalities. Were it not for this unique playground of creative expansion, souls would cease to have a platform through which to experience their Godliness. Thoughts do indeed create reality. Doing the inner work will affect your outer world with positivity. When you can view your external reality with acceptance and compassion, you will move into a higher state of beingness where the mind serves the heart. Heaven’s gate is wide open for your admittance into enlightened consciousness. The collective identity is shifting because each of you is awakening to your own spiritual center. The challenges you will all face in the future will be about how you can go deeper and deeper into compassion for all members of your global, your galactic, and your universal family. But in the meantime, how do you deal with the declining infrastructure of your world, albeit your political, financial, governmental, ecological, religious, societal, and moral systems? You start by looking for the highest purpose behind your reality. Your world was created as a way for each soul to experience and express its divine essence. You are God and the only way to fully understand this wisdom within duality is to experience it from a context of not being God. When you look around and see the dysfunctions of your world, recognize the bigger picture at work behind the scenes and be the God that you know yourself to be. All you can truly do in any lifetime is contribute to your own sovereignty and authenticity. Allow the world to be as it is without feeling that it needs to be changed for your approval or your happiness. It is all just a perfect reflection of and a projection from within your own mind anyway. Why care about what others think? Be a leader of one instead of a follower of many. You are an eternal being never done creating adventures for yourself. See your world as an opportunity to find the love you have purposely hidden from view. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Costume Party

I am Kara of infinite wisdom and countenance. Whatever costume you wear to the party, make sure there is room enough on your sleeve for your heart to be worn. Anything of a higher vibration, regardless of what it may be, speaks directly to your heart and will immediately uplift your spirits. The 5th dimension is all about using energy to awaken the divine perspective within you. The unfolding of your life should be an effortless process whereby you surrender to the now. Your undivided attention and indistractable presence in each moment will guide you to where you need to be to fulfill the soul's agenda of moving you forward in love and away from fear. As a sentient being you use feelings to discern your environment. The more comfortable you can be with your own feelings the better able you will be at detecting those feelings from others that are not in your best interest. Aligning more often with your higher nature will make it easier for you to lovingly allow others to be right where they are without needing them to come to where you are. And so it is in love and light of the aligned mind.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


We are the Arcturian Council and we come to you in this eternal moment of now to speak about time. What is time? Is it a variable in the schematics of experience? You have heard it stated before that time is relative, but relative to what, and to whom? You are time. Time is your desire, your creation, and your experience. It is the physical manifestation of the spiritual essence of who you are. Time is your dense vibrational signature while in physical form. Does time exist in dreams? It does not because you do not take your physical body with you. It is only your consciousness that participates in the virtual dreamscape. Any perceived version of you is a mere holographic representation; an astral projection of your own energetic body. Time is the name of the reality in which you find yourselves in during your waking state. This state allows you the ability to micro-manage your experience by squeezing every last bit of wisdom from it. Each incarnation is a reference point along a continuum of experiential observation and interaction to give you the opportunity to create. Every timeline or lifetime experienced will have a unique set of operational criteria that determines the speed at which you will move through them. If time is perceived by you to be either speeding up or slowing down, it is because you have felt the desire to manage the experience to a greater or lesser degree. You do this mostly on an unconscious level. That which you call the higher self is your primary operating system in each incarnation. The physical mind is simply the collector of details measured in vibrational energy that makes up your overall experience. It is the higher mind that relays the speed at which the physical apparatus moves from one moment to the next. While the physical mind thinks it is the one making all the decisions, it is really the higher mind that is directing the action. How is this relevant to your daily lives? It is only mentioned here because your higher self needs periodic upgrades to its operating system which require a temporary shutdown of sensory input. As you come back online, your awareness of slight differences to your physical surroundings are evidence of these timely reboots. Your reality is more than you know it to be. Your senses are expanding into the paranormal range. Time is not changing; you are becoming more aware of your intrinsic capabilities. You are relating to things at a distance which allows you to see more of yourself; more of your true divine nature. You cannot be more than you are, but you can become aware of the more that you have always been. The ego lives in time because it is physically experiencing the emotional equivalent of love in each now moment. You cannot separate yourself further in this reality; you can only integrate your God persona with your human personality over the course and the flow of a life in time. The true ecstasy of physicality is the blended and balanced presence of body, mind, and spirit in the eternal moment of now. What you once were is irrelevant, for what you are now is prevalent. You have all the time in the world because you are the time that makes up all of your world. We are the Arcturian Council and we send you greetings and salutations, goodwill, good fortune and blessings on your journey into remembering. We will speak to you again in the next moment of togetherness.